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50 Most Valuable Brands of The Year 2017

The emerging IoE superstar, CNXT has some surprises in store...

thesiliconreview-chris-pardo-ceo-founder-cnxtIt’s never late to dream, dreaming about the possibilities that one could conquer, and then setting your dream as your goal and chasing after it. First lady, Eleanor Roosevelt has once said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” and it is necessarily true; true to the heart. You must have the vision for innovation to lead; dreaming big is not an exaggeration but a way of realizing that life is too short to be boring. 

A Chicago-based company has come up with an innovative business model that incorporates The Internet of Things (IoT), FinTech, Cognitive Computing and BlockChain ecosystem service silo’s. CNXT (Connect & Next) provides customers access to the latest cutting-edge technologies, specifically designed to increase operational efficiency, where significant value is placed on maximizing earnings potential while enhancing service capabilities and core offerings. 

Named as CNXT EoE, the company provides the most innovative technologically advanced solutions in the marketplace while helping companies to strategize and optimize this technology in the form of business results. In the words of Chris Pardo, CEO, “By providing a high-degree of technological sophistication and access to the worlds most innovative solutions, we help our clients to maximize their earnings and service capabilities, while minimizing time spent managing day-to-day operations. We accomplish this primarily through the automation of newrecurring revenue sources and daily operational tasks.”

Canvassing the credentials of the company, it was Co-Founded by partners Chris Pardo and Jeff Kollar in 2015. A relatively newbie in the competition, but CNXT has already taken the world by surprise. The Co-Founder/CEO has essayed his role in quite a ‘cool’ manner as he keeps his focus ahead on the road for expanding his team and multiplying the capabilities of the company. In what Pardo has explained, CNXT EoE, is from heart and soul a technologically-driven native enterprise that connects outdated industries with what’s next, or what has already been lacking relevancy in the new era of the economy. 

They say, follow your heart, step into your dream, and don’t ever look back. Well, a dream is possible to turn into reality once you have all the elements to fulfill it. Pardo filled our query on what helps them in engaging with their work: “We engage in strategic partnerships with our platform partners across IoT & FinTech. We do Internet of Everything (IoE) and along with our conceptual B2B2C framework we have expanded upon this, coining our own term, The Economy of Everything (EoE).”

And what about the employees?

Employees at CNXT believe in “value creation” in the work place and also in the minds of the people working in the company. They’ve decided on keeping their team relatively small, with around 10 key members that are highly proficient and polished in their respective realms of expertise. And it seems, this is how they are keeping work intact, aiming at organization’s development. 

“Connection” and “Collaboration” are the two magic spells for CNXT to enroot their company in the global podium. And are they not ready already?

CNXT has by now earned a high status for its latest product, CNXTProjecto that was introduced to the market just this past January. 

CNXTProjecto is a digital signage solution for businesses that is cost effective alternative to the modern day LED Wall, rather Projecto uses projectors to display advertisements on store front glass. They’re latest demo displayed in the heart of NYC’s shopping district generated quite the audience. These enthusiastic shoppers have really helped in its  marketing and promotion. Although retailers are a core market segment, the multi-use projector solution is available and marketed to a variety of sales targeted industries. 

Present and Future endeavor in a nutshell

The present for them looks promising as they have already earned their position in the market as a cutting-edge player in the tech arena. A typical day at CNXT is “far from boring with a roomful of entrepreneurs; however very interesting and educational to observe” a statement by Anna, the company’s global head of corporate communications and solo female teamplayer. 

Daily, they work on their commitments wherever they are, concentrating on a long-term strategy. At CNXT, work-life integration is key to a fulfilling career. Envisioning the future together, the CNXT team empowers novelties such as Cognitive Commerce, FinTech & IoT API’s to thrive. By 2023, the majority of global companies GDP is expected to flow through native mobile commerce platforms and CNXT is in the process of conceptualizing an application that integrates all key products and business relations. Stay tuned, for the CNXT app which will be available for iPhone and Android in the near-future.

Roll out the Red carpet for the Founder/CEO

Serial entrepreneur, Chris Pardo takes collaboration to a whole new level. As an integral founding member of numerous successful, start-up initiatives such as CNXT EoE, Projecto, the Midwest Council IoT - ITA and eqe incorporated, Pardo is a true pioneer across the emerging digital landscape. Pardo’s CNXT EoE provides the first fully mobile user experience across Internet of Everything (IoE) solutions. Its unique B2B2C approach demonstrates a phenomenon Pardo has coined “CNXTing” across the global marketplace. Pardo’s eqe stands for early-quantified-edge. As a primary reinsurer of CNXT, eqe also functions as an uncorrelated alpha source to large investment portfolios through quantitative metrics provided from Pardo Capital Limited. 

“Our team specializes in uniting the physical and digital worlds with the community around us. Architecturally, our goal is to design the most proficient and widely adopted “smart” lifestyle for our future globally intertwined information society. We aim for excellence and the best possible user-experience by creating simple, integrated solutions in order to reduce the complexities of everyday life.”