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The digital banking experience, solutions, and services needed to create a connected customer experience: D3 Banking Technology


In short, digital banking means the full digitization of banks and all its activities, programs and functions. It’s not just about digitizing your services and products — the front-end that customers see — but also about automating your processes (the back-end) and connecting these worlds with middleware. Digital banking is about the automation of every step of the banking relationship, and it goes way beyond an online or mobile banking platform.

D3 Banking Technology’s digital banking platform provides financial institutions with the power to control their digital future. The function-rich digital solutions are built using hundreds of banking features that provide banks and credit unions with the flexibility, scalability, and agility that is needed to compete in the modern digital banking landscape.

Banking Services & Features

Single CX / Multi-Form Factor

It helps in connecting your entire digital banking customer experience across form factors with desktop, mobile web, iOS, and Android.

From Seamless Login to Robust Entitlements

It helps their customers on the go with simple banking needs; single sign-on offers the ease of a single entry point backed by robust security. For business banking clients, the firm provides robust entitlements capabilities that allow owners to determine who can access what accounts and what services while also set thresholds for authorizations and approvals.

Intuitive Money Movement

Through this, the customers of the firm can make an internal transfer in seconds, set up a new recipient for payment in a wizard flow, or head to Pay Multiple for a top-down view of all your recipients and payment options for maximum control.

Accounts & Transactions Tools

In a consolidated and configurable view, this helps to manage accounts and transactions with contextual actions for accessing additional details and documentation. Track and change spending categorizations and provide a better view of financial spending.

Toggle between Accounts

D3 Small Business Banking allows to simply toggle between their personal and business accounts without the need to repeatedly log in and out to get the information and services they need.

Enabling Technologies

Open APIs

The D3 Platform provides open APIs for all services that power our solutions. All APIs are native, well documented, and exposed for use in D3 solutions as well as for use by our clients so they can differentiate themselves. All APIs are controlled and published according to a release methodology that facilitates rapid deployment.

Extend & Tailor Via SDKs

D3 offers SDKs for web, mobile, and server, giving your financial institution the ultimate control. Using SDKs, your bank or credit union are able to introduce new services, microservices, or modify existing services and microservices, according to the unique needs of your digital banking offering.

CX Tailoring

The Power of Control: Configuration

Utilizing the firm’s proprietary application helps in controlling internal resources can simply input your bank's digital brand equity and watch the UI come to life. Within minutes the digital banking application transformsinto the colors, logos, fonts and messaging that make your CX unique.

Modify UI with Extensions

If the tailoring tools of Control don't fit the client’s needs, the firm allows custom-built extensions to further adjust UI elements. Simply put, if you can imagine your UI changes through CSS or JS, there's nothing holding you back from your desired UX.

UX Alterations

The extension model not only allows for UI tailoring but UX customization. Reimagine menus, user journeys and content strategy to create your own custom UX.

The leader behind the glory of D3 Banking Technology

Mark Vipond serves as the Chief Executive Officer of D3 Banking Technology. Mark is responsible for the strategic direction of the company as well as the executive oversight of sales and operations. He has more than 25 years of experience in the software industry. He was president of ACI Worldwide, Inc., a provider of electronic payments and banking for more than 2,600 financial institutions, retailers, and processors around the world. At ACI, Mark was president of global product, senior vice president of consumer banking, chief operating officer, national sales manager, and vice president of the emerging technologies and network systems divisions. Mark is an alumnus of the University of Nebraska – Omaha with a degree in business administration.

“When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly.”