10 Best Management Colleges of the Year 2019

Stories of Dream-Doers: IE Business School


“IE shapes leaders with global vision, an entrepreneurial mindset and a humanistic approach to drive innovation and change in organizations.”

IE is an innovative education that makes an impact. The college prepares students for the world today and the world of tomorrow, providing them with the relevant knowledge and skills they need to succeed. IE offers a technology-based learning ecosystem, training the leaders of tomorrow to make positive change through innovation, global vision, an entrepreneurial mindset and a unique focus on the humanities.

IE provides programs for lifelong learning. Students can choose from undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate programs along with executive education programs for the busiest professionals.
Many of its programs have been developed in partnership with other prestigious universities, such as Brown, Chicago Booth, Northwestern University, MIT, Yale…, and it participates in top associations worldwide to make sure it stays at the forefront of innovative education. (APSIA Association of Schools of International affairs, AACSB International Advancing Quality, Global Business Education)

The college’s programs and teaching methodology are at the forefront of integrating technology with education. IE is the first higher education institute to continuously create, modify and shape new programs based on trends and current needs in the working world. Its programs prepare students to take advantage of real opportunities now and in the future; its disruptive programs train future leaders and change makers.

IE Business School: The Experience

Feel the excitement as doors open, your future takes shape and international friendships grow. With your feet on its kitted-out campus, let your mind soar, giving your entrepreneurial ideas wings to fly. At IE Business School, success is in the experience. Make sure you live it.

The Way You Learn

IE Business School takes learning as far as it can go. Whether it’s through online forums, real-time video conferences, inside the classroom or out, the process is always challenging, innovative, multifaceted and provided through various multimedia. Get the best out of your education.


Practical Methodology: At IE Business School, innovation is what we do. Education is about supporting managers, directors, and executives in what they need to lead change across industries. The college offers new perspectives and a state-of-the-art re-imagining of how business is done. It offers access to a new network of industry movers and shakers.

Using its practical methodology, IE Business School’s programs blur the line between classroom teaching and real-life application. In sessions that feature a variety of techniques, you will be immersed in an environment that will take you to the next level of business and managerial performance.

  • Case Method: IE Business School’s well-structured case-study method will take your on a journey, arriving at personalized learning points during the process, all the while enhancing key aspects of your overall business and managerial performance. First, get involved with the cases individually, then, after further group preparation in one of the dedicated work rooms, discuss your findings under the watchful eye of the professor.
  • Teamwork: Taking into account different nationalities, training, backgrounds and experiences, we form idea challenging, leader-shaping groups. Changing the teams up every term ensures a continually adaptive environment that providesthe optimal learning experience for future managers.
  • Interactive Learning: We are groundbreakers and road-builders on the information highway. We use simulators, interactive graphics, videos, and dynamic case studies to pave the way for your learning and success.

Blended Methodology: IE Business School’s approach isn’t just online and it isn’t just on campus – it’s blended. It aligns and combines the best of technology, methodology, and its world-class faculty, so you can experience multi-layered learning in a multi-faceted environment.

The college's blended methodology combines live videoconferences, interactive forums, and activities with face-to-face modules in various locations around the world. By bringing together the best of online and in-person courses, it provides students with an unconventional educational experience so that you can learn in the same way you work because the business world is no longer confined to physical spaces.

IE Business School’s videoconferences provide a personalized learning experience that adapts to the needs of modern professionals by providing distance learning in an up-close and personal real-time experience. The small group sizes, along with the nature of its videoconferences, provide a sense of proximity that simulates the in-classroom experience. Instead of a conventional approach to online lectures, students participate in case study analyses to actively engage with the material. Your professors will create a stimulating learning environment in which you will feel encouraged to participate. Its technology contributes to this by featuring classmates as they participate, and dividing the classroom into smaller groups to discuss specific topics.

Within the online component of the course, IE Business School makes room for more face-to-face interaction with group work and case study analyses as well as asynchronous discussion forums. Students present their group findings to the class, just as they would in a physical classroom. By participating in online forums, students are able to engage with their fellow classmates, pose meaningful questions, and respond to the professor.

