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30 Fabulous Companies of the Year 2023

Vinita, Systango CEO: “We want to be your end to end IT service organization, big enough to undertake your largest project, yet small enough to maintain the loyalty and the intimacy of a boutique firm”


Life partners, Vinita, and Nilesh Rathi founded Systango to help solve three main issues for their clients - lack of in-house technology experts, limited talent pool, and developers with business domain knowledge. Giving clients the ability to spin/wind teams in a very limited time, Systango distinguishes itself via its consultative approach, by embedding within its client’s ecosystem and becoming an integral part of its teams. Systango addresses itself as Systians, a tribe of superheroes, foodies, and perfectionists who seek to bring the most effective solutions for the ideas or problems they are served with.

Over the years, Systango has expanded its services to almost all the technology verticals. The company not just promises you technology expertise but is also capable of consulting you in business domains such as Fintech, Edtech, and Sportstech. Systango help its clients unleash the power of next-gen technologies such as Blockchain, Web3, and Machine Learning. The company is a digital transformation partner with leading digital, cloud-native, and security capabilities to help you build a better version of your business.

Generative AI-driven apps

From the exuberant response given to ChatGPT and similar generative AI-driven apps, it may seem like you can rely on them for anything without second thoughts. However, technology experts think it is still not the time to rely completely on these AI-based platforms. Just like the digital assistants in your smartphone and PC, these apps and platforms need further polishing to attain perfection.

As of now, ChatGPT is among the most exciting AI technology-driven apps, and the user response is a testimony to its popularity. It is not even two months old, but from a regular geek to technology, icons have warmed up to it. However, its future prospects and success will depend on a number of factors. There is no denying that applications like ChatGPT demonstrate how AI tech can be utilized to make life easier for individuals and businesses. It is a versatile tool with amazing interaction capabilities and features that take engagement to a new level. It can very well be deployed in various business setups to handle myriads of tasks requiring short or long customer interactions. However, the tool still has some room for improvement. It can’t still outshine humans in critical thinking as well as strategic decision-making. So, usage with moderation is essential. The company behind it needs to rectify some glaring flaws to pave the way for mass online usage.

You must know, Systango is also actively making use of Artificial intelligence to deliver IT solutions specific to modern business requirements. 

Blockchain Game Development

Gaming sector has constantly evolved and currently has a whopping US market value of $106.8 billion in 2023 as per the industry statistics data of IBISWorld. With constant innovation and developments in the gaming industry, blockchain game development is the new buzz phrase that has immense potential to transform the traditional gaming industry. Incorporated with blockchain technology, decentralized games pave the way for profitable gaming opportunities which are also known as the Play-to-Earn gaming. Blockchain, when integrated into a gaming model, democratizes all the major aspects of gaming and locates the power into players’ hands with no single gaming authority. Majority of the traditional games are completely organized by the game creators where the control lies in their hands and not in the hands of the people who will play the games. Blockchain game development breaks the notion of traditional gaming by decentralizing the game control and distributing it amongst the players.

Systango’s Contribution to Blockchain Game Development

Custom Smart Contract Development

Systango writing and deploying tailored smart contracts on a blockchain platform. These self-executing contracts automatically enforce the agreement between the buyer and seller.

Blockchain Game Development

Systango specializes in creating game’s logic, graphics, animations, and other components. Systango’s blockchain developers utilize game development platforms, such as Unity or Unreal Engine, to construct blockchain games.

Token Development

Systango offers development of custom tokens or digital assets that can serve as in-game currency or represent unique items within the game.

Game Marketing

Systango offers services like deploying the game on various platforms, such as app stores or game marketplaces, to reach a wider audience, as well as promoting it through marketing channels like social media, advertising, and influencer marketing to increase its visibility.

Game Maintenance

Systango also offer the services to update the game regularly which includes fixing bugs like any game bug or a smart contract code bug and adding new features, as well as providing support to players.

Performance Tracking

This involves analyzing player behavior and game performance data to assist developers in optimizing the game and making informed decisions regarding future development.

Blockchain game development is still in the evolving stages. Increasing awareness and education about blockchain games and their benefits, and making them more accessible and user-friendly. This can help drive wider adoption of the gaming DAOs and cryptocurrency games, which will power the developing gaming communities in future.

Vinita, CEO

“We are a team of interesting, creative, hard-working 30s-something people that believe quality should be tight and experience should be stellar.”