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30 Best CEOs of the Year 2022

Brent Turner, NextPoint Financial CEO: “I take risks, and I don’t give up. I believe that risk alone should never stop you from doing what you want to do. I work hard to build mitigation strategies so I can achieve the reward.”


In the digital world we live in, the financial services segment is innovating at a rapid pace. Various new trends like AI-driven back-office, predictive analytics, and biometrics authentication, among others, have gained immense traction in 2021. Now, a new trend is also making the rounds in town. It is not directly related to core banking technologies, but instead, it deals with how banks can alter their business models through tech integrations. Experts are certain that the future of banking will be a marketplace of major new banking technology innovations. The marketplace is basically an ecosystem of aggregate products and services where customers can find a different set of offers. It can be anything from custom insurance quotes to savings account options. NextPoint Financial is an all-inclusive marketplace for financial services empowering hardworking and underserved consumers and small businesses to get to the “NextPoint” in their financial futures.

The company is dedicated to expanding and adding complementary financial products and services designed for this demographic. From starting a tax return by two-way text or depositing a check through NextPoint’s banking as a service mobile app to drawing on a line of credit or having a professional take care of bookkeeping needs, NextPoint serves its customers based on their needs. Meaning: mobile, web, SMS, and/or face to face in one of the company’s 2700 retail locations, all channels facilitate a seamless interaction by meeting customers where they are. By increasing the opportunities for financial connectivity, NextPoint Financial will strengthen and expand customer relationships by being their trusted advocate and improving their financial wellness, diversifying and growing revenue sources for franchisees, and driving value for shareholders.

In conversation with Brent Turner, CEO of NextPoint Financial

Q. What motivated you to reinvent the financial service industry?

My parents were part of the demographic I serve. I saw firsthand how the lack of availability of services and products affected their ability to manage life and ultimately self-esteem. As I became involved in the financial services business, I consistently saw large improvement opportunities that could make the product or service more widely available. I still see those opportunities today. And I am thankful I have been deliberate about my choice to pursue those gaps with solutions. Not only has it been extremely successful, but I have seen many clients’ lives improved by the innovations I have been a part of delivering.

Q. Financial service institutions often have a stringent application process to avail services. How do you see this, and are there any ways to make this process more transparent?

We believe that our core demographic not only lacks generational awareness and finance management training but is underserved by most financial institutions. We work every day to be their trusted financial advocates. We train and empower our franchisees to help their customers make the best decisions for their financial well-being through our product and service offerings. We believe transparency is achieved through education, and transparency leads to knowledge-based decisions. Therefore, we offer user-friendly tools and a tax school combined with the support of our experts around the clock. This brings better visibility to this population which is otherwise looked over. For example, we provide clear disclosures free of technical terms and industry jargon to make them easier to understand and comprehend. The path to heightened transparency follows the communication to the client in verbiage that makes sense to them and is plainly illustrated. In addition, we created omnichannel support so they can interact in the channel and method of their choosing.

Q. What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful CEO?

  • Risk Seeking- Take calculated risks. Sometimes you need to learn by failing fast and cheap so you can know what will work. Success is solving problems that never happens without different thinking, which is inherently risky… but lots of fun.
  • Perseverance- Hard work, intelligence, education… these are all valuable, but none will replace determination and perseverance. You must be committed fully to your goal.
  • Relationships- The power of a good team never goes unseen; it’s important to put people around you that you trust and that think differently than you. Honor those differences by listening and genuinely caring for your team, partners, investors, and customers as human beings… it is the whole reason we exist.

Q. If you had one piece of advice to someone just starting out, what would it be?

Bet on yourself; know your worth. If you don’t value yourself, others will do it for you, and you may not like the result. Many people continue to work where they are least happy but safe. They don’t believe they are worth more. That is a recipe for burnout and, ultimately, a wasted career. Be thankful for those that help along the way; acknowledge their help often. Seek out successful people in your network, connect and try to help them if you can.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Yes, tax debt resolution, banking as a service, bookkeeping, and credit restoration.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers? Are exciting things on the way?

We envision NextPoint as an all-inclusive financial services center and a trusted advocate for our clients. The development of our new mobile applications and integration between in-office and online experiences is crucial to our success. Our goal is to engage with customers in the manner they choose, as often as we can, and with the products and services they need.

Meet the leader behind the success of NextPoint Financial

Brent Turner is the CEO of NextPoint Financial. Brent is a disruptive and innovative entrepreneur dedicated to providing the historically underserved community with the products, tools and services necessary to achieve financial wellness. Brent’s success in the finance and tax fields can be attributed to his leadership style: He empowers his franchisees to be leaders and trusted advisers in their communities while leading his employees by example to take risks and be passionate. “There are certain things I do that no sane person would endeavor,” he says.

“Compliance is always at the forefront of what we do and we continue to strive to innovate and maintain integrity within our franchise system.”