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June Edition 2021

An innovator helping organizations in decision making by providing access to dynamic data within unstructured documents: Tackle Ai


In the digital world we live in, every interaction we have generates data. And more than 80 percent of this data is classified as unstructured data. Basically, unstructured data is information that hasn’t been formatted or organized in any predetermined manner. It is a very challenging task to analyze unstructured data, which is why most businesses often choose to cast it to one side. However, in recent times, tech companies have developed solutions to manage this valuable data with AI tools and cloud computing. The main motto behind using the latest solutions to manage unstructured data is to make it more secure, reliable, and accessible.

Globally, there are various companies providing excellent solutions to manage unstructured data, but Tackle Ai stands out from the rest. Tackle Ai is an innovative software company that utilizes its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) platform to find, analyze, and organize dynamically unstructured data found within any type of document a business may have. Tackle Ai provides workflow automation on large amounts of documents and datasets, which increases speed and efficiency while decreasing the chance of human error.

In conversation with Sergio Suarez Jr, Co-Founder and CTO of Tackle Ai

Q. How can we eliminate complexity in data related functions using your services?

Using Tackle Ai, businesses can eliminate the need for manual data entry and data analysis. Using manual data methods is time-intensive, costly, and can produce errors. With Tackle Ai, the human complexity is eliminated as our platform handles 100% of the data workflow.

Q. What is the main purpose of data analysis? How does it help the organizations in decision making?

According to an IBM report, 80% of the world’s data is dynamic and unstructured. This data is trapped and cannot be utilized within an organization until it is analyzed, extracted, and organized in another system. Historical methods of obtaining access to this type of data are through humans, i.e., manual, workflows, or through cobbling together a disjointed system of tools that do not all properly work together. For example, an organization that manages thousands of inbound invoices would need to manually enter into its accounting software dozens of data points like customer information, invoice number, totals, products, etc. This process is tedious, time consuming, and expensive for the business. Tackle Ai helps organizations in decision-making by automating this workflow and providing access to all of the dynamic data within the unstructured documents at a 99.9999% accuracy rate. Tackle Ai completes this workflow within a fraction of the time it previously took the organization to access the information manually.

Q. Does your data analysis tool empower users to retrieve, combine, interact with, explore, and visualize data from any combination of sources?

Yes. Tackle Ai helps its clients gain access to and then analyze all of the dynamic data found within any type of unstructured document the organization has. This includes, but is not limited to, documents such as Word docs, Excel files, emails, paper forms, images, handwritten notes, database files, and much more. Also, Tackle Ai can help its clients gain access to this data on documents that the AI has never even seen before. Tackle Ai does not require its platform to “learn” the document being analyzed, and there is no training need on the client’s side.

Q. Experts predict that failure of trusted algorithms is bound to happen. How can you make your solution foolproof?

Tackle Ai was built using complex mathematics and statistical equations. Ultimately the algorithms were designed to work like the human eyes and brain operate when they look at and read a document of information. The platform works with the understanding that whatever data is found is mostly incorrect, so the system goes through multiple re-checkpoints to ensure the data being found is what the client is looking for. In the very rare occurrence of the AI not being able to validate that the data is correct, the system routes that data point to a human to verify the data point being analyzed. Additionally, the Tackle Ai platform is evolving and learning new data elements, styles, and potential failure points within an unstructured document. The platform continues to improve with faster speeds and even higher accuracy rates.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Tackle Ai recently announced two new services that we are very excited about: Tackle Invoices and Tackle Vision. Tackle Invoices is a fully automated process that handles the invoice-to-accounts payable process. Any business that is managing hundreds or even thousands of invoices each month can now fully automate the input process by using Tackle Invoices. Tackle Vision is the eyes of the AI. This process is set to make RPA completely irrelevant. Tackle Vision is a replacement tool for any organization that already has a workflow automaton process in place, like RPA, yet is seeking a better way to analyze and extract data from unstructured documents.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

Tackle Ai continues to improve its AI in a variety of ways. The Tackle Ai system’s demand is now expanding into supporting additional languages and countries around the world. Additionally, the success of Tackle Invoices has shown that other application-based solutions are needed in the market. Tackle Ai will be expanding and introducing other application-based solutions as the demand increases.

Meet the leader behind the success of Tackle Ai

Tackle Ai is directed by visionary entrepreneurs and powered by top engineers and programmers specializing in computer vision, big data, and analytics. The company employs a test-driven development process and the know-how that comes from decades of experience building enterprise level solutions. Sergio Suarez Jr., Co-Founder and CTO, has a history of introducing technologies that have proven to be world changing. His background in mathematics and statistics has helped him pioneer building ground-breaking that most people deem to be impossible. For this reason, Sergio has promoted the Tackle Ai motto as being a company that “Attempts the absurd and solves the impossible.”

“Tackle Ai quickly enables businesses to gain a richer, more meaningful understanding of their information, while greatly reducing labor and document management expenses for businesses.”