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30 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2023

Synic Software: Leveraging custom-built software solutions for your business


Synic Software is one of North America’s foremost tech start-ups. Its hub in downtown Vancouver houses some of the best minds in the industry. The company caters to diverse clients from finance to real estate, e-commerce to health, transportation and retail. It is not about segregated features. Full integration for user-friendly technology is its jam. Synic and its team firmly believe that tech shouldn't be exclusive, limited to those with means and access. Whether you have a clear vision for a project, or just want to see what your opportunities for growth are, Synic is here to help.

Why Synic Software?

Synic's core values are non-negotiables during development, with deliverables driven by integrity and intentionality. From needing apps created to custom design, when you work with Synic, this is what you can expect. UX development that is all class, no fuss.

Quality: Producing anything less than stellar, stress-tested software is just not their thing. They custom develop software that is designed to leverage your brand's best assets, rendering it central to demand.

Efficiency: Synic uses the agile development framework with a scrum team to innovate their UI design. They deliver intentional results within directive and deadline to light up your demographic.

Collaboration: They don't meet with you to pitch and then disappear into your inbox unless that's what you want. Their team works with yours at every step, and provides full transparency, good communication and no silly questions.

Leveraging State-of-the-Art Development Services

Web Design & Development: Their approach is grounded in user research and industry insight. They ask all the right questions to target your demographic, underpinning these with metrics and your input. Once objectives are set, they will select a platform and approach that best fits your needs. Their UX & UI specialists' mock-up designs using Adobe or Figma. These are tested internally for flow and function, before being presented for feedback. Following refinement, their developers will implement your design using languages like html, JavaScript and CSS.

Like it or not, the numbers don't lie. The front-end of your website is what your client sees when they land. The color palette, the tone, and even the landing jingle! Investing in your brand's image is a key to its online success. From crowded menus to typos, users form an opinion within 0.05 seconds of landing. The proliferation of competition guarantees they'll find another offer if they go looking. According to Google, 40% of them do. Tailored front-end design offers an immediate solution. Built by passionate experts, your online aesthetic is their bread and butter.

Mobile App Design & Development: With an ongoing CAGR of 35%, the popularity of AR is rising at a rapid rate. Not only is this a trend, it's a glimpse at what the new standard of customer experience will be in the near future. Their software company can ideate, design and build an AR experience for your brand voice and demographic. Consumer expectations are higher than ever before. You've heard a lot about creating an emotional bond with your brand. Story-telling and immersive experience are the new frontier. It's a visceral way of engaging, enveloping clients in an entire world. Whether it's a brand-specific pop-up project or a game you want to build from scratch, their team is motivated and equipped to help bring your vision to a wide audience. According to prominent computer scientist Andrew Ng, it's going to be hard to find an industry that isn't transformed by AI in the near future. Indeed, 25% of companies already have AI integrated, with widespread adoption. Greatest progress has been in customer interaction, human resources and sales platforms. Think analytics, chatbots, smart-predictions, demographic, and financial insights. The scope of process that will be automated using this science is tremendous. Synic can work with you to design a solution today, elevating your business for years to come.

Digital Marketing: Whether it's advertising through search engines, app, or email campaigns, their marketing specialists cater to all digital marketing streams. They have got a particular knack for SEO optimization and social media, but their team will help strategize the best options for your outreach. Synic Creative Marketing provides value by inspecting and examining your current success vs. optimal potential. Provide you with a detailed report of the findings from your channels and help you decide your strategy better. Providing a CRO + SEO expert to refine your image and increase visibility, with minimal intrusion, maximum impact. Their packages are built with you, for you. Whether it's a three month service to give you an online presence, or a twelve month in-depth brand creation, your list of superpowers is up to you. Synic Creative Marketing is bringing sexy back to social media content generation. Here to make your digital dreams come true.

UX/UI Design & Testing: The immediacy of the 21st century means that if an interface, i.e. website, isn't intuitive to use or easy to look at, it'll lose rep. This is especially true for millennial and Gen Z. They develop in a responsive way, with live-time feedback for fast-tracked evolution. Grounded in research (which they take care of) and tested by their team. All you'll need to do is drop. Their studio team is made up of multi-talented consultants with real-world experience. They will define your content in the context of its industry. Whether you need ongoing support for world domination, or literally a one-and-done blog post, they got you.

Charles Tong | Managing Director

"The life cycle of a project occurs in several stages to ensure your satisfaction with form, usability and efficacy. From creative design to innovative custom software, we're at the forefront of manifesting tomorrow's genius, today."