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Led by Fope Oluleye a dynamic leader, T Bridge Venture Partners is a venture capital company specialising in the investment of early stage companies.


In the unbalanced economic situation we live in, venture capitalists help businesses exploit market opportunities by providing necessary business skills and finance. Just like how a researcher tries to give life to his inventions to make them commercially successful, an entrepreneurs’ technical know-how is converted into a commercially viable product by venture capitalists. We live in a competitive world where aspirations must receive early support to shine in the industry, which can be possible only through venture capitalism. A venture capital firm acts more like a catalyst in improving the borrower’s managerial and financial talents. Modern ideas and technologies can only flourish when financial institutions provide encouragement to business ventures.

Globally there are various venture capital firms, but one that stands out from the rest with its diligent services is T Bridge Venture Partners. The company is a dynamic and focused venture capital firm investing in early-stage startups. Led by an enthusiastic entrepreneur and CEO Fope Oluleye, the team is focused on bridging the gap for investment in startup firms and driving them onwards across the bridge towards success and growth. The company understands the needs of startups to grow in both fostering and encouraging environment. T Bridge Venture Partners backs firms that are dynamic, creative, and impactful in nature across various sectors globally. The company was founded in 2017, and it is based in London.

In conversation with Fope Oluleye, CEO of T Bridge Venture Partners

Q. How do you generally deal with risks involved in investment?

We have a robust risk management policy set in place across the Zenith Group. Our policy is employed & fully integrated across all of our investment decisions. Whilst we strongly adhere to our policy, our risk appetite is high. We are aggressive in our approach & realize typically, the most amount of value will lie in a high-risk opportunity.

Q. How can an investor diversify his portfolio?

It is always best for an investor to look at different asset classes and sectors to diversify his portfolio, as this allows the investor to hedge his risk. Suppose an investor doesn’t have an understanding of asset classes its best to partner with best in class professionals with knowledge of the sectors. We can help with experience in Real Estate, renewable energy, and venture capital; our company encompasses a variety of sectors with experience of investing in these sectors for over ten years.

Q. Can smaller investors make use of your services? How flexible is your services?

Smaller investors can make full use of our services. We act as a one-stop-shop to offer lucrative projects across our key verticals; real estate, renewable energy, and venture capital. Typically we can work with investors that can invest £5m + or larger that wish to invest or coinvest into deals.

Q. Tell us about your investment management system. How do you maintain the value growth?

Our team of analysts runs weekly reports to ensure our portfolio is achieving its forecast. We do scrutinize our companies should they not hit their forecasted targets. Once understanding the problems they face, we work with them to solve the problems.

Q. What is the one business challenge you want to solve that would make the single biggest impact on your organization?

I guess it would be consistent happiness. When your employees are happy, they are motivated & hungry, their productivity shoots up & therefore, the organization has a revolutionary injection of value.

Q. Describe a time you had to make a tough decision. What did you do and what was the result?

Yes, I can recall when I had to make a decision with regards to an investment decision for one of our portfolio companies that could lead to exponential growth and a good network in 2020 during the pandemic, the investment was into the fintech space. It involved quick decision making with a week’s timeframe and the ability to assess our resources within the space. I’m happy to say we are committed, and the portfolio company is growing at a good pace and providing useful contacts.

Q. How can you tell if a company’s culture is on a good track or not?

In my eyes, culture is the soul of a company. When facing a problem or level of engagement outside of work hours, the employee’s attitude is a direct reflection of whether the culture is inspiring or toxic. Culture is the engine that we do not see, but it drives the people who drive the business. We want people to have a winning mindset that also has the ability to spot change.

Q. What other CEOs do you look up to? Why?

I look up to the risk-takers, the individuals who are seen as unique until they prove the world right. One name that springs to mind is Elon Musk; along with his impressive risk-taking, his appetite to make a genuine impact on the world & not just his company’s bottom line, is both enthusing and inspiring for me. Other CEOs such as Jay Z are extremely inspiring, and I believe he has a clear mindset of what he wishes to achieve and has assembled an impressive investment portfolio across various industries. His tenacity, self-belief, and impressive deal making are things I greatly admire as well as his positioning.

Q. What does the future hold for T Bridge Venture Partners and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

T Bridge has mind-blowing plans for the next three years. Our ability to remain nimble & dynamic whilst growing at an amazing rate allows us to deliver unparalleled returns & services to our business partners. As a group of young entrepreneurs, we relish challenges and possess an unrivaled amount of energy to achieve our ambitious goals. We plan to increase our portfolio within our VC company portfolio holdings by £1bn by 2023. You heard it here first.

Meet the leader behind the success of T Bridge Venture Partners

Fope Oluleye is the CEO of T Bridge Venture Partners. Fope is a young entrepreneur who has continually exceeded boundaries, proving age is just a number. He has continually excelled winning a number of awards in the business arena at a young age. He has gone on to exceed all limitations. For example, at just 25 years old he negotiated an MOU with the Nigerian government for a 30MW solar farm in the state of Osun in Nigeria. He now has invested in over 10 growing start-ups through his Venture Capital arm. Fope’s unique ability to lead, believe and deliver truly does set him apart.

“At T Bridge Venture Partners, we strive to deliver long-term growth to both our corporate clients and our extensive list of investors, sovereign wealth funds, and other institutional and individual investors”