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50 Fastest Growing Companies Of The Year 2019

The Fin-Tech Platform that Empowers Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology: SIMEX Inc.

thesiliconreview-vassili-oxenuk-co-founder-president-ceo-simex-inc-19Simex is a multi-functional online international digital asset management, investment and trading platform. In addition to features designed to appeal to traders, the platform allows fundraisers, including traditional businesses and developers of crypto-currencies, to launch Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) or Security Token Offering (STO) using SIMEX software, utilizing smart contracts and tokens with the latest Ethereum protocols. Any assets or other legal forms of investments initially offered through the platform after review and launch will be quoted on the platform’s secondary market/exchange. To date, the platform has only been made available to individuals outside of the United States. In addition to the features associated with asset management, the platform has other features designed to allow users to communicate with other platform users, send P2P transfers within the platform and also get access to marketing tools of the platform.

The Start of the Company

Vassili Oxenuk, Co-founder, President, and CEO, worked in the Stock Market industry for about 25 years and witnessed the birth of Amazon, Google and many others companies that have become the greatest due to their new technologies. He lived in a generation where people did trading over the phone but as time went on with the advent of the Internet everything changed.

Building companies in different industries, countries, and taking them public was very complicated and Vassili saw how hard the process was for a private company to pass the procedures of SEC and FINRA in order to be listed on NASDAQ or NYSE. When Bitcoin came into the market, Vassili didn’t really pay attention to it and accepted it. He thought it was a great idea to send some asset passing the bank procedure in a simple way.

Vassili believes that there will be a time when people will determine the price of something in Bitcoin or Ethereum without converting the price to a Dollar. His interest in this new industry was born when he read about the Smart Contract created for Ethereum Blockchain by Vitalik Buterin. This is where he got the idea to develop and create software for a platform, which would allow companies to raise capital and attract investors by issuing security tokens while retaining all the same conditions on capital and investors rights as if SEC was behind all of this. The company started doing this when people couldn’t even pronounce the phrase “Security Token”, SIMEX called it a ‘convertible share in a token’ or ‘a convertible token in a share’. The firm further gave Broker-Dealers a possibility to start working immediately by simply taking its software, the same with the Regulator as the firm used all the requirements of the Regulator when created the software.

Aiding the Investment and Financial Market

SIMEX has already implemented all the functionality for almost all the participants in the investment and financial industries like banks, broker-dealers, investment banks, investment advisors, and exchanges. It now aims to launch the function of each of them in the market immediately. The problem is not in functionality but in the fact that all these activities are required to have licenses from the State. Any broker-dealer by procuring the firm’s software can immediately trade STO tokens. But they are skeptical because of all regulations from FINRA and SEC. Furthermore, their compliance department doesn’t know what to do.

The Growth of the Company

The firm’s growth was very organic. Just the implementation of the main task required the creation of ‘intermediate services’. For example, if you propose to launch a token tied to a company’s stock, then it would be natural to suggest constructing a smart contract to issue a token. Now on SIMEX’s platform, anyone can release a token in a few minutes without knowing to programme and not understanding what a blockchain is. The opportunity to present the company properly with automatic data loading, generating a token, and immediately putting in the listing, with all the communication and development capabilities was done through its platform. Without a single cent of investment money, SIMEX made the most functional platform on the planet today.

The Future Goals

SIMEX wants to stand out by doing something that never happened or hasn’t been done before. Investors usually take possession of a successful business. The stock market of America once allowed the country to become the greatest economy in the world. More than half of global companies such as Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and many others have come on top because of the stock market. But here we see a new industry - the crypto-industry. It will make the US stock market even more successful and attractive simply because there is no such protection of the rights of investors anywhere than through regulation of the SEC and with the ability to make transactions from around the world by means of cryptocurrency and without any unnecessary participants.

The Man who had the Right Plan

Vassili Oxenuk, Co-founder, President, and CEO:

Mr. Oxenuk graduated from the high school for talented students and specialized in physics and mathematics sponsored by the Moscow State University. He has a B.S. in Mathematics from the Mozhaisky Military Space Academy, St. Petersburg, Russia. Mr. Oxenuk is the author of the book “Realization of Investment Management Functions” and numerous articles on strategic planning, economic development, and leadership styles.

Mr. Oxenuk has over 20 years of entrepreneurial, venture capital and private equity experience, and has been involved in the management of various venture capital companies that have primarily focused on providing development capital to early stage, high technology companies in Eastern Europe, and has worked with companies from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and China seeking to have their securities publicly traded. He became a shareholder of a number of broker-dealers doing investment banking; was doing advisors services and created several Investment Funds. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors of several private companies.

"We are a fin-tech company and our geography is truly global, with users, traders and entrepreneurs more than from 150 countries around the world.”