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Internet marketing is the most important means of advertising there is. Marketing through every other medium does not cover as much ground as that covered through the internet. Every business in nearly every industry commits a large amount of its revenue towards hiring the best talent for digital marketing. Whether it is IT services, software, tourism & hospitality, telecommunications, real estate, manufacturing, etc. digital marketing plays a vital role in maintaining a successful customer relationship. Catering to this huge market for digital advertising is a company called Concept9.

Concept9 provides top of the line internet services such as web design, search engine optimization, web analytics, and so on. Having some of the most prestigious brands in its clientele, Concept9 has established its position as a world leader in web services.

Some of the services provided by Concept9 include

Search Engine Optimization     

Visibility is everything. The out-dated ‘if you built it, they will come’ approach has no place in today's modern online traffic distribution. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be a key component in any online push. Concept9’s SEO services continuously serve clients by capturing customers' otherwise finite attention in an increasingly crowded and competitive space. To achieve visibility, a deep understanding of both search algorithms and search trends is crucial. Concept9’s know-how will help companies apply the rigorous optimization process across their entire online presence:

Technical Analysis

First, the SEO team at Concept9 will conduct a deep technical analysis of clients' websites. This evaluative step will pinpoint and address issues that may be stopping search bots from properly crawling a client’s content and informational hierarchy.

Keyword Research

Next, the company will use a proprietary search engine research methodology to identify the high-search volume and low-competition keywords that will boost its customer’s bottom line.

Inbound Opportunities

Finally, we will formulate a detailed link-building strategy that will solidify the client’s domain authority, formally their website’s legitimacy rating.

Online Advertising

SEO effectively sustains long-term organic growth as it produces a steady stream of returns. For more immediate traction, online advertising (e.g., pay-per-click, PPC) strategies offer alternative means of securing positive results. Importantly, SEO and PPC strategies can complement each other. Any such approach will help budding businesses surpass their customer's expectations while dominating on search engine results pages (SERP). Overall, three venues with unique sets of strengths/weaknesses are used:

Search Engine Marketing

By displaying ads directly next to potential leads’ search results; a firm will be ready to compete with organic results without submitting to the lengthy process of organically rising in rankings.

Programmatic Ads

Programmatic ads will allow customers to follow the behaviors of specific users across a wide array of online/offline touch-points. This targeting/retargeting process is advertising technology at its best, putting out ads to the right person, in the right place, at the right time.

Native Ads

These types of ads integrate with organic content on sites (e.g., advertorials, promoted FB posts, branded content, etc.) to deliver value all while driving traffic back to a client’s site.

Performance Marketing

To build brand equity, faultless user experience and targeted value-driven content are prerequisites in online marketing. These facets must still encapsulate a broader marketing approach based on performance marketing. Traditionally this term refers to pay-for-performance models, but Concept9 uses it here in a broader sense. The company believes that every online step one takes should gainfully resonate in the performance of campaigns and bottom line. This means being deliberate in efforts by following a forward-thinking circular process: Think prototype, launch, measure, and repeat. Several key components include:

A/B Testing

Ceocept9 will help its customers make small changes in their marketing efforts (on websites, social media, blog, etc.), that will be followed-up by key performance indicators. Through this process, we can pinpoint which change most effectively impacted which customer segment. In turn, this empowers a customer to generate actionable insights that continually improve ROI.

Creating Online-Offline Synergy

The interaction between online and offline is only starting to be exploited by SMEs. Concept9 will guide your company by creating a synergy between both mediums. This cementing effort will help increase ROI.

Sticking to the Basics

A company’s value proposition is ultimately a reflection of its competitive advantage. Thus, the metrics defined and tracked online should be tied with the offline metrics that have driven a business forward.

Marketing Automation

Avante-guard marketing automation tools (MAT) will piece a company’s repository of knowledge together. By using these tools, Concept9 will revamp sales/marketing funnel to deliver the highest possible value to visitors across each touch-point.

Provides Real-Time Feedback

Concept9 takes all the guesswork out of branding efforts. Its well-set key performance indicators (KPIs) will give you a top-down and bottom-up perspective on how well a business is operating.

Increases Customer Satisfaction & Brand Perception

Concept9 will help deliver the right value by consulting its map that tracks users' specific actions (including the history of their past actions). This method can drive a firm’s conversion rates.

Aligns Sales & Marketing

Offline marketing efforts are often far more intangible than sales efforts. This should not be the case in the online space, especially given the multitudes of data-points available across each touch point.

Online Branding

Online branding is a tried-and-true carrier of trust. By using Concept9 branding service, customers will begin to place confidence in every step of a client’s deal-making procedure. The company is committed to helping businesses deliver their value in a friendly way. Concept9 wants to put its client’s customer's mind at ease. Concept9’s brand audit involves the following key components:

Nailing the Visuals

There is no denying that 'content is king,' after all, that’s how search engines organize webpages. Still, the visual presentation of your web properties can account for more than three-quarters of the variation in how your visitors engage. This is why even the smallest tweaks make the world of a difference. Developing a visually flawless brand across all touch points is just as crucial as correcting grammar and typos.

Designing With Empathy

Although we live in a society that highly values logic, human beings inherently rely on emotions to make decisions. Concept9 will help you leverage this by testing the emotional responses induced by your brand.

About The Founder of Concept9, Dan Pilat

Dan has managed multi-million dollar technology projects for BMO Capital Markets, TD Securities and McGill. He is a CAPM and holds a BComm in Information Systems from McGill.

“We create Meaningful impact through human-centered design.