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TeleMate actively bridges the gap between healthcare providers and public who seek quality care


There are certain factors that affect the provision of healthcare services like access to reliable transportation, lack of available providers, the distance between patient and provider, and fragmentation of care due to gaps in time between appointments. Virtual healthcare is shown to overcome all the mentioned barriers effectively. Patients are increasingly drawn to the concept of healthcare services that come to them, rather than vice versa. The video and audio connectivity in the virtual platform accommodate virtual visits in real-time. This method gives the patients an option to find qualified second options online quickly. For now, virtual healthcare is being used only for consultations and meetings, status reports, and Check-ins, instead of in-depth diagnosis.

Virtual healthcare is an important component of telehealth, and TeleMate is now being referred to as the “Last Mile of Healthcare.” TeleMate bridges the gap between providers and the public that needs quality care. TeleMate sells a Virtual Care Platform geared towards Rural Physicians and Home Health Care. This Virtual Care Platform is purpose-built to assist in closing the gaps found at healthcare facilities. The TeleMate Virtual Care Platform is designed into specific areas: SaaS SecureVideo Platform, Specialty Care, and Complex Care & Home Health.

In conversation with Troy Crabtree, Founder of TeleMate

Q. What is the current market landscape of Telemedicine services?

COVID-19 has drastically changed the adoption rate of Telemedicine Services. This will allow services to become more a part of the day-to-day function for providers instead of a nice to have. Also, I believe this adoption will allow more innovative applications of Telemedicine as providers contribute to the discussions.

Q. Explain your services in brief.

SaaS SecureVideo Platform – This product was purpose-built for practitioners to access a standalone secure video, Scheduling, Workflow, Messaging, and Payment platform.

Specialist Services- The Specialist Services area of the Virtual Care Platform is the Virtual Clinic. The Virtual Clinic is a fully integrated Telemedicine Platform. The Virtual Clinic is designed to bring specialist services down to the primary care physician to assist in rendering a broader healthcare experience to the patient.

Complex Care & Home Health Care - The Home Health Hub is 4G embedded home health device that will connect to patients Bluetooth enabled medical devices in their home and reported data back to the online portal. The Home Health Hub also comes with a WiFi Enabled Tablet that will allow primary care physicians to connect to patients in real-time. The tablet can also connect to the Market Place to bring all the Wellness Programs to the Home Health Patients.

TeleMate offers 24 X 7 support from the Network Operations Center in Nashville, TN, on the TeleMate Virtual Care platform. TeleMate offers a standalone, fully managed service product to assist healthcare providers with the day-to-day technical tasks such as a workstation, network, cloud services, telecom management, and outsourced service desk.

Q. When patients don't understand how to use telemedicine services, it can reduce utilization and hamper accessibility. How do you manage to keep your virtual process efficient and easy to follow?

TeleMate has assigned Program Manager to ever customer account. This Program Manager is embedded within our Product Team. The Program Manager’s responsibility is to ensure that the end-users are trained and have access to the right information to be self-sustaining. The program manager positions are solely responsible for customer satisfaction as well as to continue to mature the relationships. Secondarily, we focused on building our product to be one click patient engagement, and this approach has proven that all levels of technology aptitudes can comprehend. We have an Advisory Council that is made up of existing customers and providers that help us drive our product development.

Q. Telemedicine services can be convenient, but they can also provide a gateway to security and privacy issues, while accessing patient data over the Internet. How do you overcome this challenge?

TeleMate offers a 24x7 Network Center and Support Center in Nashville, Tn. Our support structure is built as a standalone managed services provider (MSP) and supports many of our clients’ typical day to day IT support needs today. Having this technical knowledge and deep technology toolbox is a significant advantage for TeleMate. This expertise allows standard security toolsets and processes to be applied across our Telemedicine asset pool.

Q. How do you manage to keep your service standards up and running?

TeleMate also functions as a Technology MSP. This allows us to bring a deep technical toolbox to the table. Our 24 X 7 support staff monitors all in real-time. We built our deployment and support process around technical industry standards such as ITIL and ITSM. This allows inherent compliance to ensure services are running within our desire service levels.

Q. Do you have any new services ready to be launched?

Yes, we are expanding our Home Health and Complex Care Product. This “Alexa” like product allows complete home monitoring of patients from a single dashboard, with blood pressure, O2, glucose, and weight. The new addition will add a small form factor tablet that will allow the provider to engage with the patient in real-time directly. We have also added translation services to this product now. This will allow providers to have a video-based translator online with the patient.

Meet the leader behind the success of TeleMate

Troy Crabtree is the Founder of TeleMate. He is an award-winning executive with more than 25 years of experience in the Information Technology and Operation arena. He has served in executive positions, as a consultant and employee, in roles such as CIO, CTO, and COO in various industries, including; Food Service, Healthcare, Communications, P&C Insurance, Network Services, and others.  Troy’s entrepreneurial spirit has driven him to create several different technology startups with his latest being Telemate Health in Nashville, TN.  This real-world experience lends a unique understanding of how to mesh business acumen with emerging technologies to drive the desired business results.

“Our support structure is built as a standalone managed services provider (MSP) and supports many of our clients’ typical day to day IT support needs.”