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Delivering cybersecurity solutions that deal with adversaries and secure organizations: Sесurеwоrkѕ


Cybersecurity plays an integral role in protecting our data from damage and theft, including sensitive data, protected health information (PHI), personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property, personal information, data, and industry and governmental information systems. Without a proper cybersecurity solution in place, an enterprise cannot defend itself against data breaches, making it a highly vulnerable target for cyberperps. Due to the increase in global connectivity and cloud services like AWS to store personal information and sensitive data, inherent and residual risks have gained immense traction. Secureworks is a global leader in cybersecurity that protects organizations with battle-tested, cybersecurity solutions that help reduce risks, improve security operations, and accelerate ROI for Security and IT teams. Secureworks has built its cloud-native Taegis™ security operations and analytics platform from the ground up for security experts by security experts.

Secureworks helps organizations find adversaries early when a breach occurs so threats can be rapidly isolated and eliminated. Secureworks Taegis XDR, Taegis ManagedXDR, and Taegis VDR products are built on the company’s cloud-native security platform Taegis, which continuously gathers and interprets telemetry from proprietary and third-party sources, including endpoints, networks, cloud, identity systems, and email. Secureworks uses this telemetry to detect and prevent threats, automatically prioritizing the most serious ones and enabling faster, more confident responses with time- and cost-saving automation. Secureworks can deliver its solutions with the scale, data retention levels, and relevant insights organizations expect in order to prevent, detect, and respond to ever-evolving and diversifying threats and vulnerabilities.

Impact of Sесurеwоrkѕ

One of the most significant barriers to businesses when it comes to investing in any kind of technology is the cost. In cybersecurity, the cost is a factor, but it isn’t the greatest inhibitor to adoption. One of the greatest challenges facing organizations and the industry is the lack of cybersecurity skills in the workforce. To deliver 24x7 quality security monitoring, organizations need a highly skilled Security Operations Center (SOC). Plus, they need to invest in technologies that can facilitate rapid threat detection and response, incident response management, threat hunting, and more. Given the shortage of workforce talent and the cost of building and maintaining a 24x7 SOC, many organizations are electing to outsource security operations. This is where Secureworks can help. Secureworks has proven through studies like Forrester’s “Total Economic Impact Study of Taegis ManagedXDR” that, on average, organizations were reducing their overall risk by 85% while recognizing cost savings by the outsourcing of $1.3M over three years.

The future of cybersecurity

TSR asked Steve Fulton, Chief Product Officer of Secureworks, about the future of cybersecurity. “Cybercrime is not slowing down, and the impact of ransomware and other attacks are only increasing. Secureworks is committed to defeating our adversaries and securing human progress – no matter what threats the future may bring. To do this we will continue to innovate by adding new threat detectors and analytics to our Taegis XDR platform to find the adversary faster, as well as new techniques in automation to respond to threats more quickly. We are in this fight every day with our customers, and we are stronger when we, our customers, and our partners are in it together.”

Team motto

Secureworks’ purpose is clear: to secure human progress and outpace and outmaneuver the adversary by empowering the cybersecurity community with a platform for innovation and collaboration. Secureworks’ teams delight in collaborating with each other and as members of the cybersecurity community to protect customers and expand, improve, and advance the business. And customer feedback and its own security intelligence and Sec Ops experiences continue to inform Secureworks’ product and services strategy.

“We deliver solutions by security experts for security experts to prevent, detect, and respond to continuously evolving and diversifying threats and vulnerabilities. We identify the most serious threats to enable our customers to minimize risks, while maximizing ROI on security and IT investments.