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50 Most Valuable Brands of the Year 2020

Tanium – Empowering the world’s largest organizations to manage and protect their mission-critical networks


Today's businesses rely more heavily on technology than ever before. From improved telecommunications to online payment options, most modern businesses could not function as effectively or efficiently without technology. Even the ability to accept credit or debit card payments at retail stores requires a complex system of bank exchanges and telecommunications to operate smoothly and reliably. The application of information technology in management provides opportunities to work outside the office and have increased access to important information regardless of location.

Tanium is one such firm that gives the world's largest enterprises and government organizations the unique power to secure, control and manage millions of endpoints across the enterprise within seconds. Serving as the "central nervous system" for enterprises, the company empowers security and IT operations teams to ask questions about the state of every endpoint across the enterprise in plain English, retrieve data on their current and historical state, and execute change as necessary, all within seconds. With the unprecedented speed, scale, and simplicity of Tanium, organizations now have complete and accurate information on the state of endpoints at all times to more effectively protect against modern-day threats and realize new levels of efficiency in IT operations

Furnishing the world's best network access

Tanium Core Platform

Built for the demands of highly distributed, complex, and modern endpoint-era networks, the Tanium architecture turns decentralization and scale into an advantage. The power of Tanium's platform is its unique architecture. Tanium takes a patented approach to endpoint communications called "linear chain." The platform decentralizes data collection, aggregation, and distribution down to the endpoint dramatically reducing direct client-to-server communications.

 Its modern architecture harnesses the intrinsic speed of low-latency LAN traffic which helps reduce inefficiencies caused by bloated databases, overloaded connections, and heavy traffic across WAN segments. Its unified endpoint management and security platform offers customers transformational scale, speed, and reliability. From more efficient workflows between teams to eliminating gaps created by standalone solutions, Tanium helps simplify infrastructure in the most demanding IT environments.

Tanium Asset

Tanium Asset Is a Key Component of Unified Endpoint Management. From asset inventory, patching, and configuration management to performance monitoring and software management, Tanium's solution suite enables organizations to manage end-user, cloud, and data center systems from a single, unified platform all at a massive scale.

Tanium Discover Data Sheet

Tanium enables organizations to discover and take control of unmanaged endpoints across end-users, servers, and cloud environments.

Tanium Map

It helps to gain insight into application dependencies with rich context. Identify the root cause of application outages to mitigate future downtime. Validate network segmentation for critical systems to prevent unexpected communication.

Tanium Deploy

It simplifies software deployment, repair, and reclamation to mitigate risk. Deliver updates to operating systems and applications during optimal maintenance windows. Identify, assess, and validate that endpoints are running the latest software.

Tanium Comply

It monitors assess endpoints for configuration drift and vulnerability compliance in real-time. Obtain daily vulnerability feeds to continuously manage and mitigate risk across your environment. It helps to check systems against vulnerability and security benchmarks and get instant results at scale. It uses a unified platform to get a single source of truth for your vulnerability and configuration scans across your organization. Tanium Comply also quickly aggregates real-time scan results to better prepare for audits and compliance assessments.

Tanium Protect

It helps to create policies for unwanted executables and applications. Integrate with existing network access control (NAC) and antivirus tools to block network connections and prevent malware infections. Enforce drive encryption and control unauthorized USB usage. It easily manages native OS drive encryption and removable media access across the enterprise and hardens endpoints using native security features such as network access limits, application control, and antivirus blocks.

Tanium Performance

It improves end-user experience and productivity by managing the operational performance of endpoints. Drill into endpoints to understand the root cause of issues. Quickly remediate to reduce the mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) and improve help desk productivity. It helps sustain a high-level end-user experience to maintain workplace continuity. Proactively solves user issues, improves MTTR, and reduce the number of tickets for better overall productivity. It can also gain insight into software changes to make informed decisions on future software change initiatives.

Meet the stalwart behind the glory of Tanium

David Hindawi is the Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Tanium. Before Tanium, Mr. David founded BigFix, Inc., an enterprise systems management solution that was acquired by IBM in 2010. Prior to BigFix, David was Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Software Ventures and a leader in telecommunications software which he led up to its acquisition.

David holds several software patents in the areas of network communications and systems management, has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Industrial and Management Engineering from the Technion, and has a Ph.D. in Operations Research from the University of California at Berkeley.

"Tanium solves the biggest security and IT management challenges by providing lightning-fast ability to see everything and do anything across computer networks with unparalleled scale."