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Synoverge Technologies – Helping customers achieve goals and create value with their technology investments


Platform engineering is an emerging technology approach that can accelerate the delivery of applications and the pace at which they produce business value. Platform engineering improves developer experience and productivity by providing self-service capabilities with automated infrastructure operations. Platform engineering is trending because of its promise to optimize the developer experience and accelerate product teams’ delivery of customer value.

Synoverge Technologies is a next-generation global digital transformation & platform engineering services company working as strategic partner with organizations globally, across industry verticals. It facilitates business transformation through technology adoption. on Enterprise Collaboration & Technology Transformation Services. It helps clients harness the power of disruptive technologies such as Enterprise Mobility, Cloud Computing and Analytics in an integrated manner to bring-in much sought after Business-IT alignment. Synoverge provides Enterprise Collaboration & Transformation services, enabling efficient business dynamics for organizations globally.  Synoverge has been founded by a group of practicing IT professionals, each bringing over 15 years of experience in the industry, playing leadership roles & working with fortune 1000 organizations globally. It offers a high degree of Skills, Pre-configured IPs and Domain expertise across Portals & Collaboration, Reengineering & Transformation, Enterprise Mobility, Cloud Computing, Surround ERP, Analytics and Software Product Engineering. Their innovative S3+ service delivery framework provides tomorrow’s technology solutions to the clients with faster turn around and higher predictability. It is a Managed Microsoft GOLD Partner with competencies around Portals & Collaboration, Web Development and Software Development and Silver Partner for Mobility.

Energizing Ideas, Transforming Businesses

Digital Transformation: Digital transformation is essential for all businesses, from small to large. It's all about value, people, optimization, and the ability to quickly adapt when necessary through the intelligent application of technology and data. New investment and growth standards are being fascinated by digital transformation. It's not just about incorporating new technology into a company; it's a massive change that's affecting almost every aspect of the business. Existing products are being reimagined, manual processes are being replaced with automated models, and data-driven decision-making is becoming more precise. As a result, digital transformation is much more than just a technology revolution. It's all about training people and changing processes to get the most out of a business' most powerful tool. Using their experience with revolutionary digital technologies such as IoT, Data Analytics, and AI, the company and its team can help you use sophisticated digital solutions to automate data collection, process integrations, and real-time data insights to adapt and fulfill your ever-changing consumer demands.

Platform and Product Engineering: Product and platform engineering has taken center stage across the globe. Meeting the demands of today's digital consumer has led organizations to change the way they deliver their services and products. Organizations today acknowledge that the line between products and services is continuously blurring. As monetization models evolve, product companies are looking to secure long term revenue through IP-led development and faster time to market. Synoverge understands that building digital platforms that offer scale, agility, and intuitive experience to the clients is critical to businesses and ISV's. Their extensive experience in building all-encompassing platforms has helped over 30 organizations and millions of users across the globe. They have lived by their tag-line and energized the ideas of their ISV clients by becoming their technology partners and drive their product and technology roadmap. The company is passionate about building grounds up products/platforms as well as re-engineering legacy products into state of the art digital platforms.

Enterprise Applications: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is business management software that consists of integrated enterprise applications to support you in managing the business functions across departments and industry verticals. Synoverge understands modernizing disparate legacy applications with the latest Cloud enabled Global Enterprise Solutions is fast becoming the need of the hour in the fast changing business dynamics. Their expertise covers business areas like financial management, manufacturing, inventory management, warehouse management, project management, service management, human resources and sales & distribution and business intelligence. Whether you need help with consulting, implementation, global rollouts, version upgrades, technical development or support on Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP, Synoverge is the place for you.

Prashant Halari | CEO & Managing Director   

Prashant has over 21 years of industry experience and successful track record in incubating and managing service lines with sales and delivery responsibilities.  He is an ccomplished entrepreneur with proven expertise in identifying KPIs required for enhancing the profitability, promoting innovation and implementing the improvement plans to build a profitable growth trajectory for the business. He comes from strong sales and technology background coupled with pre-sales and operations management skills. Based on the vast industry experience, he was instrumental in developing methodologies and toolkits for conducting consulting engagements around Digital Product Engineering, IT Transformation, Application Portfolio Rationalization, Enterprise Integration and Business Intelligence & Analytics and Mobility. Mr. Halari has led several consulting assignments around developing long-term IT roadmap, developing application rationalization plans and ensuring business-IT alignment for some of the large enterprises globally.

"Synoverge stands for synergy, innovation and convergence; which indicates energizing ideas through mutual synergies, co-creation and coming together to create value for our clients."