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Testpoint Shines a New Light on the Software Industry

thesiliconreview-fadi-hawli-ceo-hala-talanoa-principal-testpoint-17“With a dedicated Test Innovation Centre, we bring a deep understanding of business and technology, combined to expand the boundaries that drive our clients’ outcomes,” -Fadi Hawli, CEO/Co-founder Testpoint

Today’s business leaders understand that organizational success depends on their ability to adapt quickly and effectively to evolving market environments. Changing market forces and disruptive trends – cloud and mobile technologies, evolving regulatory standards, consumer demands and new business objectives – require rapid, and proactive innovation.

To achieve this necessary level of agility, organizations target faster delivery of applications, enabling them to differentiate and increase efficiency. However, without an effective software testing and quality assurance strategy in place, ‘faster’ won’t translate to business success.

Forward-thinking companies have a software testing and quality assurance capability in place that is agile and responsive to the ever-changing demands of the business, with quantifiable measurements aligned to business goals and objectives. This capability must keep pace with the rate of change required by the business, ensure quality levels that meet and exceed market standards, provide business visibility into the state of quality and do so in a scalable yet cost-effective manner.

In light of this, we are thrilled to present Testpoint – a leader in delivering Enterprise Quality Assurance and Software Testing services, driving efficiency, governance and speed to market as a vantage point for its customers utilizing its Vansah technology solution platform.

The Australian-based company assures technology for transformation, re-platforming, and solution modernization with the confidence of real-time decision making, IT cost optimization, visibility to quality and alignment to strategic business outcomes.

As a Quality Assurance and Software Testing Integrator and Partner, Testpoint works with its customers to deliver quality assurance and software testing to support technology changes. It’s more than just a software testing consultancy, it’s an enterprise testing platform solution and accelerator supported by a team and partners across the globe.

The company delivers specialized testing practices and governance supported by a proprietary enterprise platform solution enriching its’ clients to be confident and focused on first-rate outcomes with exceptional value.

“We believe that assured technologies enable a competitive advantage and future-proof one’s reputation. Our consultants combined with superior platform software solutions provide full visibility, accountability and quality assurance.’’ Fadi Hawli revealed.

Testpoint was established in 2008 and is headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

Interview Excerpt: Fadi Hawli & Hala Talanoa (Co-founders)

Testpoint was first founded in late 2007, its’ co-founders creating an automated software testing solution integrated with commercial testing tools, to simplify the execution, management and reporting of complex testing requirements.

“We delivered our solution to large organizations requiring multiple automated tests, to be executed across different environments,” Fadi Hawli revealed.

The company grew by providing automated testing services to multiple financial organizations selling both product licensing and services.

In 2010, the company established its offshore team to address its’ clients’ outsourced testing service requirements.

In 2011, Testpoint enhanced its solution platform with the first release of Vansah QA – a complete online enterprise quality assurance platform for managing clients’ end to end testing requirements. The company was now able to scale and support multiple testing client projects providing managed services using the platform to deliver the capability and governance.

Since 2013, Testpoint has consistently seen compounded growth of 20 percent per year.

To date, Testpoint has produced and supports well over 5 million reusable software testing assets, automatically systemized and tagged using a data intelligence service within its Vansah platform providing insights and knowledge to its teams and customers.

Starting Off on the Right Foot

Both Fadi and Hala saw a market gap when it came to continuous automated testing capabilities. Test automation was a challenge for many organizations, including testing companies, hence the solution developed by the co-founders initially filled a gap in the market and they both could see market trends would demand innovative and agile test automation services and solutions to address this need.

Going the Extra Mile 

The software testing market is expected to steadily grow at a rate of 14 percent by 2021. The key drivers for this growth are increased demand for automated testing and for agile testing services. The demand for testing services is expected to grow even further in the coming years, due to the transition to cloud-based applications and the need by clients for enterprise mobility. One prominent driver for mobility development has been the clients’ need for access to financial services.

With only a few established international testing players servicing this large market landscape, it’s critical for niche players like Testpoint to disrupt traditional testing methods and services, utilizing automation solutions, tools, and industry-specific software testing processes to support and improve testing with necessary innovations that address application testing comprised of both functional and non-functional requirements.

In Full Swing

At its core, Testpoint has always been about innovation, and proactively addressing challenges faced by organizations when it comes to adopting necessary testing, within a competitive and continuously changing environment.

“We have ensured our company’s spine is built on research and development by continuously evolving our platform to support organizations with full transparency of their product quality, visibility to risks and issues with their associated impacts and making executive decisions,” said Hala Talanoa.

