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50 Most Trustworthy Companies of the Year 2021

Tardus Wealth Strategies – Offering Personalized Coaching to People wanting to Build Passive Income through the Patented Income SnowballTM System


“Tardus is planning a wealth revolution. We are working on making The Income SnowballTM accessible to the masses.”

Tardus Wealth Strategies is an international wealth-coaching company with its client base present across the globe. The company works with preferred vendors throughout the country that offer income-producing financial products and services that can be used with its patented Income SnowballTM system. The Tardus Wealth Coaches work with clients on a monthly basis to help them create a predictable system for creating passive income and achieving financial freedom.

Tardus Wealth Strategies is headquartered in Honolulu, Hawaii

The Inception: How it all started

Tanisha Souza, J.D., the founder of Tardus Wealth Strategies, graduated from law school with $100k in student loan debt. She started practicing law and she hated it. There were extremely long working hours, and the job itself was very stressful. Besides, Tanisha was newlywed and realized that she didn’t have enough time for her husband as her work was hectic, it drained her energy, and she had always wanted to start a family, but didn’t see how she would be able to do that either. She was miserable and still barely scraping by with her hefty student loan payment and pretty minimal salary.

That’s when she started thinking that there must be a better way and started doing research into investing. She and Chris (her husband) bought a house and spent an entire year flipping it. They were able to make enough money on this investment, that they completely paid off those student loans, and parlayed the profit into a new investment. These other investments generated enough passive income to cover all of their expenses – and she finally didn’t have to depend on the income from the job she hated anymore.

Soon, she had the opportunity to team up with friends and open a franchise of Tardus – which at the time was a company that helped people pay off their mortgages quickly. She accepted the offer to become CEO, but didn’t take a salary until they turned a profit. She wanted to prove that she could do the job first, and of course, she didn’t need the salary since her passive income from investments was covering their expenses. Tanisha didn’t want to only help people pay off debt. She had a bigger vision, of helping them create income as well – the same way she had. She spent six years in research and development for what would eventually become “The Income SnowballTM.” It is a ‘robo advisor’ that maps the most efficient way for a person to create monthly income and simultaneously eliminate debt, and forecasts the date a person can quit working. She was awarded a US patent for the Income SnowballTM in 2014.

Fast forward to today, Tardus has evolved into a wealth coaching company with a team of wealth coaches around the country who coach people on alternative investment strategies, debt repayment strategies, and retirement planning, usually with the ultimate goal of financial freedom. Financial freedom is when your passive income covers all of your living expenses, so you don’t have to work anymore, which can be accomplished on average in 5-10 years.

Passive income: An Enthralling Concept you need to know

People spend 40+ hours every week working at a job solely to cover their living expenses. They have to pay their bills, buy groceries, have extra money for entertainment, vacations, etc. They get maybe two weeks of vacation time a year to enjoy the fruits of their labor. It would be great if one can cover these expenses easily. That’s where the beauty of passive income lies. You are earning money for minimal effort. Once you build your passive income high enough, it can cover all of your normal living expenses, work is now optional, and you can spend your time doing what you want to do instead of what you have to do.

Roadblocks Encountered In the Initial Stages

The major setback has been changing people’s mindsets when the business model was transitioning from the original Tardus, where they taught people how to pay off their mortgages early – to the Tardus today, the company teaches people how to achieve Financial Freedom through passive income, investing, debt management, and retirement planning. Transitioning from the “old Tardus” to the “new Tardus” required a huge change in mindset for its audience, a mindset of making its peoples’ money work for them, and building assets proactively instead of just worrying about the debt reactively.

Offering Even-handed and Pertinent Client Services

Tardus Wealth Strategies offer the most relevant services in today’s age as the gap between the 1 percent, and the bottom 99 is increasing. The wealthy are getting wealthier, and the average person is struggling more and more. Tardus aspires to make investing easy and possible for everyone, not just for those with tons of money in the bank.

In particular regard to the COVID situation, many people have realized they can’t depend on their jobs and are looking for alternate sources of income. Creating sustainable, dependable, and risk-averse income would put you in a situation where you aren’t relying on your paycheck alone to live. Many of Tardus clients had their pay from their job cut or taken away completely, and they didn’t have to panic because they had income from their investments.

Tardus started a resource guide with COVID documentation related to finances and tax management. Also, they started the “Tardus Supports Small Business” promotion, where the company partnered with local businesses owned by Tardus clients to promote and support them in these hard times.

The Income SnowballTM: An Investment Calculating Tool for All

As cited above, Tanisha spent years creating and perfecting a unique “robo advisor” that can map the most efficient way for a person to create automatic monthly income and simultaneously eliminate debt. It forecasts the date a person can quit working. For most people, regardless of age or savings levels, this is 5-10 years. Tanisha named it the Income Snowball, and she was awarded a US patent for it in 2014. It is software, which calculates and maps out exactly what investments you should make to accomplish specific goals.

Most people can use the Income SnowballTM. All it takes is a little bit of extra “cash flow” each month (how much money is left over after your expenses) and the ability to qualify for a line of credit. Even if you don’t think you qualify, Tardus coaches can work with you to help you get there.

The Glorious Path Ahead

Starting from the top, with Tanisha and Chris (husband and wife owners), they have a mindset of always looking for ways to improve. They truly believe in the Tardus mission of starting a “wealth revolution.” Their faith in the system shines through every conversation, where they are reminding everyone every day that the company’s goal is to focus on clients’ goals and how Tardus can help them accomplish them.

Also, Tardus is working on making The Income SnowballTM accessible to the masses, making it available to everyone, across the world, with any amount of resources.

Success Story

The Problem: Lisa Arakaki owned a small restaurant in downtown Honolulu. The business was hit hard due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which created havoc, leading to the financial crisis.

The Solution: With the help of Tardus, Lisa learned multiple strategies for producing consistent monthly cash flow and increasing her Income SnowballTM in ways that she could never have imagined. It allowed her to quickly shift the way of thinking about money and overall investment strategy. Today, Lisa relies on Tardus generated cash flow to cover her expenses while the restaurant is waiting to reopen.

Lisa stated, “If it weren’t for the Tardus team and my coaching, I would be in a bad place today and most likely be tapping into my retirement funds. With investment strategies tailored towards my specific goals and a clear path to my financial freedom date, I can truly say that I sleep much better at night. Thank You, Tardus.”

The Valiant Leader Upfront

Tanisha, Founder, serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Tardus Wealth Strategies. She wants to help people achieve their goals and knows that everyone can reach financial independence. She has a huge vision, which she backs up with her tenacity to get things done. She is an inspiration to women, mothers, entrepreneurs, and breaking down barriers in the “traditional” financial world.

“We started the ‘Tardus Supports Small Business’ promotion where the company partnered with local businesses owned by Tardus clients to promote and support them during pandemic.”