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Swan Island Networks – Delivering Safer, Better Futures through More Intelligent and Actionable Situational Awareness


"We designed a world-class situational awareness platform to streamline threat monitoring for global security teams. Respond to threats in real time, so you can keep your business running and assets secure."

Situational awareness (SA) is an essential capability for organizations across a wide array of industries. And yet not all teams have a strategy or tool in place to actually ensure that the right information reaches decision-makers at the right time. If improving situational awareness is crucial to your mission, you might consider implementing a comprehensive situational awareness software platform. Situational awareness as a concept first arose in the military, where the stakes for slow or ill-informed action can mean life or death. Today, enterprises, public safety organizations, shipping and logistics companies and more have adopted the concept to evaluate and optimize their internal processes. Nearly every industry can (and do) benefit from improved situational awareness — only most haven’t implemented software designed for exactly that purpose. Situational awareness will always rely on the actions of talented individuals and teams. But that isn’t enough in this day and age. Increasingly, it’s clear that technologies will form a sort of “fifth limb” or “sixth sense” for human actors, and that these technologies will be necessary components of an effective overall strategy. That means implementing situational awareness software and the technological infrastructure that supports it.

Swan Island Networks is one such firm that provides rapid situational awareness solutions and services for security and business continuity teams in corporate enterprises. Swan’s cloud-based software is ideal for public/private resilience, information sharing initiatives, and integrates easily with other platforms. The company has been building security and situational awareness tools since 2002. The top physical security companies in the world are using its technology.

TX360® Platform: Global Threat Monitoring Customized for Your Enterprise and Teams

TX360 is a powerful enterprise SaaS platform that can tailor intelligence for all aspects of your situational awareness and information sharing needs. Custom alerts and dashboards can be enabled without programming, and can tap into Swan Island's library (4000+) of information channels from around the globe. Protecting a modern business can be overwhelming. So the company designed a world-class situational awareness platform to streamline threat monitoring for global security teams. Respond to threats in real time, so you can keep your business running and assets secure. The full suite of cloud-based intelligence tools provides 360° situational awareness, threat monitoring and smart alerting at the enterprise level. TX Global Smart Alerts provide timely and succinct coverage of global security and risk events delivered to email or text message. Alerts span a range of worldwide hazards from current crises in global health (COVID-19/Coronavirus) to severe weather, hurricanes, wildfires, civil unrest, and acts of terrorism. Alerts are also available through the TX Global web portal. In the Smart Alert Queue, alerts are sorted in reverse chronology and can be viewed by map or list view and further filtered by region and topic.

Every TX Global subscriber has access to a comprehensive, curated collection of COVID-19/Coronavirus information on their crisis monitoring dashboards. Tier 1 includes a set of basic dashboards covering major global incidents, as well as a North America regional view, and official government travel updates worldwide. Tier 2 and 3 subscribers can unlock additional dashboards and features, including geospatial visualization of up to 50 assets. Topical Dashboards are available for Government-Issued Travel Advice, Aviation, Health, Severe Weather, and more. Key event Dashboards monitor specific incidents and issues of concern such as COVID-19/Coronavirus, hurricanes, wildfires, etc. Alerts are issued continuously by the unique hybrid publication model, from their analyst duration process and their machine automation alerting system. The number will vary based on the current conditions in the world and the number of feeds you have selected to subscribe to.

The Visionary Leader Upfront

Pete O’Dell is the Chief Executive Officer of Swan Island Networks. Pete is a seasoned business executive in technology, security, and software. Before joining Swan Island, he served as the Chief Operating Officer for a number of high growth startups and was president of Autodesk Retail Products.  He is the author of Silver Bullets (interoperable data) and Cyber 24/7: Risks, Leadership, Sharing.  His new book, Global Shared Resilience, is slated for publication in Q1 of 2021, but will likely be delayed by the pandemic and his continual procrastination.  He is a poor golfer, avid fly fisherman and volunteers with, a nonprofit focused on veterans and their families.  He’s also an NCR InfraGard member.

"We are on a mission to support corporate clients with agile, intelligent, high-trust information services that help keep people, assets, information, and critical infrastructure safe."