January Edition 2023

Tenet — helping businesses grow beyond boundaries with the power of AI


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no more confined to big business. As technology matures and becomes more affordable, it has found a place in startups and small businesses as well.

In the modern world, small businesses exist under the pressure of their bigger competitors, which makes their life and development much more complex and stressful. Starting and running a small business demands a lot of energy, courage, and time, and the fear of failure is always present.

According to The Business Research Company’s research report on the digital transformation market, the increasing adoption of machine learning and artificial intelligence is expected to drive the growth of the digital transformation market going forward. But, many business owners don’t know about the advantages of utilizing artificial intelligence. AI can solve some problems small startups and businesses face and increase profits.

If you are a small or medium enterprise (SME) searching for an AI and analytics provider to help grow your business, Tenet can be your solution. Tenet employs the power of AI, analytics, and online networking to connect small businesses worldwide and create one giant local economy to forever change what it means to be an SME.

A very strong belief in its capabilities — the story behind Tenet

When questioned about the motivation behind starting the company, Johnson Joseph, Tenet’s founder, and CEO, answers beamingly, “To help small businesses succeed, grow, and thrive.”

The company believes AI and analytics can be used to bring services to small businesses to make them more efficient and create new opportunities for them. Tenet thinks they have found a unique way to do that by creating an ecosystem specifically for that through their Cubeler Business Hub™.

The name “Tenet” comes from the company’s “very strong belief” that AI and analytics will forever change and automate many aspects of business to business (B2B) transactions.

The rabbit in Tenet’s hat — the Business Hub™

Data has become one of the most valuable commodities in our world today. Those that can access data and transform it into intelligence and actionable insights have a clear edge over the competition. Unfortunately, due to the prohibitive costs, SMEs are often at a disadvantage when it comes to leveraging the power of AI, analytics, and business intelligence. Tenet’s Cubeler Business Hub™ allows SME’s to do exactly that at no cost.

Through its Cubeler Business Hub™, Tenet allows SMEs to have access to and choose different loan and credit opportunities, gives them a cost-effective way to promote their products and services, and allows them to easily make meaningful connections and explore new business opportunities.

Tenet invites SME business owners and executives to create accounts and register their businesses on the Cubeler Business Hub™. Registered members link their businesses’ accounting software to the platform through an API supported app, allowing the Cubeler Business Hub’s™ analytics engine to analyze their business performance data.

The Cubeler Business Hub™ then uses the information to provide various services to the registered businesses and their owners, including helping them to pre-qualify for credit, enabling them to advertise their products and services throughout the ecosystem, access market intelligence reports to be able to make informed decisions, and to network and explore business opportunities. Because the Cubeler Business Hub™ continuously gathers data on its registered SMEs and clients using Tenet’s AI algorithm, it will be able to recommend potential connections to its members that they otherwise would not have considered.

Growing through offering immaculate AI and analytics services to SMEs— Tenet’s vision

Tenet plans to continue to work with SMEs to see how it can use AI and analytics to best meet their needs. Tenet wants to eventually expand the Business Hub™ to every country worldwide and create a global network exclusively dedicated to helping SME owners and executives connect and expand their businesses across borders.

To achieve this lofty goal, Tenet gathers data on how customers respond to its service offerings continually. The company conducts polls and surveys to ask for their opinions on various topics, including their satisfaction levels with the offerings and challenges Tenet might be able to help them overcome. The company then uses new technologies at its disposal, including AI and custom algorithms, to analyze the collected data and transform it into actionable insights for solutions to better serve customers.

Currently, Tenet exclusively markets its recently launched Cubeler Business Hub™ to SMEs across Canada. The company plans to extend its marketing to other regions with global expansion.

So far, Tenet’s most effective way to engage and communicate with SME business owners has been online and via social media platforms. Additionally, it is working with several key channel partners across Canada, such as Chambers of Commerce and SME business councils in Canada, as well as participating in several SME-focused trade shows and events. Lastly, Tenet is also working with several lending associations by engaging with them at key seminars and events.

Tenet expects to expand globally by the end of 2023, including the U.S. As the company continues to expand the Business Hub™ and gather more and more data, it will be able to offer customized AI-based solutions to members worldwide.

Guiding growth in SMEs through evidence-based AI and analytics services

Johnson Joseph, Founder, and CEO of Tenet believes that data, AI, and analytics can be used to redefine what it means to be an SME. He wants Tenet to motivate and empower SME owners and executives to be bold and daring, just like him, and to work with them to push the boundaries of what they can accomplish together.

“From local to global, our ever-evolving ecosystem opens a world of possibilities for SMEs.”