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Terminus Circuits: One of the Leaders Serving the Semiconductor Industry at their Best

silicon-review-sankara-reddy-ceo-terminus-circuits“We provide off the shelf as well as custom-made PHY solution to meet ASIC/SOC needs.”

Terminus Circuits, headquarter in Bangalore is one of the leading Semiconductor IP companies in India, offering a wide portfolio of Interface IP and clocking solutions. Terminus Circuits has developed several PHYs IP including PCIe 4.0/3.0, 16G/10G Multi-standard PHY, USB 3.0/3.1 PHY in TSMC, GF, IDM process nodes ranging from 90nm to 28nm for storage, communication. Their interface products leverage modern architecture to deliver high performance, power and area optimized solutions.

Terminus Circuits R&D in India has been successfully leveraging the domestic ecosystem and developing world class products for domestic and global market. The steep learning curve enabled us to develop complex PHY IPs with latest specification to help its customer to be competitive in market by offering niche and futuristic solutions.

Terminus circuit’s innovative newer architectures and circuit topologies will enhance the chances of low power, low cost and high performance systems that will be value add for the OEMs in the competitive market. Their focus is on low power solutions in the growth markets like wireless world and handheld devices.

Why Terminus Circuits
Terminus Circuits focus on Interface products and hence offers best in class SerDes. Their team has extensively worked with several controller partner solutions and integrates their controller to offer complete silicon proven solution to the customer. Their pre-verified and proven integrated solution will reduce the R&D effort and save dollars. Terminus Circuits business model allows customizations of IPs for customer specific requirements. They are open for offshore turnkey projects for new designs, technology/foundry migration of customer designs in the design areas of mutual interest.

Leadership Team

Sankara Reddy, President & CEO- Dr. Sankara Reddy earned his Ph.D in faculty of engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore and M.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur. He has 28 years of experience in microelctronics and VLSI area. His primary area of expertise is VLSI circuit design, ASIC and Foundry development. He has productized various chips and IPs including memories (SRAMs), PLLs, voltage regulators, ADC, DAC, crystal oscillator, high speed transceivers. Besides circuit design he has good expertise in IP development and foundry enablement activities. He has built teams from scratch, managed and grew the circuit design team in the areas of std cell, IO, SOC designs (RTL to GDSII), high speed transceiver and IP development of analog and digital cores. He is responsible for complete ownership of India team in circuit enablement, PDK verification and technology and foundry migrations. Prior to Co-founding a full fledged analog/interface IP design company, Terminus Circuits Pvt Ltd, He held senior level management position at IBM where he has built, led and managed design groups. He also had contributed at senior level positions at Spike technologies (acquired by Qualcomm) and Sasken Communications ltd. Prior to this he was at IISc Institute of Science ( as faculty member in ECE department and was responsible for research and development in the advanced areas of microelectronics.

Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, Director, (IP Sales & Marketing)- Sanjeev Sharma brings in 12+ years of experience in semiconductor industry with a special focus on analog, Interface and mixed-signal products. He has an extensive background of IP sales & marketing that includes strategic and tactical planning, setting up distribution channels and joint marketing partnerships. Prior to joining Terminus Circuits, Sanjeev served as Project Manager at Wipro Technologies where he was responsible for managing AMS IP portfolio and delivery of Analog Macros.

He holds Master degrees from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi in Electronic Science and he received MBA degree from Xavier Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship, Bangalore.

“Our mission is to innovate and implement to deliver world class IPs.”

Products Offered

High Speed Serial Links
Terminus Circuits has rich portfolio of interface IP’s that can be plug & play solutions for the whole range of SOC applications. Terminus Circuits offer ready solutions in the leading foundries, technology nodes, packaging and metal options for specific SOC needs.

  • GPIO- The GPIO (General Purpose I/O) provide interface solutions that are required for SOC (System-On-Chip) designs connecting analog/& digital IO connectivity for wire bond, flip-chip configurations. Terminus Circuits GPIOs are optimized for performance, power, and area and available on leading foundry and process nodes.
  • Special Purpose IO’s-Terminus Circuits had entire range of special purpose IO’s that are needed for a wide range of SOC ( System-On-Chip) applications covering mst of the metal options and the packaging requirements. These special purpose IO’s include USB1.1, PCI, PCI-x, HSTL,SSTL, SDIO, LVDS,HSIO for the speeds ranging few KHz to few 100 of MHz.

Clocking Solution
Terminus Circuits offers innovative Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) hard macros in TSMC, GLOBAL foundries in the technology nodes ranging from 90nm to 28nm covering most of the process variants. The company’s PLLs are suitable for the high speed, mixed signal interface applications providing clock generation, deskew, frequency synthesis, jitter filtering and spread-spectrum functions. These clocking solutions ranging from 1gHz to 16 gHz frequencies are extremely versatile, and are extremely process tolerant and utilizes only the cre devices and use generally available metal options.

Mixed Signal IP
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“Our vision is to be the leader in communication IP vendor space.”