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September Edition 2020

Tealium – Leader in real-time customer data orchestration solutions and enterprise tag management


With data being collected from all of these different sources and channels, you can assume it's not in the same format or language. As data flows in, we must apply transformations to the data to cleanse and blend it into a single data layer. Remember, preparation is just as necessary as any other stage of the process. Matching data and making it ready for the next step is essential, and, without it, the rest of the process is broken. Customer Data Orchestration uses a customer data platform to combine multiple data sets and unify them at the contact level. The duplicates, errors, and inconsistencies are eliminated, and all connected applications use the same data.

Tealium, the trusted leader in real-time customer data orchestration solutions, is backed by top venture investors who are veterans of the enterprise software industry, each with an impressive track record for investing in category leaders. The firm helps companies leverage data to innovate and fuel customer experiences. The company's customer Data Hub now encompasses tag management, an API hub, a customer data platform, and data management solutions that enable organizations to leverage real-time data across every organizational team, technology, and customer touchpoint. A global footprint is required both operationally and technologically, to service its customers and provide unmatched data governance and performance capabilities. Tealium has a global presence with strategically located offices, personnel, and technology infrastructure, allowing them to offer their customers capabilities for managing data based on geographic considerations. More than 850 companies trust Tealium to orchestrate their customer data, including Domino's, Gap Inc., IBM, Molekule, Epson America, Cambia Health, Orange, TUI, Rakuten, Sportsbet, Network 10, and more.

Revolutionary products furnished by Tealium

Tealium iQ Tag Management: Tealium iQ™ Tag Management powers more digital experiences than any other enterprise tag management provider. As the foundation of Tealium's Customer Data Hub, Tealium iQ enables organizations to control and manage their customer data and MarTech vendors across the web, mobile, IoT, and connected devices. Equipped with an ecosystem of over 1000 turnkey vendor integrations offered via tags and APIs, you can easily deploy and manage vendor tags, test new technologies, and finally take control of your marketing technology stack. Tealium iQ gives you the ability to inherit properties across site profiles, assign user-level permissions to key functions, set-up multiple deployment environments for testing, prevent unauthorized users from making changes and quickly see your version history in an easy to manage the display.

Tealium EventStream: Customers expect value from any experience in seconds, especially on mobile. Mobile apps need to be fast, stable, and use the network as little as possible. Simultaneously, it would help if you had real-time metrics to understand how the apps are used and are performing. With a lightweight client, the vendor-specific logic to record these events can be done server-side to streamline data delivery by removing vendor tags from your visitor's browser. This is also ideal for desktop and web experiences, where efficiency is critical. Data can be collected and delivered in two different ways client-side (browser) and cloud-based delivery (server-side). With the number of devices and channels generating data, brands need both capabilities to create a common foundation across disparate channels. Tealium Customer Data Hub's EventStream cloud data collection and activation enable brands to have unparalleled control over the entire data supply chain.

Tealium AudienceStream CDP: It comes with patented visitor stitching technology that constructs highly accurate, comprehensive, and actionable customer profiles. Use the data within these profiles to define high or low-value customers, key engagement insights, or milestones that can then be used to create audiences. These audiences can be leveraged in an integrated system to help you deliver consistent and relevant customer experience. Or send this data to systems of insight to further analyze customer behavior. From the instant any user interacts with your brand, a new profile is created in Tealium AudienceStream. These comprehensive profiles become the foundation around which all brand engagement is constructed. As IDs between profiles match, Tealium's patented visitor stitching automatically stitches together and re-builds them in real-time to reflect a complete view of that customer's brand engagement across devices and venues.

The visionary leader behind the success of Tealium

Jeff Lunsford serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Tealium. He has more than two decades of experience as a technology and Internet executive and leader. Mr. Jeff previously served as President, CEO, and Chairman at Limelight Networks, which he took public in 2007 as part of a $240M IPO. From 2003-2006, Jeff was the CEO of WebSideStory, a SaaS-based web analytics pioneer that went public in 2004 and is now part of Adobe Systems. Before that, Jeff was the CEO of TogetherSoft, a software development company sold to Borland Software. A former naval aviator, Mr. Jeff received a B.S. in Information and Computer Sciences from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

"Our Vision is to create a world where businesses unify their data to engage and delight customers intelligently."