Super 30 Companies of the Year 2019

Success as a Service: 3GC Group


3GC Group was conceived in January 2003 as a result of enterprise and carrier businesses that were ill-served by the technology service providers who were inexperienced with the "Converged Networks" movement in technology; migrating all business communication applications onto a unified data network.

The key strength of 3GC Group in servicing clients around converged networks was a core philosophy to have each of 3GC’s engineers achieve core expertise and experience across multiple IT disciplines. As the needs of customers have grown and the IT industry has evolved, this core philosophy, called E-Cubed, has allowed 3GC Group to expand and provide higher levels of efficiency and translated into both cost and time savings for clients. Today, through continued focus on multi-disciplinary engineers, 3GC Group provides consulting, solution design, implementation, and full-scale MSP services to clients throughout the US and internationally across a broad range of network infrastructure technologies.

3GC Group has built enterprise solutions around converged networks technologies and has grown to 45 specialized employees and 7 locations around this practice; 3 in California: Los Angeles, San Jose, and Richmond with additional offices in New York, Nevada, Canada, and South Korea. 3GC Group has strong domestic and global reach with clients all across the United States, South America, Europe, Canada, China, India, Korea, and Japan.


In designing a network, the E-Cubed philosophy is especially valuable to clients as 3GC provides detailed configuration tests and catches potential problems during the planning and design phase, reducing delays during the actual implementation and set up process. In large networks upgrading or replacing parts of a network can have adverse effects on other inter-dependent systems. 3GC provides detailed analyses of all components of a network, from the phone system to WAN connections, to bandwidth, gateways, routers, switching infrastructure, and network security to ensure that all systems touching the network are carefully considered in the final design.

Network Infrastructure

Network infrastructure core expertise is the foundation of 3GC Group's E-Cubed philosophy. By requiring engineers to be triple trained on converged technology, perimeter technology, and core networking infrastructure, 3GC engineers can finely tune solution design for new networks and quickly troubleshoot legacy networks for faster turn-around solutions. While the converged technology and perimeter technology may vary from engineer to engineer, the focal point for every engineer is core network infrastructure. All of 3GC’s engineers are certified on either Juniper or Cisco or both, with a particular focus on L2-L3 networking.

3GC Group's most common initial interaction with clients centers on optimizing existing networks. Many networks, without fine tuning, often run at 30-40% of their optimum capability. By fine-tuning network configurations to carefully optimize communication and route hops, managing node relationships, and re-architecting VLANs and routing, as well a house-cleaning EoL node where required, many networks can boost performance and reliability up to 3x without purchasing new equipment or completely re-designing a network from scratch. This can often be a stopgap measure with upgrades being carefully spaced out to minimize cost-prohibitive capex impact, or project planned for a seamlessly timed rip and replace to minimize opex impact and ensure reduced technical support requirements over time.

Unified Communications

The 3GC E-cubed method brings you unified communication solutions through a converged network that includes WAN, VOIP, Video across all types of employees whether they are in the main location, multiple locations, mobile or remote. 3GC starts by looking at the WAN, LAN, current usage, and future goals then redesign the flows to optimize clients’ goals.

The company believes that the best way to evolve is to understand clients' needs by optimizing the existing UC infrastructure and introducing new solutions that may be missing, for new replacement deployments, designing a solution that matches clients' needs.

Often times the holistic network flows on a UC platform are improperly designed resulting in jitter, echo, dropped calls and general call quality issues. 3GC’s team reviews the entire company's infrastructure and operational needs to design a comprehensive UC system, whether in the cloud, on-premise or colocation. The company guides clients through implementation as well as ongoing support.

With over a decade of experience in implementing unified communications from the SMB market to large public corporations, 3GC can provide implementation and support for traditional phone systems, VoIP, hybrid cloud, and cloud UC solutions, and features ranging from enterprise UC apps on smartphones and tablets to web and video conferencing, and contact center integration.

Meet the stalwart behind 3GC’s phenomenal growth, Henry Park

Henry oversees and drives the vision of 3GC Group's global expansion by spreading the Converged Networks movement in technology to all corners of the world. He brings a unique background in investment banking and technology, with experience in industry trending and analysis as well as sales and marketing. With a B.S. in Economics from UC, Irvine he has aided in several mergers and acquisitions in the plastics and rubber industry to create competing brands against behemoths such as Goodyear and Proctor and Gamble. Prior to 3GC Group, Henry held several mid and upper management, sales and marketing positions within the CLEC and IT Consulting industries. He also holds a minor in Psychology from UC Irvine and has an Executive MBA from Tuck University. In his free time, he studies theology and sociology in his never-ending pursuit of understanding people and their memes.

“3GC Group is a consulting firm, value added reseller, and full-scale managed service provider for enterprise organizations locally and globally across a broad range of network infrastructure technologies.”