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The Experts in Mobile App Security Testing Software and Services: NowSecure


NowSecure is the mobile app security software company trusted by the world’s most demanding organizations and most advanced security teams.

Only the NowSecure Platform delivers fully automated 360-degree coverage of mobile app security testing with the speed, accuracy, and efficiency that the modern enterprise demands. NowSecure identifies the broadest array of security threats, compliance gaps, and privacy issues in custom-developed, commercial and business-critical mobile apps through superior testing and analysis across SaaS, on-prem and MSP scenarios.

More enterprises and government agencies trust NowSecure than any other as the fastest path to deeper mobile app security testing and certification, including 4 of top 5 banks, 4 of top 5 Federal Agencies, top retail & media brands and the top penetration testing service providers.

Automated Mobile App Security Testing

Identify security vulnerabilities, compliance gaps, and privacy risks in mobile apps whether development is in-house, outsourced, or third-party apps from public app stores. NowSecure provides automated mobile app security testing solutions that stand alone or integrate with your dev pipeline so you can find and fix vulnerabilities before they harm your employees and customers.

Static + Dynamic + Behavioral Analysis in Minutes

Traditional approaches of manual assessments and source code analysis produce a human error and high false positive rates, delaying mobile app delivery. Get speed and accuracy unmatched in the industry, allowing you to focus on fixing flaws, not finding them. Whether you have the initiative to integrate mobile AppSec testing into the SDLC or you need automation to triage a backlog and catch up with the speed of mobile dev teams, NowSecure is here to help you at every step of the journey.

Auto-Generated Reporting and Remediation Guidelines

Instead of hours compiling and formatting reports, instantly generate a well-formatted report directly from your NowSecure solution. Identified vulnerabilities receive a risk rating with a corresponding CVSS score, CWE information, and regulatory compliance. NowSecure’s solutions also provide remediation guidelines to help your team reduce the time to close vulnerabilities.

Accelerate Secure Mobile DevOps

Seamlessly integrate automated mobile app security testing into your DevOps toolchain without the challenges of traditional SAST/DAST tools. Remove bottlenecks, eliminate false positives and deliver the right details to fix vulnerabilities quickly. NowSecure helps drive repeatability and scalability to enable a secure mobile business.

Power Tools for Security Analysts

Boost your security testing speed by automating most of the heavy lifting, like test configuration and report generation, while providing the right details that matter. Execute hundreds of tests in minutes, exploring deeper within the mobile app, device, and network, when needed. Enable the business to deliver secure mobile apps faster.

Professional Services for Every Step of the Journey

NowSecure’s seasoned team of security professionals is here every step of the way, whether you need to triage urgent testing needs, develop a scalable mobile app security program, or provide ongoing training to developers and security professionals alike. Your Customer Success Manager helps guide and navigate throughout the journey, from onboarding to ongoing success, ensuring you get the full value of from NowSecure solutions.

Power Tools for Security Analysts

Mobile AppSec Is Different From Traditional AppSec

Mobile apps require purpose-built tools that enable fast, accurate and intelligent security assessments. Mobile fragmentation presents the challenge of testing on multiple OS platforms, OS versions, devices, development languages and even Bluetooth/wifi connected IOT. Because of mobile’s sandboxed nature, the mobile app attack surface and instrumentation techniques are fundamentally different from that of traditional web apps. With new builds released weekly or daily, overabundant false positives and two-week turnarounds just don’t cut it.

Repeatable & Scalable Mobile App Security Testing

  • FAST: Perform comprehensive mobile app assessments in under an hour. The unique combination of speed and depth enables more frequent, repeatable testing at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional AppSec.
  • ACCURATE: Eliminate false positives utilizing the automated test engine to drive triple-pass testing across SAST, DAST, and behavioral analysis from the Attacker Point of View (POV) on Android (.apk) and iOS (.ipa) binaries installed on real devices
  • AUTOMATED: Configure once and execute hundreds of tests in minutes, exploring deeper within the mobile app, device, and network, when needed. Findings are delivered via auto-generated customizable reports with remediation tips and detailed test artifacts for developers to quickly resolve issues.


“We test every .apk within Silent OS and every Silent Circle app multiple times per month. Keeping up with the workload was a challenge. We needed a proven, consistent, repeatable process. With NowSecure, junior people ramp up in days and perform 80 percent of analysis. That helps us keep pace with the volume and makes the best use of senior analysts’ time.”

- Daniel Ford, former Chief Security Officer at Silent Circle

“NowSecure helps us be pro-active as an organization and gives us confidence that any security concerns we can control truly are in order.”

 - Travis Swinford, Product Manager, MEA Financial Enterprises

Meet the Key Executive

Alan Snyder, CEO: Alan is responsible for accelerating the growth and scaling of the business as it continues to help enterprises assure the security of their mobile apps and workforces. He has deep mobile security expertise resulting from more than 10 years in leadership roles at companies in the enterprise mobility space. He was previously CEO of BoxTone, an enterprise mobility management platform, which was acquired by secure mobility solution provider Good Technology. At Good Technology, he served as Senior Vice President of Corporate and Business Development until it was acquired by BlackBerry.

“Whether you have the initiative to integrate mobile AppSec testing into the SDLC or you need automation to triage a backlog and catch up with the speed of mobile dev teams, we are here to help you at every step of the journey.”