  • Flexibility to Suit Your Lifestyle: Today’s dynamic professionals need flexible programs that adapt to their circumstances. Its portfolio offers different formats that suit different lifestyles. Your education should enhance and complement your global career, which is why with its blended methodology, you can combine your professional life with your academic experience.
  • Don’t Put Your Life Or Career On Hold: One of the main benefits of the blended methodology is a balance, whether it be at work, in academics, or in your personal life. The blended approach gives you the freedom to advance your career while simultaneously pursuing a valuable, meaningful education.
  • The Latest Technologies in Education: You’ll never feel like you’re missing out on the physical classroom experience with the variety of tools offered. With online activities, video chats, and more, our online platform is innovative and interactive. Its forums are unique, with professors tracking participation and students encouraged to engage.
  • Truly Diverse: IE Business School’s Blended Methodology allows you to meet international professionals and create long-lasting business relationships. IE Business School provides the perfect platform for profound global connection, mixing real, face-to-face contact with continued online interaction. It celebrates diversity, and its blended cohorts combine professionals from different backgrounds, functions, industries, nationalities, and places of residence for a truly blended experience.

The Way You Live

What is life like at IE Business School? It’s the hustle and bustle of a major European city. It’s quiet cañas after class in Segovia’s scenic streets. It’s an international hub of bubbling creativity. It’s summer sun and winter fun. It’s hard work and well-earned reward. The way you live at IE Business School is life changing.

Campus Life: Campus Life & IE Clubs help students make the most out of the experience at IE! Imagine the thrill of meeting someone from a new country every weekend having a myriad of events to attend each night. Imagine having access to state-of-the-art technology, or space where your entrepreneurial creativity can thrive. With more than 132 countries represented, 6,000 students, 140 clubs and 500 events, life at IE is all this and much more. Its life lived to the full.

Campus Life aims to transmit IE values and spirit via fostering a more engaged community that supports student initiatives and clubs by making the intangible values visible and fostering spirit and sense of community.

Diversity: IE promotes diversity to ensure a unique experience, enriched by the contributions of students from around the world. Freedom and respect for diversity are inalienable values of our identity. Students, graduates, and professors from more than 160 countries nurture an ecosystem rich in visions and ideas.

The Center for Diversity At IE

Since September 2002, the Center for Diversity in Global Management at IE has focused on making the business world a fairer place for all. The Center seeks to promote diversity of gender, culture, personality, and age in managerial positions.

How does the Center go about this?

  • By analyzing the improvement in bottom-line results, and studying the effectiveness of inclusion policies, it fosters a firmer understanding of the benefits of corporate diversity.
  • By promoting management training programs for minority groups in companies across the globe, the Center helps integration into the fabric of the business.
  • By raising its voice and inspiring action, it helps to generate debate and encourages people to share experiences.


It’s no secret that women have historically been under represented in the fields of business and science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Although recent years have seen a significant improvement in the percentage of women entering these areas and thriving, there is still a long way to go. One thing is certain, more women in the classroom translate to more female executives, entrepreneurs, business leaders, and global players.

The creation of IE Women is part of its mission to contribute to the fight for gender equality in business. This initiative seeks to leverage efforts across IE University to empower women on their professional journey. Thanks to the work of dedicated IE faculty, research, female-led clubs, alumni and staff, IE Women is designing tools to attract and retain female talent, with a particular focus on STEM and business.

IE Women in Business Club

The IE WIB Club was created to provide a space for women to network, as well as championing new ways to promote gender equality in business. This club provides resources and network opportunities for professionals looking to raise awareness about the importance of gender equality and female representation in business.

Greet the Leader

Carlos Mas, Executive Vice President: Carlos Mas was born in Valencia, Spain. He studied economics at the University of Valencia and earned the Certified Chartered Accountant qualification and an MBA at ICADE Business School (University of Comillas). He also completed the Management Development Program (PDD) at IESE Business School (University of Navarra).

 “While the individuals at the helm of the IE Foundation come from various backgrounds and have different areas of expertise, they share a profound commitment to higher education and societal progress.”