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A most comprehensive and robust workflow platform for teams to connect, communicate and manage teamwork: TeamingWay


Business management is different from what it was probably a few years ago. As time has passed, business sectors have stretched their scope to fit the present-day commercial conditions, making teamwork more essential. One business aspect that substantially requires collaborative administration is marketing. The marketing department in an organization is viewed as the operation’s important component. It is the most complex part of business management and needs a particular organization and cooperation level you barely acquire anywhere else. Therefore, most companies emphasize robust project management in their marketing tactics. TeamingWay is a single platform to manage and organize your work with the highest level of efficiency. You don’t have to get multiple applications as it offers you all the functionalities like creating projects, tracking progress, assigning tasks, setting deadlines or milestones in one place. Get work in control with TeamingWay.

Perks Of Project Management in Marketing

The planning process is the primary and frequently the most mind-numbing phase of a marketing campaign. It consists of enlightening the marketing crew, allocating different assignments, and giving guidelines about the project in general. The power of great teamwork and communication during this stage cannot be undervalued. An effective marketing squad can go from planning to implement the plan swiftly with clear-cut details about time limits and objectives. All-inclusive project management is critical for that. Project management permits project managers to practice more control over the project. The thorough planning can give a better idea of the project, which is remarkable for the entire crew’s understanding. Open communication between team participants improves the procedure because it assists them in recognizing and fixing errors sooner.

It is vital to continuously examine and monitor the marketing exertions from the campaign’s inauguration to its conclusion. Having an excellent project management system is a fantastic approach to doing that. Reconsiderations are common in marketing campaigns to measure progress against reallocating assignments, reform objectives, and predictions, reallot budget, and measure and mitigate jeopardies. This is made more efficient with a squad already supervising the campaign as it allows each sub-department or team to effortlessly deal with any problems or developments emerging on their side. Project management is vital in marketing. Without it, your team can be exposed to work overload, poorly delivered projects, mediocre management, missed deadlines, vague objectives, and numerous other issues.

To avoid these problems, you should use a project management tool like TeamingWay. This tool has both marketing and project management capabilities. It helps you beat your competitors through easier digital management to prioritize performance and dependability. It allows you to allot tasks, set the correct time limits, and handle jobs from any corner of the world. Besides, you can divide the chat into diverse groups about diverse projects to stay concentrated on a single project.

Make Your IT Projects Profitable

Most of you might consider all of your projects profitable. But the facts state it otherwise. As 90-95% do not consider their projects to be profitable. We have a serious problem here if we believe this ratio. So, do you really know profitability? In essence, the issue stems from a lack of comprehension of profitability analysis in project management. After all, you can only concentrate on enhancing a project if you understand the specifics of estimating project profit. One of the primary challenges when delivering an IT project is the constant pressure on project managers to achieve more with less. They must immediately adapt and acquire all the necessary knowledge if they are brand-new. The lifeblood of IT enterprises is the successful completion of projects, but regrettably, even with timely projects that fulfill the client’s expectations, there is no assurance of profitability.

Successful project managers are proactive in proactively planning what has to be done and when from the start. The key is to plan. Project managers must employ project planning tools to see each task, critical touchpoints, and any potential issues that could cause the whole project to fail. The market’s intense competition is the fundamental cause of this challenge in locating successful initiatives. Besides, many businesses fight for lucrative projects in a competitive market. But, projects with unique products or those with cost benefits may be profitable and successful.

Meet the leader behind the success of TeamingWay

Mohsin Shafique is the Co-founder of TeamingWay and currently heading sales for a cyber-security division of Broadcom Inc., located in the Middle East. After recognizing his true passion for entrepreneurship, Mohsin kickstarted his career by pioneering a social networking productivity platform titled Linkagoal. He also owns a patent of “Method and system for a global goal based social networking”. Without resting on his laurels, Mohsin continued to demonstrate his spirit of invention - which eventually culminated in the formation of TeamingWay; a One-stop software-based solution for business collaboration. With over 20 years of diversified experience in business management across global markets revolutionizing the startup culture, Mohsin is a strong believer in team empowerment and working towards every goal, together as a team. He remains solely focused towards creating new and unique possibilities of continuous and constant progress. Mohsin holds a master’s degree in Computer Science and currently lives in Dubai, UAE.

“Outgrow your competitors through easy online coordination to prioritize performance, commitment and consistency.”