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10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Companies 2019

Suquino: The Personalized and Holistic Telehealth Services Platform

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Care shows the power of bonding but distance separates us from caring for our loved ones. Sometimes people have to move away from their cities or country to another location due to their job or business purposes, leaving behind the elderly, infants and others who may have a health condition. Keeping a close eye on their health is tough and Suquino identified this problem. Eventually, the company developed a humane technology to bridge this gap.

SUQUINO in Sanskrit means, Happiness and Joy - Free of Suffering. The company’s ‘Digital Mudra’ brings the alignment of wellness inside you with care, using the power of SAFFRON, its flagship Telehealth platform, with Ginger to provide the intelligence within.

A discussion on Suquino and its future roadmap with Ravi Amble, Founder, President and CEO

How successful were you at the beginning of your Telehealth journey?

My Telehealth story started over 15 years ago wherein we developed an algorithmic software that could transmit information in real time over hybrid networks and successfully conducted a life-saving clinical trial with the MedITAC program of NASA hosted at the Virginia Commonwealth University. This led us to the opportunity to successfully build one of the largest Telemedicine networks in the world.

Which was the first company you started?

The first company that I started was Rapidigm. Rapidigm, an IT system house, received the recognition as one of America’s 500 fastest growing privately held companies for 2 years in a row and was successfully acquired by Fujitsu America in 2006. The company grew to $350 MM in annual revenue in five and a half years.

How are you different from other companies in the Telehealth Industry?

We have the experience and expertise of successfully building perhaps the largest Telemedicine network in the world as of today. NASA has been our springboard enabling us to conduct successful Telemedicine clinical trials for Rural, Urban and Home healthcare including worker compensation issues for corporations.

Suquino is creating differentiation in the Telehealth industry with Saffron, it’s uniquely open source, artificial intelligence platform that early integrates with third-party medical devices and software, enabling holistic, remote care in real-time within a connected care ecosystem. This helps improve patient health, diagnosis speed and accuracy, and recovery.

Saffron with it’s AI powered engine Ginger is focused to building decision support systems, not decision making systems. We are building a platform that is personalized and holistic primarily focused to the Long Term Care Industry for Chronic Disease Management, Transitions of Care and Acute Care.

Saffron is vendor-neutral, HIPAA compliant, and secure. It provides a suite of 12 biometric measurements (basic vitals, waveform, imaging measurements, etc.) with real-time consultation. By processing large datasets, it helps physicians employ the right support to patients.

Can you elaborate on how SAFFRON functions?

Saffron offers holistic, intelligent telehealth within a highly-secure integrated platform, enabling remote, real-time diagnosis and connected care between provider, patient, and facility that drives better patient outcomes.

Here are some of the core features of Saffron:

  • Provides for behavioral intelligence using deep learning and data science for clinical and system analytics
  • Intelligently and cohesively enables connected care amongst patient, provider, facility, and payor
  • Delivers healthcare analytics in real-time to stakeholders based
    on user privileges
  • Uses an in-house platform to establish baselines, monitor clients, and reduce re-admission rates over time
  • Offers AI-driven telehealth for personalized holistic care services
  • Offers predictive analytics and decision support to improve patient healthcare
  • Provides behavioral data and sentiment analysis to help improve diagnostic accuracy
  • Gives AI data and analytics services for individual, facility,
    and population
  • Offers AI that is decision supporting, not decision making
  • Role-based distribution of information controls how data is accessed and viewed

Who are your current partners and how do they aid you in your venture?

Suquino has partnered with Advantech and Microsoft to transform healthcare by enabling Saffron with the power of Azure and state-of-the-art embedded IoT equipment. Saffron is integrated on Advantech’s POC-W243 which is a fan-less medical-grade computer with Intel® Core™ i7 6th generation processor, mounted on Advantech’s AMiS-50 mobile medical cart. Microsoft’s Azure provides an end-to-end healthcare solution to revolutionize the medical IoT segment.

The Mastermind behind the Company

Ravi Amble | Founder, President and CEO

Ravi Amble started his career in the area of Engineering and Presentation Graphics at a hi-tech company that developed software for Finite Element Analysis in Troy, Michigan. He advanced his career in the Information Technology Industry as an accomplished senior level technology executive directly responsible for the exponential growth of two successful Information Technology solutions and services companies.

Progressing in his career, Ravi has been recognized as a pioneer-entrepreneur in Telehealth by building the largest Telemedicine network in the world with NASA being his springboard.

Notable successful exits that Ravi has participated thus far have been: Rapidigm to Fujitsu, InMage to Microsoft, and LeadFormix to SAP.

Today, Ravi Amble is a successful serial entrepreneur actively working with and building software-driven appliances using AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning and Data Science applying to areas of Telehealth, Visual Intelligence, Continuous Data Protection and Business Continuity.

Ravi received his Master’s in Computer Science from West Chester University of Pennsylvania and Bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering from Bangalore University.

“We aim to be the leader in the healthcare sector through SAFFRON – Our telehealth platform that is backed by Ginger the decision support system.”