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TechPulse – Helping Growth-Minded businesses develop and fine-tune a scalable IT strategy


TechPulse is a managed IT services provider focused on helping its clients grow and scale using IT, including some of the fastest-growing companies across the United States. At TechPulse, it analyzes clients' needs to determine long and short term goals and design IT strategies that are reliable, efficient, and within budget. The company helps its clients take advantage of the best available technology to streamline their operations, protect their data, and communicate effectively. It provides the clients with best-in-class managed IT services, virtualization and cloud services, and special projects such as office moves, network infrastructures, and disaster recovery.

The TechPulse Mindset: Helping You Crush Your Business Goals

The break-fix IT model is a dying way of life in the business world – and good riddance. Growth-focused IT is about anticipating needs, risks, and opportunities before crunch time. Companies shouldn’t have to deal with long downtimes and broken tech. With a reliable IT strategy, they won’t have to. Many MSPs see IT management as a uniform mold that works for everyone. These strategies are designed to maintain status quos, not improve them. Their sole motivation in the tech world is to find the IT solutions that work best for you – and only you. They look at a business’s IT setup like a one-of-a-kind jigsaw puzzle. Their plan with each client is to understand their big picture and develop a rock-solid IT roadmap to make technology the most powerful growth tool.

Rapid-Growth IT: TechPulse's Methodology

An IT strategy is only as good as the research that goes into it – and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Their methodology is designed to ensure your IT plan serves your company's requirements. Whether you need to improve productivity, trim overhead costs, reduce human error, or do anything else to serve customers better the TechPulse team is here to maximize every penny in your IT budget.

They have found three underlying problems that hold most IT plans back:

  • Lack of insight on business goals + long-term strategy. This is the root of most IT problems. At best, an IT strategy without proper insight will simply maintain the status quo, leading to low ROI on capital and time.
  • Little understanding of critical business operations. A growth-focused IT plan should reduce manual processes and take every opportunity to improve efficiency. Failing to understand business operations will keep the organization bogged down and unable to scale.
  • Insufficient research on how employees, customers, and vendors interact with your business technology.
  • IT plans with this flaw are characterized by cookie-cutter approaches that mirror competitors – giving you little competitive advantage and limiting growth potential.

Their Rapid-Growth IT Engine breaks this mold and puts your key business insights at the forefront of the IT strategy. They will get to the root of your goals, challenges, and opportunities to make IT your most powerful tool for growth. TechPulse has developed a signature Rapid-Growth IT Methodology proven to help companies scale with ease. Here's what you can expect in a TechPulse IT plan:

Strategy: Growth-focused IT starts with a granular understanding of key business operations – not cookie-cutter molds. Each client relationship starts with a deep dive to pinpoint weak spots, automation opportunities, and find ways to improve everyone’s relationship with technology. The first step in any growth-focused IT strategy is research – not guesswork and assumptions. They need to understand which aspects of your business processes are underperforming (and why). Their job here is to pinpoint what constitutes IT success for you – and figure out how they will measure it with clear KPIs. Rapid-Growth IT is not just about best practices. It's about taking an evidence-based approach to find the tactics that will grow your business.

Support: If there’s one thing they all appreciate as consumers, its clear pricing. Hidden fees and unexplained costs have no place in their pricing structure. They will never send their clients a bill they didn’t agree to, ever. Transforming IT doesn't happen with a few tweaks here and there. Results that spark rapid growth need dedicated support that keeps the IT strategy in motion day after day. "Rapid-Growth IT" means something unique to every business – so the way they provide ongoing support is different.

Security: The IT world is full of sneaky upsells masked by techy jargon. Their clients deserve to know exactly what type of support they’re getting – and how it contributes to their growth. They are in the business of selling positive, noticeable results. Security is not a flashy feature in IT strategies – it's a baseline requirement. Data breaches and cyberattacks will stop business growth in its tracks. Rapid-Growth IT must account for the rapid evolution of security threats. TechPulse's experts manage client security needs in several ways.

Scalability: Business growth is a journey full of unexpected twists and turns. That's why no Rapid-Growth IT strategy is set in stone. As your business scales, they continuously pivot their IT tactics to keep your business technology and operations ahead of the curve. The needs of a growing IT infrastructure don’t sleep in on the weekends, take sick days, holidays, or even smoke breaks – and neither do they. Their technicians keep eyes on their clients’ IT 24/7/365, keeping them ahead of the curve.

Tyler Miller, President & CEO | In his own words

Thirteen years ago I became the Managing Partner at TechPulse, a premier Managed IT Service Provider with 40+ years' experience and dedicated IT specialists' on-call 24/7. At TechPulse, we analyze clients' needs and design IT strategies that are reliable, efficient, and within budget.

We serve as an extension of our clients' team and invest deeply in our partnerships. By providing best in class managed IT services, virtualization and cloud services, office moves, network infrastructures, and disaster recovery, we guarantee our clients are maximizing their use of technology.

We are on a mission to ensure clients take advantage of the best available technology to streamline their operations, protect their data, and communicate effectively.