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Tenna: Construction Technology Platform That’s Revolutionizing Equipment Fleet Operations


Founded in 2015, Tenna is the construction technology platform that revolutionizes equipment fleet operations. The company is the standard for the construction industry. Going beyond tracking, Tenna blends cutting-edge technology with more than 100 years of construction experience to help companies know more, control more and make more. It lets contractors know more with reliable tracking and a unified platform for mixed fleets. It also lets contractors control more with visibility from the machine level to the project, all the way up to the whole company. The result is that construction businesses make more money with better own, move, buy/rent decisions, higher utilization and more predictable days.

From heavy yellow iron and associated parts and attachment, to mid-sized equipment, to heavy trucks and fleet vehicles, down to small assets, tools, materials and consumable inventory, Tenna is a construction-focused total equipment management solution for contractors that own, operate and maintain a construction equipment fleet.

The Backstory

Co-founders of Tenna, Austin Conti and Jose Cueva, met when they were assigned to the same infrastructure project. Austin was the Superintendent and Jose a Project Engineer of a $67M project for the NCDOT reconstructing 3.8 miles of road and building a new 65-foot-high bridge over water. They quickly realized that there was a gap between what they needed on the job versus what could be found across the jobsite and what was available within their $100M equipment fleet at any given time. Thus, the idea was sparked to create a construction equipment management solution to revolutionize equipment fleet operations.

Today, Tenna enables contractors to take their equipment fleet into their own hands allowing them to know more, control more and make more. With their assets consolidated onto one platform, they maintain visibility and confidence with automated updates, records and insights.

"We experienced your challenges firsthand which is why we built Tenna. We use our extensive experience, knowledge, and expertise in the construction industry as the foundation for our construction technology platform. We’ve been where you are and understand that knowledge is power. Actionable data, location and reporting will give you a competitive edge," said Austin Conti, Co-founder and CEO of Tenna.

Tenna uses state-of-the-art integrated GPS tracking, Cellular, Bluetooth Low Energy and QR technologies to ensure that a contractor's entire mixed fleet is accounted for – not just the trucks and heavy iron. Not all technologies are created equal, and Tenna recognizes that. They customize the asset tracking technologies to fit the unique situation.

"Tenna is accessible, and you can tell that they have a contractor's background and that they're solving for the contractor," said Matt G., Vice President, Ernest Guigli & Sons.

One Platform

Tenna's One platform can track and manage an entire mixed fleet that also integrates with a contractor's other business systems. No more managing multiple systems or data sources. Tenna’s asset tracking hardware feeds data to its equipment management system, giving users actionable information to make better business decisions. From day-to-day operations to long-term planning, accurate information is key and having everything tied together on one integrated construction software platform for equipment management is golden.

One Platform means uninterrupted visibility across everything you own. No more managing multiple systems or data sources. Tenna will be your single source of truth for managing everything from heavy iron to fleet vehicles and trucks, down to mid-sized equipment, attachments, small tools and consumables.

“For any contractor that has concerns about where his equipment is, and what he’s spending on it and his maintenance, I would say Tenna is a no-brainer that it’s just part of your business model. You really need it, even if you don’t think you do,” said Claire P., Mladen Buntich Construction.

Tenna truly takes you beyond tracking and has built a comprehensive fleet management system with features that are designed for the construction industry. Utilization, tracker management, reporting, asset details and more provide you with the knowledge you need to get back control and make more.

A New Construction Resource Management Product Suite

Recently, Tenna announced the release of their construction Resource Management software, spring boarding them even further beyond the competition for total construction equipment management.

The company has announced Resource Management as a new product offering within their total construction equipment management platform. This industry-specific product is a superior solution to others on the market and is uniquely tailored for equipment and labor resource requesting, planning and dispatching in construction. This will empower construction businesses to streamline their project and resource management operations even further alongside the robust existing functionality in the Tenna platform.

This product includes features that are dedicated to the specific parts of the mobilization process that construction companies perform every day to make the best decisions on resource moves, and ultimately gives clear and visible direction to drivers, laborers and other crews to execute on.

Austin Conti, Co-Founder and CEO

"Tenna is a construction-focused total equipment management solution for contractors that own, operate and maintain a construction equipment fleet."

"One Platform means uninterrupted visibility across everything you own. No more managing multiple systems or data sources."