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Taking Digital Marketing to the Next Level: BrandLoom, a Marketing Technology Company, Continues to Lead the Pack from the Front

thesiliconreview-avinash-chandra-founder-ceo-brandloom-2018“The biggest challenge that BrandLoom faced in the beginning was to push their clients towards digitisation. For many of the clients, digitisation was just a tick mark on a list of things to be done.”

In this digital age, IoT or Internet of Things can be understood as an inevitable biological system of interconnected devices that include tablets, cell phones, smart phones, appliances, PCs, and so on. Such devices can communicate with each other by using Internet. Digital Marketing will set up your business towards such ubiquitous existence of an interconnected environment that will penetrate through each part of individual’s lives. The importance of digital marketing lies in its capacity of pulling in the target audiences, who would be interested in the brand and might be intrigued enough to buy what the brand offers.

Brandloom assists businesses in building up digital marketing, ecommerce and brand management capabilities to develop a consumer centric organisation. The company uses consumer and market insights for creating brand strategies, helping the clients meet their goals. BrandLoom has grown with leaps and bounds during last three years, and its motto “to apply digital, branding and commerce capabilities to enable startups and brands to meet consumer’s needs and develop world-class skills and capabilities” hasn’t changed since then. “Our strategy is focused on helping clients improve their operational performance, deliver their products & services to grow their businesses in existing and new markets,” the company said.

BrandLoom was incorporated in 2015 and is headquartered in Gurgaon, India.

Avinash Chandra, Brandloom Founder/CEO, spoke exclusively to The Silicon Review. Below is an excerpt.

Pushing Beyond Limits

The biggest challenge that BrandLoom faced in the beginning was to push its clients towards digitisation. For many of the clients, digitisation was just a tick mark on one of the things on their list. Brandloom’s proposal with ROI calculations and other workings were generally met with disbelief. However, when the clients started getting tangible returns, their focus started to shift towards digital performance as well.

“Guy Kawasaki has quoted that Ideas are easy& implementation is hard,” says Avinash.

He further adds, “Any new venture is not about maintaining it but about growing it. It is about growing it to keep it relevant for its target audience. It is about transforming it so that it can change the world and lives of people it touches.”

Standing Out from the Competition

In a world where customers have infinite choices, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Plenty of other businesses are offering the same product or service as you. Standing out as a unique company is extremely important if you want to attract new clients. Brandloom understands and thrives on this mantra.

Many Indian businesses are adopting technology & digital marketing as a way of doing business in the future. However, only few of the companies have been successful in holding a grip over digital marketing. Now, more and more companies are finding ways for being more effective. CMO’s are trying to understand how they can generate ROI from each and everything they do.

The emerging opportunities that marketers see today are in personalisation of marketing efforts across the touch points, content marketing and maximisation of customer lifecycle value. BrandLoom’s focus is on ROI and accountability for driving results.

Brandloom helps brands explore how they can differentiate themselves from competition. The strategies can range from starting a blog for inbound marketing - to creating a royalty like  experience with a stellar customer support - to adding product guarantees. It depends on the industry, really.

Snapdeal is an example of how NOT differentiating from competition can burn a business. Busy building too many warehouses and burning cash, Snapdeal never built any category as their USP like Flipkart did with fashion and electronics, and Amazon with Prime and Pantry.Snapdeal failed to stand out—they did not have the upper hand in any particular category or service.

Brandloom uses 4 keys for differentiating a brand from competition

  • Discover WHO the brand is helping/reaching/impacting
  • Discover HOW to help customers better than your competitor
  • Learn WHAT value to create that will reach your customer.
  • Know WHY the value you are creating is valuable for the customer by analyzing, auditing, updating, and measuring engagement.

Making a Difference

BrandLoom works with established brands and startups in healthcare, food fashion, jewellery and consumer durable segments. The company aspires to create value for different clients in industries as diverse as electrical goods and appliances, lighting, fashion & apparel, FMCG, nutraceuticals, consumer durable, technology, retail and infrastructure.

Brandloom supports established businesses to become agile and connected like the upcoming digital startups. The company enables them to play from their point of strength, which is their brand, data, and consumer base to make sure that their strengths are leveraged and used equally well in the digital world. At the same time, BrandLoom does not believe that a startup just needs to be an aggressive attacker and use discounting (with investors money) as a strategy to build its business.

The company wants to enable them to find their niche and connect with their prospective consumer at the right point of time.

Unlike other consultancies, Brandloom focuses on diverse traffic means (not just paid) bringing in long term sustainable traffic and increasing ROI in business.

Diversified Services

Strategic Branding: Clarification of Brand Identity and Brand Positioning.

  • Digital Marketing Strategy: to connect with consumers & build your digital footprint. Our services include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social media Optimisation (SMO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Marketing Strategy & Execution, E-Mail Marketing etc.
  • Ecommerce Services: BrandLoom provide End-To-End ecommerce services to enable clients to sell various goods through the web/mobile platforms or the marketplaces. The company has developed a unique ecosystem to allow you to build business through an evolving ecommerce space.
  • Web Technology: By applying advances in UI/UX design and analytics the company’s team will develop a web platform for businesses to win and delight consumers.
  • Mobile Technology: Brandloom builds Mobile Apps for business by applying advances in UI/UX design and analytics. The company creates both android apps and iOS apps to help you stay connected to users

Avinash Chandra: A Dynamic Leader

Avinash Chandra is the Branding Integrated & Digital Marketing Consultant and Founder of BrandLoom Consulting. He helps companies generate more revenue through digital marketing. Avinash has successfully led businesses and marketing operations of several large & small American, European, Chinese & Indian Brands and startups. In totality, Avinash has worked with over 100 Brands during his 17 years of professional career with a proven track record of Building Sustainable & Profitable Businesses.

“Ventures that just want to maintain themselves can not last long and that is something I have learned the hard way.”