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20 Amazing Startups of the Year 2022

From Fortune 500 to Start-Ups, TechRev Helps Businesses of All Sizes Scale Up and Achieve Their Goals


“Each product developed at TechRev utilizes top-notch technology and is backed with live research to tackle all the concerns you face while reaching your goal.”

TechRev has emerged as one of the leading global IT companies that deliver cost-effective IT Solutions. It has helped startups and enterprises across the world with its high-quality, business-specific, and result-oriented delivery approach. In other words, they are here to transform and strengthen businesses. The firm is helping startups, enterprises, business owners, project leaders, developers, programmers, and growing enterprises to realize their dreams and accelerate in their niche, irrespective of the competition. In pursuit of the same, they consistently expand their skills, insights and knowledge as well as embrace cutting-edge technologies and valuable expertise.

TechRev and its people understand international scenario and diverse culture that is why they are proficient at working with people from diverse cultures as well as backgrounds. The company consists of a team of highly qualified & experienced professionals who provide round the clock services to cater to different time zones. They can interpret the requirement of the clients and provide them with the most suitable solution. They leave no stone unturned and go extra mile with the clients to serve and solve their wide range of complex problems.

Revolutionizing IT Sector with DEW

TechRev has developed a powerful and robust platform i.e. DEW – Develop Efficiency Workbench, which is designed to help designers and developers to develop their own applications in the easiest possible manner. In other words, DEW is truly the rapid path for creating professional, functional & great-looking web and mobile applications. With its powerful and intuitive interface, one can easily build custom web applications and mobile apps. It is a revolutionary technology by which you can create custom web applications and mobile applications without any platform restriction that too in a short span of time. DEW is a major product for TechRev, and they believe that there is a huge potential for DEW to grow and that would help TechRev evolve and nurture. The company has researched Fortune 500 companies and determined that they are interested in Low code/No code application development.

DEW enables developers to create enterprise-level software applications in hours. It allows developers to save almost 50 percent of total time and cost. DEW allows the developers to develop NodeJS/AngularJS/Angular based Applications and enhances the developers’ productivity by 100 percent. It is completely platform independent application. UI designers can have the drag and drop facility that features Intuitive Flow Programming with drag and drop support. DEW provides supports for PostgreSql, MySql, SQL Server, Oracle and SQLite. Also, developers can use Intuitive Wiring Tool to Integrate, Data, and UI Controls.

eyeDnow: Showcasing the Best Utilization of Information Technology

High-end performance is the cornerstone of TechRev’s product development process, as they bring you a wide array of technology products that help you choose what's best for your day-to-day operations. eyeDnow is one such product. eyeDnow enables organizations to adopt and implement the best visual identity verification and customer-onboarding process using a real-time, encrypted video communication. It visually validates the person on video-call with a valid Photo ID, in a secure environment and is highly intuitive. eyeDnow is device agonistic meaning authority person a secure Invite-link to customer’s mobile-number or email-id. Customer joins by clicking on the link. It captures customer’s multiple ID-proofs using customer’s device-camera and the ‘IP address’ of the customer with ‘Geo location’ of the customer’s device, when available. Video call can be recorded and saved along with all captured data on cloud storage.

The TechRev Advantage

  • The company has the team of highly skilled developers with solid industry experience and sound knowledge
  • Their large pool of knowledge enables us to deliver cutting-edge solutions to its clients
  • They enable their clients to save more than 50 percent of time and cost in services and development
  • The company keeps their clients at the heart of each development stage
  • They provide a dedicated account manager for each project to ensure the transparent communication

The Leader Upfront

Vic Narang serves as the Chief Executive Officer of TechRev.

“We help organizations to make their businesses more productive and efficient. Not only do we make the lives of people better within the organization, but we also work to make the lives of people better in the communities that we serve.”