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Taking Unemployment Solutions to a Next Level: Us4U

thesiliconreview-yasir-anwar-ceo-us4u-18According to the Taxation laws in the United States of America, it is mandatory for employers to pay Unemployment tax in order to fund unemployment compensation benefits. The higher the unemployment rates in a particular business type, the higher the tax.

However, it is the only tax that companies can control and impact. Dealing with unemployment claims needs expertise as it is complicated and time-consuming. Thankfully employers in the United States need not worry anymore as they now have a savior to help manage their unemployment costs – Us4U, is an expert in dealing with Unemployment Insurance costs.

The Emergence of the Company

Based in Valencia, California, Unemployment Solutions For You, LLC (Us4U) was founded by seasoned Unemployment Insurance and Information Technology executives in 2008. Us4U was originally established for Staffing Agencies with the goal to provide a streamlined and paperless environment in Unemployment Claims Processing. The application grew to provide solutions for Third Party Administrators, PEO’s, and stand-alone Employers. Its first product was the UCA 360 Enterprise Unemployment Software application which allowed its clients to take control of Unemployment Insurance cost. The product received positive feedback from clients and because of its successful journey, the Unemployment Claims Auditor (UCA 360) is still one of the prime products of the company. Presently, two versions of UCA are available: UCA 360 (Enterprise) and UCA-Lite(SAAS).

Some of the salient features of UCA 360 are:

  • One application for file storage and maintenance
  • A user-driven application – all modules are dynamically controlled by user preference
  • Electronic data feed of Wage and Separation information available
  • Provides claim specific alerts
  • Benefit Charge Audits and letters

“Smooth Seas Do Not Make Skillful Sailors”

The initial years were difficult for the company, as establishing the beliefs that such a solution was important for business growth was a tough task. The difficulty was in educating employers, regardless of their size or type of the business they were, that as a software provider the company was not their direct competition but the driving force behind their success in utilizing its software solutions. But over the years, Us4U has witnessed a substantial increase in its clientele. The clients’ trust has gradually increased as they have understood the need for such an organization to provide a solution for their unemployment insurance costs. Once the structure of the software was developed 10 years ago, the company continuously sought to improve and provide additional tools to increase the productivity and efficiency of its clients. As a result, the company has seen a growth of 50-60% during 2017. Us4U’s quest to find ways to automate processes, provide bountiful reporting capabilities and commitment for creating unique solutions has enabled it to consistently excel in the workforce solutions field.

The Industry Leaders in Handling Unemployment Claims

Since the company’s inception, it has proven to increase the profitability of its clients by helping them effectively manage and audit their unemployment claims, benefit charges, and UI tax rates. The company has witnessed huge growth from its first software for Unemployment Claims Auditing to now offering its Benefit Charge Auditor, Tax Rate Auditor, Extractor 360 which uses OCR technology in addition to electronic data import and SIDES Integration, which allows users to communicate with the different states electronically for their unemployment claims.

According to Yasir Anwar, Co-founder, and CEO of Us4U, the secret ingredients of the company’s success story are:

  • Leadership: A true leader allows team members to grow with the company and gain knowledge in all aspects. The company’s strength lies in its knowledgeable and highly skilled team of software developers
  • Flexibility: Understanding every clients’ needs and providing services to them accordingly is the company’s mission which helps it to gain valuable clients and develop a healthy and happy relationship with them
  • Robust Customer Support: What makes the company successful is it’s strong and intricate software solution and one-on-one support for every client

Product Listings

Apart from its signature product, UCA 360, there are some other products and solutions the company is offering:

  • The Extractor 360: The product allows the clients to simply scan claim and charge documents, which via OCR technology, automatically populates all the required data fields to UCA or any internal database application. Both the time saved and increased accuracy of the claim and charge detail make this application invaluable in the daily processing of claims in any State
  • The Unemployment Tax Auditor: It gives employers the ability to complete tax rate projections, verifications, voluntary contributions, and joint analysis for multiple companies
  • SIDES 4 U: Us4U can build the connectors to SIDES for all states at a fraction of the cost of an internal IT department

Future Prospects

The company is planning to move into the Canadian sector to offer its solutions while continuing to build software applications that exceed industry standards and provide solutions to companies looking to increase performance and profitability. Us4U future products are Workers Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) and I-9Verification. With the additional software solutions Us4U has in the pipeline, it expects to see exponential growth in the future.

Meet the Leader

Yasir Anwar: He serves as a Co-founder and CEO of Unemployment Solutions For You (“Us4U”). He is a seasoned Unemployment Insurance and Information Technology executive. He founded the company with a vision that employers needed a better, more efficient way to manage their unemployment costs.

“What makes Us4U stand apart from our competition is our unparalleled customer service and the fact that our executives truly care.”