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Taking Testing To a Whole New Level: Radview


“Generating more value for your performance testing”

Software testing is an integral part of software development. Large corporations that develop software also carry out comprehensive testing processes in order to ensure that it matches the demands of the customers. There are complex tools available for testing just as there are those for development. No matter what the purpose of the software or the industry for which it is to be deployed, every single piece of code ever written undergoes testing under specific parameters.

One of the companies leading the testing industry is called Radview. It is a leading provider of application performance and load testing software. Since 1993, RadView has enabled over 3500 customers around the world to assure the performance, scalability, and reliability of their internet applications. Leading organizations depend on RadView’s award-winning product WebLOAD to test applications for financial services, retail, media, education, manufacturing, healthcare and more. Robust and flexible, WebLOAD is both easy to use and powerful enough to handle the most complex testing challenges. It simulates heavy load in a broad range of web, mobile, and cloud environments and provides you with the actionable intelligence you need in order to rapidly identify and resolve bottlenecks.


Cloud computing is currently the go-to tech for hosting and accessing a wide range of services and applications. Using services over the cloud is convenient, cheap and reliable for budding startups that want to capture as big a share of the market as possible. WebLOAD Cloud provides a single unified command and control interface where you can create, execute, schedule, and analyze tests – all directly from your web browser. It can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud, delivering greater visibility, control, and collaboration to performance testing, QA, and DevOps teams.

Some of the tasks you can accomplish using the WebLOAD Cloud include:

  • Create and edit load tests
  • Upload, add and manage tests, resources, and sessions
  • Execute and schedule test runs
  • Analyze results using ready-made and self-configured dashboards
  • Share tests and results with peers
  • Manage access permissions for users and groups
  • Download test results to your local machine for further analysis with WebLOAD Analytics

Test Execution and Scheduling

The WebLOAD Cloud provides a comprehensive environment for managing and executing performance tests. You can create tests, run them, manage resources, and schedule future test runs directly from the same interface.

Result Analysis and Performance Insights

Predefined and customized dashboards make it easy to analyze the results of test runs. You can view results dynamically while a test session is running, compare multiple sessions on the same graph, drill down, and share reports and graphs with other team members. You can easily define your own dashboards with the metrics, graphs, and layout you need. A dashboard template provides step-by-step instructions to guide you through the configuration process.

Software testing is an elaborate process composed of various steps to ensure that the product is exactly as per specifications. It often entails taking into account all the scenarios which the tool will have to face when it is actually deployed. In order to accurately gauge all the possibilities, testers often have to create test environments that simulate the uses for which the software was created. WebLOAD allows for the easy and efficient creation of tests and also embellishes it with features such as recording, correlation, drag-and-drop building blocks, parameterization, and a script debugger. It allows customers to extend and enhance their script with any logic and integrations, using WebLOAD’s native JavaScript scripting language.

Radview also provides the WebLOAD Dashboard which shortens the distance from load testing to performance insights; the WebLOAD Dashboard is a key component of WebLOAD Cloud, which is available for deployment in public and private clouds as well as on-premises. Using ready-made and self-configured dashboards, you can quickly analyze test results from any web browser and easily share your findings with all relevant teams.

A set of pre-defined dashboards lets you efficiently analyze the results of test runs. You can view results dynamically while a test session is running, compare multiple sessions on the same graph, drill down, and create snapshots to be viewed anytime by other team members. The Main Dashboard provides a high-level view of test results, including failure counters, failures, and errors over time, and other useful measurements.

Performance Testing for ERP and CRM

WebLOAD supports ERP load testing of leading systems such as SAP, PeopleSoft, and Oracle. Even in these complex environments, WebLOAD makes it easy to create scripts and execute robust performance testing programs.

Since ERP and CRM applications are usually customized to meet the specific business requirements of your organization, it is not enough to rely on the initial performance testing done by the software vendor. It is a good practice to test the performance of your application before initial deployment as well as any major system updates and upgrades.

Meet the Pioneering CEO of Radview

Eyal served as Director of Sales and as Director of R&D prior to taking on the leadership role at RadView. Previously he worked in R&D and project management roles at SkyBox Security and at Ness Technologies. Eyal holds a B.Sc. in Computer Sciences and Mathematics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and is pursuing an Executive MBA at Tel Aviv University.