The demand of agile testing services means Testpoint has a solid position to address market challenges. The company’s capability and solutions will play a significant role, continuing to expand with its product offerings and managed testing services.

“Having the right leadership team, we are confident in our future growth. Our growing team will continue to be rewarded to ensure the vision of our company and its’ success is executed and supported by a solid technology platform solution,” stated Hala Talanoa.

An Overview of Products and Services Offered by Testpoint

thesiliconreview-testpoint-cover-50-leading-17The Vansah QA platform also has the advantage of providing a comprehensive level of visibility and dashboards for project teams. Additionally, it helps pinpoint where value can be added to software testing and development. This goes beyond metrics, data, and analytics by providing insights to focus, plan, strategize and improve the delivery of software releases.

VSAM –Vansah Synthetic Application Performance and End User Experience Monitoring

With the continuous evolution of technology, today’s users are accessing digital information and applications in multiple ways using a wide range of access points.

This means that providing optimal end-user experiences and customer satisfaction is a critical success factor of your business applications. Failing to do so is not only going to hamper their experience but can also lead to frustration for your users and loss of potential business.

Testpoint’s VSAM is a managed solution that allows you to proactively monitor your critical applications in real-time from any location 24/7 to identify, isolate and resolve incidents.

“By utilizing our VSAM platform, we are helping organizations obtain the best experience and performance of their systems. Our VSAM managed service dramatically reduces their operational costs and at the same time increases consumer and stakeholder confidence when going to the market with new technologies,” quoting Fadi Hawli.

Thinking Big

Testpoint invests in its future through research and development and continuous development of its platform technology. This has helped the company differentiate and provide purposeful offerings to solve customer challenges.

“We have always preferred to think big and challenge the status quo with respect to technology and service offerings that deliver superior value for our customers,” quoting Hala Talanoa.

Our mission is to remain open to change, maintain integrity with relevance while we do so.

“We began by helping customers feel confident with their implementations and that is always going to be our priority -assuring technology for tomorrow,” he added.

A Few of Testpoint’s Trusted Clients

Uniting – Provides services in the areas of aged care and disability, community services, chaplaincy and supporting peoples’ needs.

Uniting partnered Testpoint to manage and deliver its Software Testing Practice.

The partnership and outcome demonstrated immediate measurable success to Uniting when a key project was successfully delivered in 3 months, which normally would have taken 12-18 months. The success was due to improved testing processes, industry best-practices managed through Testpoint’s technology testing platform, Vansah QA.

“The experience for us has been fantastic. Partnering with Testpoint has given us extreme confidence. We have some massive projects coming into the next financial year and we will be adopting the methodology and process which Testpoint has put into place.” - Shelayne Mathieu - Senior Program Manager (Uniting)

FlexiGroup – FlexiGroup is among the top 200 ASX-listed companies, providing a range of financial products and payment solutions. FlexiGroup outsources its’ testing requirements to Testpoint to provision a complete end-to-end Managed Testing Service.

Since the partnership, Testpoint has helped FlexiGroup successfully deliver over 120+ projects, comprising a major overhaul and transformation of all its’ financial processes into a centralized platform, Oracle Financials Cloud.

A leading Australian superannuation fund administrator – Specializing in the delivery of backend superannuation services to over 300,000 employers and four million members in Australia, engaged Testpoint to provide an automated testing strategy and solution to deliver the validation of complex interest-based calculations across a highly configurable environment.

Testpoint implemented reusable testing processes which were used by all members of the team, both on and offshore, with minimal supervision. The results were demonstrated early on with over 75 thousand tests executed nightly across complex business processes and various versions of the software.

Meet the Leadership Duo

Fadi Hawli, CEO & Co-founder: Fadi Hawli is a successful and passionate Australian technology entrepreneur with a strong focus on research and development.

Graduating with a degree in Software Engineering from the Western Sydney University in 1999, Mr. Hawli began his career as a Technical Software Consultant, specializing in automated testing technologies while working for large international corporations, leading multi-million-dollar project implementations.

Hala Talanoa, Principal & Co-founder: Hala is a solution oriented professional with a passion for delivering Tier-1 software systems and solutions across a variety of industry verticals.

Graduated with a degree in Computing (BSc) from the Western Sydney University, Mr. Talanoa established his career specializing in artificial intelligence, systems development and software testing patterns to address and deliver complex testing requirements, working for some of the most renowned global and local corporations and enterprises operating out of Australia.

Delighted Client


“The experience for us has been fantastic. Partnering with Testpoint has given us extreme confidence. We have some massive projects coming into the next financial year and we will be adopting the methodology and process which Testpoint has put into place.” - Shelayne Mathieu, Senior Program Manager (Uniting)

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