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TechnoGems Inc. offers unique and customized mobile app development solutions for startup businesses


Customized app development is the way to focus on the requirement of targeted users and streamlines the services of a business. The process of creating a customized app is based on a specific customer or client requirements. When it comes to Customized mobile app from a business perspective, it should directly understand the customer’s perspective. These days’ mobile App development companies develop apps that act as a digital window of business for the entire world. This way brands and businesses can attract visitors to explore the product. Apart from that customized app works to retain customer/clients to convert opportunities into leads. For businesses that run the apps of enterprise level can custom app easily. Hence, without hampering the functionality of the app, the new featured list of new functions can be integrated. While doing such integration of the new feature the user information privacy and data are maintained. The existing app features are not affected after incorporating the new features.

TechnoGems Inc. is a small technology startup business in Northern Virginia. The firm specializes in providing Mobile Application Development, IT staff augmentation, custom software development, software validation and verification services, and software project management services. The firm’s clients include several small IT firms to large Government contractors. Its consultants have earned a good reputation with several Government agencies and private sector companies. The key personnel in the TechnoGems Inc. team bring in their unique experience in managing turn key projects from their prior experience. The Company’s expertise include agile and SDLC methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, and DHS SELC. Its agile development methodology can be adapted to your organization’s system engineering lifecycle to provide improved efficiencies and time to market.

Indigenously built mobile app development services

Employee TimeCard: It enables you to track working time of onsite, offsite and mobile employees. Timecard records time and GPS location when employees check in and get alerts when the employees leave the location while checked in. Employee time data can seamlessly be imported into QuickBooks, Email, and Excel for immediate invoicing and reporting. Employees can clock in and out when they start and end their work day. Their location and time is recorded and the number of hours they worked is automatically calculated. Supervisors can require employees to enable GPS location on the mobile phone so that the location is captured. This allows supervisors to ensure employees are actually working from their designated work location.

MyTimeSheet Mobile: The MyTimesheet application allows you to easily track time by employee and by project, using a simple interface and parameters set by the user. The app features customizable reporting features and custom modules, so you can have the information you need, when you need it. Additionally, information can be imported into Quickbooks for payroll and invoicing purposes. Time is entered on a daily basis, reported weekly or bimonthly, and then approved by a supervisor or manager. With a swipe of a finger, management can see how much time has been spent on a project, how much time an employee has logged on their timesheet, and more. A variety of reports are available, including payroll and missing attendance reports. Also, time reports can be downloaded in Quickbooks format.

Agile software development: TechnoGems has developed a portfolio of in-house products and custom software for its customers using proven agile software development methodologies in an efficient manner. With a practical approach, they keep the focus on what really matters and collaboratively delivering high quality software that meets the customer needs. The firm also has developed web based applications, mobile applications and enterprise applications. Its product specialists analyze the business need and perform a return on investment (ROI) analysis before spending on technology.

Meet the visionary leader

Jean Meslie serves as the Chief Executive Officer of TechnoGems Inc. He is seasoned software Solution Architect and a successful manager with over 20 years of hands on experience. He has expertise in designing, developing, and managing Web and Mobile applications. Mr. Jean has managed several software teams to deliver high quality work under budget. Prior to joining TechnoGems, he has worked in various capacities at Sprint Nextel. He designed, architected, and developed carrier-grade device self-service and e-commerce applications. Prior to Nextel, he worked at a startup to create a "universal inbox" solution, integrating voice and data technologies. He has worked as a consultant for ATT & MCI enhancing their billing and order entry systems. Mr. Jean holds a Bachelor's of Engineering degree in Computer Science from Madurai Kamaraj University.

“TechnoGems Inc. has carefully designed and developed applications that solve problems faced by small businesses.”