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Tavant; led by Rohit Jain is incorporating digital technology into every element of the transaction


In today’s digital world, consumers have unlimited choices. When they decide to buy a product or service, they have a chance to conduct an extensive search for this specific commodity thanks to the internet. For brands, online presence has become important more than ever. That’s the part where digital product solution companies step in. A digital product is a software-enabled product that creates specific value or offers some sort of utility for users and customers. These products are using to fulfill digital transactions including tangible goods or services, retail and augmented production.

Digital product work is the delivery of the digital touchpoints of a product or service. Delivery can involve multiple disciplines such as design, engineering, end-to-end concept, business strategy, management, and marketing of a digital product. Digital product agencies cover the entire ground and by doing so; they can be your ultimate source of all things technology and online marketing. The company which is a leader in the field of Digital products and solutions is Tavant, which is founded in the year 2000, headquartered in Santa Clara.

It is an ISO 27001 compliant and SEI-CMMI level 4 compliant organization. The firm provides impactful results to its customers across a wide range of industries such as consumer lending, aftermarket, media & entertainment, and retail in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The company is powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms which help to improve operational efficiency, productivity, speed, and accuracy in the interconnected world to succeed in a rapidly changing business environment.

Main Objectives

The firm aims at building innovative products and solutions that create a deep impact on our customers’ core business and to achieve customer success through impactful solutions, through unparalleled passion, a high level of expertise, and a total commitment to their people and customers.


To be an expert in every market, offering unquestioned value and extraordinary service to achieve mutual success and growth for their employees, customers, and shareholders.

Core values

Agility: Being alert to change and moving quickly to meet challenges arising from such change.

Customer Focus: Ensuring customers are happy and successful so they come back for more.

Excellence: Striving to be the best in all that we do, in order to create value for our customers and employees.

Transparency: Making mutual trust possible, and building reliability, credibility, and integrity.

Services furnished to stay contextual for connected customers anytime, anywhere

Digital solutions

Enterprises today operate in the age of the digital customer where they have to deal with an ever-changing set of expectations. It demands companies to build and provide engaging customer experiences. The key to winning the age of the digital customer lies in improving speed and agility.

Tavant helps their clients to transform into intelligent digital enterprises that nurture innovation and deliver a unified digital experience. Their solutions help customers to efficiently collaborate amongst employees, clients, suppliers, and partners. Through enterprise digital technology solutions, the clients leverage data and intelligence to drive all business functions while staying on top of emerging technologies.

Analytical solutions

  • Lending Analytics: It includes credit scoring, banking portfolio analysis, hybrid decisioning, data exploration visualization
  • Fraud Analytics: Productizing, market/credit risk management, credit detection, and fraud scoring
  • IoT Analytics: Failure Prediction, Inventory Optimization, and Scheduled Reporting
  • Reserve Analytics: Forecast warranty reserves, underwriting analytics, claims analytics, and reserve automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Tavant VELOX is the industry's leading AI-powered digital lending platform. It is digitally disrupting the mortgage industry with a fluid omnichannel experience and high-velocity execution: from home discovery to loan funding. Weaving digital into every element of the transaction, Tavant VELOX delivers immersive lending journey, improves loan production efficiency and ensures better loan quality.


In the digital age, quality engineering is not enough to cater to the demands of a transforming digital enterprise. Tavant Digital Assurance services enable digital transformation by accelerating testing using automation. It provides insightful quality engineering through real-time metrics for on-time process tuning to allow organizations to maximize their investments across the digital value chain.


An experienced Salesforce partner, Tavant has helped global organizations achieve maximum business value through Salesforce transformation. The firm has enabled clients to redefine efficiency, collaboration and customer relationship with theirin-depth domain knowledge, and salesforce expertise.

The Mastermind behind the glory of Tavant

Rohit Jain, Chief Information Officer is responsible for the global IT infrastructure and business systems for Tavant. He also serves as the Chief Information Security Officer and is responsible for driving security initiatives throughout the organization. Before joining the firm, Rohit was the Director of Engineering at Interra Information Technologies, where he handled global project delivery while holding additional responsibility for the Software Engineering Process Group, and global IT. Prior to this, he spent several years in the UK and Ireland, helping leading banks and building societies to develop solutions for private portfolio management, secured and unsecured loans, and customer relationship management.

“Simplify the journey of transformation with the digital solution.”