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June Edition 2021

SureCo – Developing Innovative Programs and Solutions that Promote Great Health While Lowering Health Care Costs and Improving the Quality of Care


“SureCo was among the first to triage COVID-19 symptoms via telemedicine and source tests as needed. We also provided mail-order in-home options for remote patients too far from test facilities.”

SureCo is a complementary collection of healthcare and technology companies that deliver cutting-edge B2B-focused healthcare and wellness solutions. The company develops programs and solutions that encourage the proactive pursuit of great health to drive down healthcare costs while improving the quality of care.

SureCo was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Santa Ana, CA.

Interview Excerpt: Matthew Kim, Matt Christopherson & Marc Bablot

Q. Have you always been passionate about the healthcare industry? Tell us what inspired the foundation of SureCo Inc? 

Before SureCo, we three were partners in a small health insurance brokerage. Throughout a decade of working together in the health insurance space, we became more ingrained in client’s and provider’s issues. We learned first-hand about the inner workings of our broken healthcare system. The foundation of SureCo, a healthtech company, was forged from frustration with the inefficiencies in America’s health care. Simply put, our collective passion is the pursuit of building better healthcare for all.  

SureCo attacks the healthcare problem from beginning to end. We help businesses find and/or create the best health insurance plans for their people, provide world-class administrative, claims, and customer service through our TPA. Additionally, we provide a platform that allows people to engage in their health care through basic billing clarity to accessing SureCo’s own Telemedicine company that provides urgent care appointments and ongoing disease treatment and prevention. We couldn’t be prouder of the perfect chorus of care and integration we’re able to provide our patients. 

Q. How crucial is Engaged Healthcare, and how do you promote it?  

True engaged healthcare is only possible when addressing the entire ecosystem, as we’re doing with SureCo today. Transparency in pricing and value-based care is, of course, vital to improving our healthcare system. But we believe the fastest and best solution for people to be healthier is to actively engage in their health care journey; a dose of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If SureCo can help people engage, we believe they will be healthier and, in doing so, reduce the cost of health care for all. Some other keys to engagement are education, biofeedback metrics, goal-setting, motivation, and rewards. One example of engaged healthcare we’re launching later this year is a Virtual Health Program. This telehealth-based care solution will engage members regularly to proactively address everything from cognitive behavior wellness to nutrition to chronic care management.

Q. ‘Our combined solutions encourage the proactive pursuit of great health to drive down healthcare costs while improving the quality of care.’ How do you interpret this further? 

We strongly believe that engaged healthcare is one of the ways that we can change the healthcare system. We want healthcare to be much more proactive than reactive. Getting people to obtain healthcare coverage can be difficult because people feel they don’t need it until it’s too late. We don’t want any more “we caught it too late” or “I couldn’t afford it” or “I didn’t see the need.” To stop that, we need to realign clients, providers, and carriers. We need clients to understand that their health isn’t just a once-a-year check-up but an engine that’s always running. We want providers to be truly aligned with their patients; and the patients’ health drive the doctors’ and hospitals’ reward system. 

We want to realign everyone with our platform DocDay, a comprehensive patient management tool. With this platform, patients can track medical bills, control payments, message concierge securely, schedule and complete telehealth, book appointments, manage family members and benefits, and maintain records and share them with doctors. It is also accessible and convenient for providers. Some of the features DocDay will have include service practice management, secure patient messaging, quick payments, expedited TPA and Carrier communication, nationwide telehealth services, and a national provider lookup curated to your available area and plan.

Q. Where do you stand as a company in the current market landscape? And how do you plan to stay ahead of the competition? 

SureCo’s focus has always been on the “self-employed, micro-business owner market.” It’s always been an overlooked market that’s been hit the hardest with the exorbitant cost of healthcare. While we’ve become one of the top brokerages within many of our carriers and competitors, we’ve wanted to take the approach of getting our hands dirty. To truly help our clients, current and future, we need to get into the entire ecosystem. That means alternative healthcare options that come with a lower cost, new technologies to help employers who want to provide top-tier healthcare to their employees, assisting with scheduling, claims management, and so much more. Our platform DocDay and its EnrollMe product will be key players in making those goals a reality. We believe in staying ahead of the curve, and we must get into the weeds of the issues that currently plague the industry. There are no shortages of problems that we can help solve, and we hope to make a splash in the future of what healthcare can look like when it’s in the control of the clients. 

We also need to be with our community. SureCo was among the first to triage COVID-19 symptoms via telemedicine and source tests as needed. We also provided mail-order in-home options for remote patients in need of COVID testing. We effectively built relationships with the community by leveraging our telehealth platform for essential organizations and their staff throughout 2020 — for free. Even for the essential employees, SureCo ensured everyone could get the care they needed in these challenging times, even for the essential employees. Our business is about people, and to help them, you need to hear from them and act. We want our efforts to match our mission. 

Q. Will your company be expanding, bringing on any new products or new services that we should be aware of? 

SureCo’s current project is EnrollMe by DocDay. With more choices, EnrollMe makes it easier for employees to select quality health plans from major carriers with just the right benefits and amount of coverage they need — at a cost they can afford. Employers have the flexibility to determine reimbursement amounts, which opens additional opportunities for savings. 

EnrollMe lets employers control health insurance costs by encouraging and educating employees on how to select the most cost-effective health plans for their needs and by giving them the freedom to determine their reimbursement amounts.

SureCo is excited to expand into the enterprise market and continue our mission to promote engaged healthcare.

Q. How do you plan to transform your company into a future that is unfolding before you? 

This last year has proven that health is of utmost importance, and we can only hope that mindset lasts. In the future, one of our biggest bets is custom-tailored plans designed to fit the individual. Systemically, employers have chosen health insurance options to fit the population, but not the individual. EnrollMe fixes that, as it provides employees dozens, if not hundreds, of options to fit their benefit needs. Second, EnrollMe makes this possible for all companies without the administrative nightmare that it would normally entail. With rising healthcare costs, this move will allow users to choose the best healthcare for their needs and budget. We are excited to develop and expand our offerings to suit the needs of the ever-changing healthcare market. Our mission is to create engaged, proactive healthcare, and it starts with the individual, not the group. The EnrollMe platform will usher in this new paradigm shift.

SureCo | Leadership

Matthew Kim, Co-Founder, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of SureCo. He built and led his own health care agencies before founding SureCo and transforming it into the Healthcare & Technology Company it is today. Matthew is a YPO Pacific One Chapter member and was recently selected to the On Deck Scale Fellowship.


Matt Christopherson, Co-Founder, serves as the Chief Revenue Officer of SureCo. He manages SureCo’s Sales and Success department. He has owned three businesses, including an internet service provider sales company and an office equipment sales company, where he met Matthew Kim.


Marc Bablot, Co-Founder, serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of SureCo. He grew up in Orange County and attended the University of Southern California, where he majored in Business. Before SureCo, Marc was in the mortgage business for over 15 years.  

Matthew, Marc, and Matt bootstrapped this Great Place to Work-Certified® and Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Company through grit, determination, and continuous innovation. The founder’s passion for helping others is now SureCo’s central mission: Creating healthier, happier humans.

EnrollMe by DocDay makes it easier for employees to select quality health plans from major carriers with just the right benefits and amount of coverage they need — at a cost they can afford.”