30 Fabulous Companies of the Year 2021

Tagit – Accelerating customer acquisition with award-winning omnichannel digital engagement solutions


High technologies, automation and digitalization have become part of our everyday life which we now strongly depend upon. It is really quite difficult to imagine any consumer segment without the possibility to purchase goods or services remotely. The current rhythm of customers' lives literally makes the company to be "ahead of its time". In this present generation, if you are inactive, not mobile and client-oriented, then it could quickly seem that, one has ceased to exist. From an organizational point of view, social digitalization corresponds to a change in the process and organization of work in connection with the integration of new information technologies. From the user's perspective, it can be defined as a real boom of online life and apps development.

Tagit is an award-winning digital solutions company, specialized in providing omnichannel digital engagement solutions for leading banks and governments across Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The Company works closely with clients to develop and implement a holistic roadmap that is aligned to their business objectives and brings their digital strategy to life. Tagit’s Digital Engagement Platform, Mobeix™, seamlessly and securely integrates with the client’s IT systems and provides business services across multiple channels, including mobile, web, wearables, conversational user interfaces. Founded in 2004 by a team that is passionate about digital mobility, the company is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in India, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

Indigenously built omnichannel digital engagement solutions offered by Tagit

Mobeix™ Digital Engagement Platform: Tagit works with leading banks in Asia, the Middle East and Africa to bring their digital strategy to life. Its digital engagement platform, Mobeix™, enables banks to leverage innovative leading-edge capabilities rapidly in order to build and deploy secure and scalable omnichannel digital solutions. Tagit is a trusted digital partner for some of the leading banks across the globe. Accredited by the IMDA (Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore) and endorsed as a qualified vendor capable of handling projects by government agencies as well as large enterprises, Tagit’s qualifications are a testament to its experience and expertise in developing digital solutions for the Public Sector to enhance the Citizen Engagement Experience.

Digital Onboarding: MobeixTM Digital Onboarding enables banks to onboard new customers digitally from anywhere anytime. Its solution has end-to-end streamlined process with advanced biometric technologies and compliance and regulatory standards for a customer to access the bank’s service without undergoing a cumbersome process. Tagit’s onboarding process covers all the touchpoints of the customers’ journey to offer a seamless experience, since the initial the first best impression helps to establish a long-term relationship with customers and also help to acquire new customers in the competitive market.

Corporate Banking: As the competition for SMEs, corporates and commercial customers increases Tagit empowers banks by providing digital technologies that they can leverage to gain a strong competitive edge. Mobeix™ Corporate Banking is an ideal solution for banks looking to digitise inherently complex business banking functions with scale, ease of configuration and integration with any core banking host system

Digital Government: As government agencies look for ways to serve and engage citizens better, they are increasingly seeking opportunities for more meaningful engagement leveraging multiple digital channels.  Expanding communication between governments and their constituents, many of whom use digital apps for almost everything they do, is a core tenet of a Smart Nation strategy. By offering secure messaging inboxes and real-time feedback, Tagit can facilitate the development of new engagement channels between agencies and the people they serve.

Digital Knowledge: Tagit partnered with the National Library Board of Singapore (NLB) to develop a mobile app that enables citizens to access the library anytime, anywhere on any device.   Besides providing convenient access to library content and information, services and transactions, other key features include access to the latest eBook titles, access to eMagazines and eNewspapers, eLearning courses, on-the-spot checkout for library items, search and borrow functions for eBooks, as well as search and registration functions for library programs. It is the first library app in the world to enable a one-step secure mobile checkout of library items by just scanning the barcode without requiring patrons to locate a RFID tag disarming station.

The visionary leader

Sandeep Bagaria is the Chief Executive Officer of Tagit. He is a seasoned corporate leader with over 18 years of experience in successfully setting up and managing businesses in sectors which include banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI), telecommunications and commercial enterprise. Specializing in financial services, Mr. Sandeep has worked with banks across Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Europe on their core transformation, channels innovation and payments strategies.

“We deliver omnichannel digital banking engagement solutions via Mobeix - a robust, secure & scalable technology platform.”