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Synergizing the best of online shopping and in-store experience: Brickwork


Retail has always been about customers going to the store to buy whatever they need. E-commerce changed that experience by enabling people to order just about anything from the comfort of their homes. However, even with nearly everything from groceries to apparel and appliances available to be shopped online, a significantly high number of people still opts for shopping in brick and mortar stores. But retail will never be the same again. Numerous retailers have seen their business go from bad to worse and some have even gone bankrupt, all thanks to e-commerce.

But what if customers can leverage all benefits of browsing for goods online and then head over to a store to physically to check it out for themselves?

That is exactly what Brickwork is planning for retail. Brickwork identified that the experience in-store can never be felt while browsing online. But why would people physically go a store if they could have everything delivered to their doorstep? The solution to this dilemma was to deliver the convenience of shopping online as well as the in-store experience on a single platform that would also benefit the store owners.

A Holistic Approach

The Brickwork platform moves beyond the uncertain hype of “omnichannel” to help you optimize the digital presence of your retail stores to drive qualified online traffic to unique in-store experiences via geo-location features, online appointment booking, event RSVPs, and local content and marketing. In turn, Brickwork provides consumer insights in a comprehensive data map of digital-to-store customer journeys. Digital has transformed the way today’s customers shop. Now it’s time to transform the way retailers think about the path to purchase.


A Retail CMS to Manage a Store’s Most Valuable Data

To leverage your brick-and-mortar stores as your greatest asset, you must be able to showcase important store information online to stimulate customer interest. Customers need access to location and hours, departments, inventory, services and associated profiles for every local store. Keeping all this information accurate and updated is no easy task.

With Brickwork, you can easily organize and bring your store data online. Its platform maintains your store data system of record and supports over 50 data fields to help you manage every detail about your stores. The robust RESTful API enables you to coordinate data from multiple sources and distribute it across all channels.

Help Online Customers Find Offline Stores

Your customers are starting their search online. To help them find your brick-and-mortar stores, you need to publish and syndicate the right content to magnify your local store and drive product, service and event discovery.

Brickwork provides industry-leading store pages and store locators to bring your store experience online. Configure each store page to represent the unique services, events, categories and features of each store, and customize your page design to accentuate your brand.

Brickwork’s listings management solution publishes location data and stores content across Google and Facebook properties and across a network of long tail local marketing sites and publishers. Moz Local serves as the company’s listings management and local SEO partner of record, offering detailed analytics and unique insights for all customers. Brickwork’s embeddable widgets allow you to leverage rich store content to enhance on-site experiences like “My Nearest Store,” “Buy Online Pick Up in Store” and geo-targeted marketing emails.

Activate Online Customers to Visit Your Store

Your best customers have found your store pages, explored your content, and demonstrated intent to purchase offline — but why aren’t they converting? They expect a more personal, engaging experience, and you need the right applications to activate them to visit your store.

Brickwork provides appointment management software to capitalize on customers who want to complete their online shopping journey by visiting your store. Moreover, the platform provides configurable, UX-tested templates that help customers book an appointment directly with an associate of choice. Brickwork’s unique associate-facing mobile web application allows your team to manage check-ins, schedules, and associated profiles, as well as access insights they need to provide excellent customer service.

Create Incentives with Exciting In-Store Experiences

Your brick-and-mortar stores are your highest conversion channel. Customers who start their journey online and purchase offline have a 30 percent higher lifetime value. To maximize the power of the in-store experience, you need to create incentives for online shoppers to enter your local stores.

With Brickwork’s retail event management software, you can activate customers to visit your stores by advertising unique experiences they can’t get online. Market exciting events and promotions, empower shoppers to RSVP, and craft a retail experience that drives customers to your stores.

Customer-centricity is no longer optional — it’s essential to retail success. But to be truly customer-centric, you need insight into your customers’ behavior and preferences before they ever enter your store. Brickwork equips you with omnichannel customer intelligence, so you can create a better customer experience, increase store sales and drive greater customer lifetime value.

Brickwork was founded by David Munczinski who serves as its Chief Executive Officer

“The in-store experience is your greatest asset.”