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June Edition 2021

TeleSense – Providing Remote Solutions For Grain Storage and Transportation Monitoring


One of the greatest risks on a farm operation is also one of the biggest money makers: grain storage. And with a growing number of corn and soybean acres—both requiring higher inputs and offering numerous marketing opportunities—the need for on-farm storage has never been higher. Sensing of climatic condition at proper stage of grain storage can save the grain from deterioration. Humidity and temperature are the factors which affect the grain. Undesirable combination of humidity, temperature and pests in the environment can lead to potential damage. Therefore, adequate measures have to be taken to properly store the food grains so that they remain edible. The standard of identifying the food quality could be improved by using more sensors and can be implemented in the Food Storage Industry.

TeleSense is leading the post-harvest data revolution. Using the advanced suite of sensors, the company provides grain managers with actionable insights about their stored grain, so that they can make storage decisions easily, quickly, and accurately. The company’s easy-to-use sensors continuously monitor grain, and will automatically send issue alerts to the TeleSense App on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. It also retrofits traditional temperature cables to make them wireless. Imagine never having to manually check your cables again, and having that information available 24/7, right at your fingertips.

TeleSense products use wireless sensors for temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide monitoring (CO2) and its software incorporates machine learning algorithms to develop actionable insights for quality preservation. Seven out of the 10 largest grain companies in the United States trust TeleSense for grain storage and transportation monitoring. 

Best-in-class Grain Storage Monitoring Products Produced

TeleSense App: The engine that makes TeleSense the most powerful grain monitoring solution in the market. The TeleSense App utilizes machine learning algorithms to detect and mitigate potential grain storage problems such as hotspots, excess moisture and pests. A glance at the intuitively designed interface will let you know if your entire operation is running smoothly. You can quickly find any storage issues, identify the cause and act accordingly.  

TeleSense Spider: It is an innovative solution to monitor bins with aeration . TeleSense Spiders provide a cable - free solution to remotely monitor grain bins. Instead of hanging complicated and expensive temperature cables from reinforced bin roof it uses two spider devices, one attached at the top of the bin, one at the bottom, for smarter monitoring. Spiders monitor the air which flows through the grain mass and help develop a complete view of your storage unit. It sends data to the TeleSense app through a cellular connection which includes temperature, moisture, and carbon dioxide monitoring. It offers early spoilage detection, with Carbon Dioxide (CO2 monitoring). It also offers magnetic one time attachment without the need of drilling.

TeleSense Spear: Simplify your grain/commodity monitoring process with its wireless multi-sensor spears. Compared to the complicated cable-based solutions used for ground pile monitoring, TeleSense’s outdoor-ready spears are inexpensive and easy to install. With additional features like location monitoring and cellular connectivity, you can also monitor your commodities, while in transit.

TeleSense BuffaloBox: It attaches  to your existing temperature-monitoring cable systems and enhances their performance by making them wireless. This unique system offers the users with an access to all the features of the TeleSense App. One can view all cable readings in one place and receive automatic alerts if something is wrong inside the storage unit. It automatically takes readings every 10 minutes and the user can receive high temperature alerts on smartphone/PC.

The Pre-eminent Leader at the Helm of TeleSense

Naeem Zafar, co-founder, also serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of TeleSense. An electrical engineer by background, Naeem is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved with several Silicon Valley startups. He started TeleSense in 2014 to apply IoT (Internet of Things) and AI technologies to one of the largest markets in the world: Agriculture. He wanted to democratize the data for post-harvest grain – to benefits growers, grain handlers, and traders worldwide.

Previously, Mr. Zafar co-founded and served as CEO at Bitzer Mobile, which was acquired by Oracle in 2013. His previous companies invented the silicon fingerprint sensors (found in laptops and smartphones today) and chip design tools.

He is a faculty member at the University of California, Berkeley, and a professor at the Brown University Department of Engineering, his Alma Mater. He is the author of five books and has published several papers.

“We provide most advanced grain storage & transportation monitoring solutions using wireless sensors and advanced analytics.”