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50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2017

The Global Leader in Unified Procurement and Supply Chain Solutions - GEP

thesiliconreview-subhash-makhija-ceo-gep-2017Among the 50 Smartest Companies on this list, GEP demonstrates just how well smart practices and strategies can translate into rapid growth and the ability to challenge venerable competitors who previously “owned” a particular category.

In the world of procurement, GEP has become a name to reckon with. Its current ascendancy is due to its ability to provide a full spectrum of solutions encompassing strategy, services and technology. That’s a unique profile, and one that can be attributed to the procurement-specific focus at GEP, unlike many of its competitors for whom procurement is just one among many offerings. It’s also important to note that GEP has in its ranks some of the finest procurement practitioners who bring to client service years of invaluable expertise and hands-on experience.

GEP’s impressive annual growth rate of 30-40 percent and an ever-increasing roster of marquee clients are further proof of the value it brings to the table. In fact, leading industry analysts and experts are now placing GEP among the top five procurement and supply chain solution providers globally.

So what makes GEP a unique provider in the procurement solutions industry? GEP’s impressive growth as a global leader in the procurement and supply chain space derives from deliberate strategies adopted over the years, including a customer-centric approach and providing services across the procurement value chain. Today, the company is a trusted partner to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises, devising solutions for all transformational, transactional and technology needs.

With more than 200 clients spread across 20+ key industries, GEP manages nearly $86 billion in spend and more than 10 million transactions annually. Moreover, it continues to expand its global footprint, which currently comprises offices and operations based out of North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Comprehensive Procurement Solutions Portfolio

GEP’s unique standing as a comprehensive provider of procurement solutions stands in contrast to its origins, in 1999, when technology was its main tool for streamlining and optimizing procurement processes. Years later, technology is still integral to GEP’s solutions portfolio, even as it has evolved into a leading management consultancy.

GEP’s end-to-end capabilities, encompassing strategy, BPO services, and software, enable it to successfully execute wide-ranging procurement transformation engagements for its clients.

Notably, as the procurement function shifts from the tactical to the strategic, GEP is helping clients reengineer their procurement organizations to achieve quantum leaps in efficiency, outcome and enterprise-wide value.

One-of-a-Kind, Unified Source-to-Pay Platform

For procurement functions striving to become strategic partners and value creators for the business, overcoming the challenges posed by a hodgepodge of software tools and manual or repetitive processes is paramount.

GEP’s software product, SMART by GEP, is the world’s first and only cloud-native, unified source-to-pay platform designed for procurement professionals by procurement experts. It delivers maximum results through optimum user experience, integration with back-office systems and the underlying power of AI and automation.

Unlike other modular procurement software, SMART by GEP brings together all relevant functionality in a single unified platform — sourcing, savings tracking, category management, contract management, supplier management, and procure-to-pay, among others — for smoother information, process and work flows.

Focus on Innovation

GEP is a pioneer in offering cloud-native business and productivity solutions to performance-driven companies worldwide. Working creatively with SaaS and PaaS models, GEP’s engineering teams are developing the next generation of platform-agnostic business and productivity applications. In addition to the latest cloud, mobile, touch and analytics technologies, GEP engineers are using cutting-edge design and usability standards to revolutionize the business application experience for end users.

Unrivaled Talent and Expertise

With hundreds of category experts across all indirect and direct categories, category-specific methodologies honed over the last 18 years, and world-class market intelligence and analytics capabilities, GEP has helped its clients deliver savings, improve supplier performance and reduce risk in both lower value and strategic, complex sourcing.

Customer Centricity and Flexibility

GEP’s commitment to providing creative, effective end-to-end procurement and supply chain solutions
is rooted in one critical yet simple goal: customer centricity.

GEP doesn’t force-fit solutions defined only through head counts and SLAs. Rather, it customizes the delivery model to changing business climates, and leverages its scale to adapt quickly and efficiently to customer needs.

In fact, GEP clients also actively participate in shaping its product road map and strategy through the Product Advisory Council, which comprises customers across regions and verticals.

Looking Ahead to the Future

GEP has built a formidable repertoire of sourcing, procurement and supply chain solutions that encompass and transcend industries, commodities, categories, locations, and business and work processes. It has developed and continues to develop a wide range of on-demand, “plug-and-play” solutions that clients can deploy quickly, without the usual tedious rollout, integration and implementation processes.

As procurement firmly moves into a strategic role, GEP is continuously broadening its horizons and its capabilities with the singular aim of meeting its clients’ complex, evolving requirements.

Holding the Reins

As CEO & co-founder, Subhash has led GEP’s growth as a rapidly expanding procurement and supply chain solutions innovator, serving a burgeoning roster of Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies worldwide. