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The Critical Infrastructure Specialists: Kordia Solutions


Kordia Solutions is an Australasian company with more than 600 staff. It uses innovative design, advanced performance tools, and the latest technologies to evaluate and analyzeclients’ telecommunications network needs to find the right solution for their business.Its experts work on both sides of the Tasman (and beyond) and are highly skilled in the design, deployment, maintenance, and operation of telecommunications networks and solutions.

Kordia’s mission is to build connections clients can trust and make its digital world more secure, reliable, and resilient. It has the leading team in the industry, experienced professionals who work alongside its customers to grow their business.

Solutions and Services

Field Services: Kordia’s Field Services delivery team works collaboratively with a range of customers to deliver quality and timely on-site and premise connections throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Key areas it specializes in include:

  • Installation of new service drop cables from the main network (multi-port) through to the customer premises
  • Utilizing the existing pit and pipe infrastructure or installing new conduits incorporating trenching, boring, concrete cutting and core boring
  • Installation of customer premises wiring
  • Installation of the Premises Connection Device and the Network Termination Device as well as battery back unit if required

Low Power Wide Area Network: The key requirements of the Internet of Things include secure bi-directional communication, mobility, and localization services. For this to happen, seamless interoperability among smart Things without the need for complex local installations is crucial.

LoRaWAN is a Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) specification intended for wireless battery operated Things in a regional, national or global network. This specification gives freedom to the user, developer, and businesses enabling the rollout of the Internet of Things.

SAED-Site Acquisition, Environment, & Design: Kordia understands the site acquisition phase often holds the least certainty, yet influences all dependent activities and stakeholders. Successful site acquisition and effective design are keys to project success and total costs of ownership, which is why the company offer complete management of Greenfield, co-location, and upgrades across macro, small cells, and in-building solutions.

Kordia’s national SAED team comprises highly experienced property, town planning, and engineering design staff, all of which are able to provide either stand-alone specific SAED services or fully integrate the SAED function into wider projects and programs to offer complete end-to-end solutions for both wireless and fixed network deployments.

5G Technology: While the specifications of the fifth generation of mobile networks are still to be finalized, 5G is the next big evolution in mobile technology.The introduction of 5G means that radical network re-engineering is required from all three of Australia’s mobile networks.

Kordia is a civil design contractor and approved structural design certifier to the Australasian mobile carrier industry.

EME Compliance: Kordia can assist clients with electromagnetic energy (EME) compliance for their transmitter antennas, EME management for a new network, or RF safety awareness in general.

Its experienced EME services team provides high level consulting and concise EME reports and training. Its EME drawings clearly and accurately show the RF zones of active antennas, making it easier for them to manage EME safety onsite. If clients need to confirm EME levels in their environment, they can also take advantage of its NATA accredited EME measurement services.


Telecommunications: Kordia delivers end-to-end solutions for telecommunication carriers and ISPs throughout Australasia. From planning, design, consultation, installation, and commissioning, right through to operations and maintenance. Kordia is also completely vendor independent, which means its team has the flexibility and ability to tap into a wide range of tools and techniques when providing mission-critical engineering and technical services to mobile, broadband and broadcast infrastructure owners.

Rail: Kordia works with public and private sector rail network owners and operators including major companies with dedicated rail networks and construction companies to deliver fully integrated end-to-end communications solutions.

Government: Kordia’s capabilities include:

  • Radio networks design governance, implementation and integration services
  • Public utility infrastructure assessment
  • Audit of telecommunications equipment and services
  • Technical tender review
  • Critical Infrastructure as a service

Its unique, whole-of-life solutions help to reduce risk, eliminate unnecessary duplication and improve the overall operability of networks to ensure emergency first responders anywhere in the field have the right information at the right time. 

Meet the Leader

Hamish Guild, Chief Executive Officer:Hamish has extensive experience running large scale national project, service, and engineering organizations. A passionate leader, he loves driving people development, great customer service and shareholder value.

“Kordia builds the whole telecommunications network around a cutting-edge fault and task management platform.”