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With SymmetryRx’s innovative online drug sample services and advanced HCP engagement, growth can be yours.


Drug sampling is the primary means by which pharmaceutical companies familiarize prescribers with new drugs, begin new patient trials, and increase patient medication adherence.
SymmetryRx’s eSample® portfolio of drug sample request platforms provide economic reach to prescribers through self-serve, remote pharma representation, and in ePrescribe workflows. The economics are terrific in all deciles regardless of See/No See prescriber status. This trial medication ecosystem created by SymmetryRx also meets all regulatory, accreditation, management, and ease-of-use requirements in all practice settings.

In conversation with Hal Walsh, CEO of SymmetryRx

Q. What are the challenges you had to face while developing solutions for SymmetryRx? How did you overcome them?

Perhaps the biggest challenge is that projects must be sequenced and cannot happen all at once. Each completed project brings market-leading innovation that will extend drug sampling’s lifecycle as the leading promotional and medication adherence tactic available to pharmaceutical manufacturers. With clarity of vision and direction, SymmetryRx is building the only pharmaceutical industry drug sampling utility for a one-stop-shop prescriber experience that meets the unique supply chain, regulatory, documentation and reporting requirements for all manufacturers, prescribers and Health Systems.

Tell us in brief about the new revenue streams generated by your solutions.

SymmetryRx's eSample® platforms, when set up as recommended, typically generate in excess of a 50:1 revenue-to-expense ratio. The eSample® platforms offer unparalleled prescriber reach at a diminutive cost to the manufacturer. Our channel network and real-time prescription history create a strong economic model to sample virtually every prescriber with a prescribing history in the manufacturer's indicated therapeutic classes.

Q. Many hospitals are focused on both the financial aspect of health care and the quality outcomes. How do you maintain the affordability of your solutions for mass adoption?

All of SymmetryRx’s “solutions” are available free of charge to patients, prescribers and practices. The use of drug samples by prescribers has a significant impact on medication adherence. According to a survey by DataMonitor, 30% of patients only fill a prescription when provided a sample (regardless of age, income, or gender). Considering that each year medication non-adherence in the US among patients with chronic diseases causes at least 100,000 preventable deaths and $100 billion in preventable medical costs: SymmetryRx delivers quality and economy.

Tell us in brief about your comprehensive prescriber and pharma support.

Each of SymmetryRx's three platforms creates the right access and support to each user, whether the user is a pharma representative or a prescriber using our self-serve platforms. 95% of prescribers using our SampleCenterTM platform report it adds high value to their practice. Our Call Center team is closing the gap to ensure that all sample requests are signed/returned by the prescriber, which is required before the samples can be shipped. In addition, SymmetryRx eSignature authentication and business associate agreements are valid for all SampleCenterTM powered websites, including pharma-branded and channel-branded sites.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Yes. SymmetryRx is in the launch process for our HIPAA-compliant direct-ship-to-patient (DSTP) sample request generation tool. The DSTP sample request tool is 100% digital and PDMA-compliant. Of high importance, fulfillment of the sample request is through each pharma manufacturer’s Authorized Distributor of Record through seamless digital integration. In addition, SymmetryRx is launching a new medication adherence solution that could bring about positive change in that space in ways not previously imagined. SymmetryRx will be speaking about this new offering at the Digital Pharma Innovation Week Virtual Series on June 15-17, 2021.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

SymmetryRx has begun releasing a series of market-uniting utilities. These utilities will extend drug sampling's lifecycle as the primary promotional and medication adherence tactic available to pharma manufacturers. Uniquely, SymmetryRx solutions leverage, rather than compete, with the existing manufacturer and ADR infrastructure to deliver new and exciting value to prescribers in all deciles and under all practice ownership types. Everyone wins with SymmetryRx: patients, prescribers, practices, ADRs, medication adherence contract firms, and pharma manufacturers.

Meet the leader behind the success of SymmetryRx

Hal Walsh currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer of SymmetryRx, LLC. As CEO, Hal provides vision, strategy, leadership, and resources to build web-based solutions to increase the reach of pharmaceutical manufacturers to healthcare providers and their patients. Hal began his career after receiving his Bachelor of Science in Finance from Villanova University. He has over 35 years of award-winning performance in the development and launch of new clinical and operational technologies in the healthcare sector. Hal is driven to develop solutions that align the practice of medicine with operational requirements for patients, physicians, practices, and partners.

“We bring genius to pharma sampling with agile, scalable proprietary software known for ease of use. We reach farther so you can reach farther.”