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Evolving today's lithium mines by extracting more high-purity lithium from natural resources faster and more sustainably: Summit Nanotech


Summit Nanotech was founded in 2018 to amplify the performance of today’s lithium miners and meet the global demand for electric vehicles (EVs). Deploying Summit’s patented direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology, greater quantities of high-purity lithium product are collected faster while preserving the natural resources of communities. Grounded in values of trust and adaptability, Summit works with customers to refine its technology for the complexities of their brine. After summiting a peak in Tibet, Founder Amanda Hall witnessed a monk using a mobile device, one that requires a lithium battery. With the realization that access to lithium is a global issue, Summit Nanotech was formed.

Summit Nanotech gains success with direct lithium extraction, including operating a new prototype and files a patent for the denaLi technology solution. Following technology performance and scaling of the solution, Summit Nanotech opened a financing raise to help accelerate commercialization.

The history of lithium mining

The two primary sources of lithium are brine and hard rock.

Brine is plentiful in South America and contains enough lithium to power the growing demand for the energy transition. The traditional extraction process for brine includes large evaporation ponds that utilize solar energy and chemicals to produce lithium. This process worked and now Summit looks to evolve production so that it requires less land, creates less waste, and in less time.

Alternatively, lithium can be found elsewhere in hard rock mines, which involves mechanical, thermal, and chemical processes to extract and process, resulting in larger greenhouse gas emissions and ecological footprint.

The Lithium Triangle

Salar brines in South America are unique in that they are found at very high altitudes in desert locations. Using traditional evaporation ponds, the water is evaporated from the brine using solar radiation and chemical additives to precipitate other dissolved salts, along with up to 60% of the lithium, until a concentrated lithium solution remains. This process removes vast amounts of water from the ecosystem, putting a strain on the nearby communities that rely on the scarce freshwater in existing aquifers, in addition to the ecological impacts to the land. As companies lean into improving ESG goals, many are embracing alternative technologies to ensure everyone can participate in a greener economy while also acknowledging the rights and needs of communities affected by mining operations.

Summit Nanotech stands with the evolving mining industry. Sustainable innovation and leadership is at the core of everything it does. Summit’s holistic approach to the lithium supply chain enables us to work alongside communities and customers. Tested in the field, Summit’s technology reimagines lithium mining using a patented sorbent material to extract high-purity lithium faster from the richest resources in the world.

Summit Nanotech Opens Chile Facility to expand denaLi

Summit Nanotech Corporation (“Summit”), today announces the opening of a facility in Santiago, Chile. The multi-year investment will offer additional capacity for the scale up of their denaLi direct lithium extraction (DLE) technology, improved services to lithium mining customers, and demonstrates a further commitment into Chilean communities.

The new Summit Nanotech Chile location is a continuation of the 2022 deployment of the denaLi DLE pilot program with six lithium mining customers and represents a long-term engagement in helping the industry attain the greenest lithium for the energy transition.

“Accessing local lithium resources allowed us to deliver strong pilot results that we can leverage with our new facility in Santiago,” says Amanda Hall, CEO, and founder of Summit Nanotech. “Our commitment to consulting with community stakeholders and government to establish sustainable lithium development reinforces our decision to grow our operations in Chile.”

The launch of the new location coincides with the Canada Trade Mission to Chile aimed to support sustainable business opportunities in the cleantech sector. The occasion will be marked at the Summit Nanotech Chile facility with a small inauguration celebration including Canadian and Chilean dignitaries.

“This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement. Summit Nanotech’s commercial solution addresses key components of the Trade Mission: clean energy and green mining. Minister Ng, our Minister of International Trade, Export Promotion, Small Business and Economic Development, values the opportunity to learn more about Summit’s technology at this inauguration,” shared Renee Plouffe, Trade Commissioner Embassy of Canada to Chile.

Meet the leader behind the success of Summit Nanotech

Amanda Hall is the CEO and Founder of Summit Nanotech. Amanda spent years in the oil and gas industry and identified the opportunity to make a significant impact with clean energy.

She is a graduate from University of Toronto - Trinity College with BSc Biology major and a double minor in Physics and English. She later graduated from the University of Calgary with BSc Geophysics and has a passion for the environment.

Amanda is on the Advisory Board for Canadian Energy & Climate Nexus (CECN) and sits on the Board of the Chilean Clean Technology Institute. She is a mentor for Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists (CSEG) and contributes to the arts as a member of the Board of Directors for the Calgary Opera.

She is a mother to three daughters and loves getting lost in the mountains.

“Our leadership team is a dynamic group of strategic thinkers united in the pursuit of a clean energy future.”