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SyncDog Offers a Highly-functional Mobility Platform That Securely Manages Data and Application Security through a Defense-grade Containerized Workspace

thesiliconreview-jonas-ceo-syncdogWithout a proactive strategy, the information security industry will always be playing catch-up with the dynamic impact of mobile on the way we work. As mobility grows in the workplace, so do challenges from managing bandwidth and device access to handling the most pressing concerns of security. Jonas Gyllensvaan noticed growing gaps in the marketplace for mobile security and founded SyncDog in 2013.

Headquartered in Reston, Virginia, SyncDog is the leading ISV for building Containerized and Collaborative (C2) mobile IT frameworks that extend app functionality to devices while securing corporate and Government networks from mobile-endpoint threat.

Crown Jewel of SyncDog SentinelSecureTM 

SentinelSecure™ is a defense-grade mobile app workspace that allows organizations to control and manage how employees exchange relevant, time-critical information back forth between their devices and the organization’s secure networks. SyncDog’s “containerized” mobile security partition protects organizational data (both at rest and in transit) by employing FIPS 140-2 certified (cert. #2687), AES 256-bit encryption with a simple software-based deployment and no impact to BYOD productivity or application functionality. SentinelSecure™ can be deployed as a standalone container or as a complement to existing EMM/MDM investments.

The standard configuration of SentinelSecure™ comes with a full suite of productivity applications in the secure container that includes SharePoint, Enterprise and Local Chat, Geo-location Services, DropBox, a personal Information Management (PIM) suite, Office 365, Secure Mobile App Management & Development, File Sync, and many more. Applications are categorized per these four key workflows:

  • Secure Communications
  • Secure File Management
  • Secure Internet/Intranet Access
  • Secure Location-based services

In Dialogue with Jonas Gyllensvaan, CEO and Founder

What insights helped you set up this company?

I spent several years working for enterprise-sized software vendors that also tried to build mobility tools. The process there is to have the development team work on everything, allocating dev time to the products with the most potential. More times than not, the market was screaming for products we had, but only received a small percentage of dev time so it lacked in functionality. And because the dev teams are spread thin across multiple products, the enterprise vendors typically can’t build products like a leaner, more agile ISV. This is what led me to start SyncDog – a nimbler and more personalized answer to customer requirements in a rapidly changing technology market.

What challenges do you face in the IT security arena?

It’s a constant challenge in IT security to stay current with changing technologies and make sure solutions are complementary. We work hard to ensure interoperability with all the disparate hardware and software existing within customers’ IT infrastructures. For example, when iOS 10 was released we made sure SentinelSecure™ was compatible from day one. CEOs and CISOs also have to be constantly vigilant to identify opportunities, danger zones, and winds of change. This can be challenging at times, but I have found that taking a personalized approach to customer requirements is the key to effective road mapping. The customer is on the playing field daily and has the better perspective on what is needed to ensure network security at the far edges of their perimeter where Smartphones and tablets reside.

Justify your product popularity.

Aside from our experience in mobile security, our customers benefit greatly from the availability of our ear. While we can never predict with 100% accuracy what the next big thing will be, our open, exploratory approach with existing and potential customers yields clearly defined development plans for our solutions. Furthermore, we’re a small company with the ability to implement new technology quickly. We can make adjustments that satisfy customer requests more nimbly than enterprise-sized IT vendors. But most importantly, we make adjustments that make sense to customers and to the marketplace, and then we provide the support needed for it to stick.

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Case Study: Forensic Data Workflow

Client: Large Metropolitan Police Department (MPD)

Industry: Law Enforcement

Background: Crime scene processing is often chaotic and unpredictable. Adherence to workflow and process for the initial assessment of the scene and subsequent information gathering are critical success factors in solving and preventing future criminal activity. The MPD audit determined that the process of uploading data to the secure datacenter was both cumbersome and risky.


  • Audited MPDs struggled to transfer data from a crime-scene to the MPD’s datacenter securely, and unsecured SMS texts about investigations were often found on BYOD or COPE devices. Both mobile security insufficiencies presented a high risk of data leaks sometimes compromising investigations.
  • It faced the challenge of managing the workflow, managing security intelligence on employees’ mobile devices as they work in the field, and facilitating an efficient transfer of information from mobile devices to the department’s secure network environment.


  • SyncDog’s Sentinel Infrastructure Framework and SentinelSecure™ container provided the MPD with dramatically-improved workflow and compliance when handling sensitive crime-scene data.
  • The solutions were deployed quickly, easily configured, and intuitive to learn, and provided secure data transfer to their secure network from a FIPS 140-2 certified (#2687), AES 256-bit encrypted container residing within each device.
  • This simplification of crime-scene processing and security ties up the loose ends of traditional processing such as SD cards and unprotected SMS texts, and allows police and detectives to focus more on investigations than security risks, auditing, and compliance.

Greet the Leading Force

Jonas Gyllensvaan, CEO and Founder: A serial entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in mobile IT solution development and software business development, Jonas has founded three successful start-ups and is a current board adviser to several others. Over the past 20 years, Jonas has designed, developed, and implemented technology projects for government agencies and commercial enterprises in more than a dozen countries. Across his long successful career in mobile IT, Jonas has a proven track record of leading-edge product development, building profitable companies while forging beneficial business partnerships for clients.

“We are uniquely positioned in the market to offer the most flexible solutions that deliver the most comprehensive security.”