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Taradel® LLC – Leveraging Fully-Customizable and End-To-End Martech Solution for Multichannel Marketing Needs


It might sound complex, but marketing technology is a general term for the tools that allow you to market smarter. If you use Google Analytics to track performance on your website, or send emails through a platform like MailChimp, you're already using "MarTech." Even more impactful, these platforms and technologies help to better connect the dots between marketing and operational efforts. MarTech tools are becoming an increasingly important term for businesses and marketers to be aware of. While the use of technology in marketing is not new, the adoption of MarTech platforms by SMBs to improve their campaigns has seen a dramatic rise in recent years.

Taradel® LLC is a perennial Inc. 5000 martech company specializing in marketing solutions for business applications. To date, advertisers have deployed more than 500 million direct mail, digital, and multichannel marketing advertisements using the company's platform. For the past dozen years, Taradel has worked with small- to mid-sized businesses and franchises to deliver affordable, turnkey marketing solutions. Whether it’s creating direct mail, print advertising or digital marketing, the company makes it easy for businesses and non-profits to deploy highly targeted, cost-effective direct marketing campaigns that produce results. By combining its intuitive software with proprietary data analytics – overlaid with the expert consultation – their pioneering approach has helped to generate unprecedented ROI for the customers.

Offering Next-Gen Martech Products

Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM®): When you need to reach every household within a defined geographic area, Every Door Direct Mail® is a great option. This service delivers your offer as a stand-alone postcard or flyer to every mailbox. It gives marketers a way to target customers using both geographic and demographic data, based on postal carrier routes. The mapping tool shows you which neighborhoods are hot vs. cold for your target audience, and allows you to mail specifically to them. By layering data from sources like Experian and Pitney Bowes, Taradel® supercharges marketing efforts by sending waves of direct mail and digital ad impressions on your target audience, vastly increasing the chances they’ll take action.

Mapfire™: Mapfire is an audience targeting app. It helps you get your ads in front of the right people through geographic and demographic filters. The app enables users to create, save, and combine target audiences to improve marketing efficacy. With Mapfire, you can preview local areas to get instant estimates for both direct mail and digital advertising channels. Mapfire helps users search for potential new clients using geographic and demographic filters such as age, income and drive-time. Based on the user’s input, app automatically shows heatmaps local markets to show areas with the highest density of likely customers. These recommendations can be modified or toggled on and off as needed. The results are displayed through an interactive and custom-generated version of Google Maps — which users can edit to create the perfect audience. After creating an audience, users can fully customize their marketing campaign with design, print, and digital advertising options, including thousands of free design templates and professional creative services. A built-in scheduling tool makes it possible to plan campaign deployment in advance of important events such as grand openings, product launches, sales, or Holidays.

Digital Advertising: Getting a share of your prospects' and customers' screen time is critical if you want to stay relevant. But getting repeated portions of their time – connected to all the ways they communicate and live modern life – those impressions go beyond just planting a seed, they inspire action. Upon receiving your order, a creative marketing specialist will contact you directly to guide you through the creative process. The specialist works with you to create the perfect message and design. And, you'll receive digital proofs every step of the way. The next-gen audience builder app, Mapfire, lets you pick out prospects based on geography, income, and more. Design professional direct mail pieces that are supercharged with digital ads. Whether designed by your team or Taradel's, affordably create a compelling offer for your prospects.

The Formidable Leader

Jim Fitzgerald is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Taradel® LLC. He founded the company in 2003 after decades of successful print industry management experience. Under Jim's leadership, Taradel® has grown from a home-based startup, to multimillion dollar entity, with partnerships that include international corporations and government contracts.

"Our industry leading technology, support team and partnership with the USPS® provide all of the tools and creative firepower today’s marketer needs to easily execute multichannel marketing campaigns quickly and affordably."