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Jaime Brown, Real Estate Expert, and Tampa Homestyles Founder: ‘My ultimate goal is to provide an unparralled experience for your purchase or sale, utilizing the most effective and efficient. processes’


Finding your dream home can be overwhelming when you are new to an area or location. Choosing a home is not an everyday task. It requires patience, market knowledge, and experience to locate your dream property. While the internet is flooded with information, working with an expericieced  agent can provide you valuable insights throughout the process. A professional real estate agent’s knowledge about the local market and access to home listings and sales data help them recommend realistic prices and strategies for both buyers and sellers. Experienced agents are also familiar with  historical market trends, and the successful strategies that work in local markets.

Founded by Jaime Brown in 2019, Tampa Homestyles is a luxury real estate boutique brokerage specializing in quality personal service and process efficiency. Tampa Homestyles uses a virtual brokerage business model to prioritize the customer experience. The proficiency in resolution-based tactics and metrics-driven strategy has made the brokerage a real estate market leader. We had an interview with Jaime to know more about her company and the services offered. Here are a few excerpts of the interview:

Q. Explain your services in brief. How do potential buyers approach you? And how do you market your services?    

Tampa Homestyles is a full-service real estate brokerage that provides executive-level service before, during, and after the sale or purchase of a property. We maintain a very hands-on, personal approach while integrating technology to create an effortless transaction experience. We employ a multi-media approach for both branding and lead generation. However, most of our business at this point comes from referrals. It is the ultimate compliment when a customer wants you, and only you, to assist their family or friends with such a significant life event and/or investment.

Q. Documentation processes are complex in real estate purchases for buyers to understand. How do you make the processes more feasible and transparent?

Given my background in process and risk management, I created a road map of the various real estate transaction types and included their respective process steps, systems, and the parties involved. This was crucial in learning the innate details of each type of transaction. It also helped me identify opportunities for problems so that I could resolve those issues efficiently and effectively when they happened. To ensure process transparency for our customers, we generate a timeline of critical and contractual deadlines for each transaction. It’s a straightforward yet effective way to set appropriate expectations across all parties. Most importantly, we hold each party accountable to that timeline.

Q. How do you help the buyers identify the right property for them?

With the current market of low inventory and an influx of buyers, the competition is significant. The only proper way to identify the “right property” is through time and patience. The hyper-competitive market makes it frustrating for buyers, but we have a systematic process in place to win when the buyer determines it’s “the one.”

Q. What are the various technologies leveraged by you in your lead generation efforts?

Real estate as an industry is flooded with technology, and as a Broker, I receive solicitation calls for new systems, apps, and others daily. Every brokerage has its own way of managing lead generation, but ours is simplistic and efficient. Honestly speaking, the online lead generation options have proved to be pretty ineffective. Referrals are the key to this business, and that really has nothing to do with the technology used to obtain leads. 

Q. Do you conduct “user research” to work on providing a better user experience?

Absolutely, we meet with our customers after each transaction to obtain their feedback and determine how we can keep evolving. Our goal is to provide the best experience possible, so we will always search for ways to do just that.

“Earning the trust and respect of consumers all around the world is possible by delivering high quality in all of our actions.” How do you interpret this statement?

This sentiment is everything that we stand for and strive to achieve. Anything less is just not an option.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

We are sticking to what we do best, which is providing concierge-level service in luxury real estate. We do not plan to water that down with additional product offerings any time soon.

Q. What does the future hold for your company and its customers?   

The future holds smooth and easy transactions for our customers in an environment or market that can be extremely contentious, competitive, and frankly volatile. Their wins are our wins, and that will never change.

Q. Are exciting things on the way?

Every day is exciting, and every transaction has different needs, issues, and personalities. Navigating those intricacies and making it work for the benefit of our customers is what we live for. Given our corporate background, we are fully aware of the luxuary’s of controlling your own time, so our motivation and excitement comes from the opportunity to serve as trusted advisors to all of our customers.  

Heart of a realtor. Mind of an entrepreneur

Jaime Brown is the Founder of Tampa Homestyles. She is an entrepreneurial real estate broker, wife, and mother of two living in growing and sunny Tampa, Florida. After holding high-level executive positions in Internal Audit and Business Performance & Process Efficiency, Jaime left the corporate world in 2015 to develop the luxury real estate brokerage Tampa Homestyles. Through the success of her virtual business model, she has facilitated record-breaking sales, all while raising a family amidst an uncertain pandemic environment.

“Regardless of what stage you’re at in the process, I’d be honored to represent you. My experience and expertise working specifically in the Tampa luxary home market ensures that you will have professional results with a proven track record.” – Jaime Brown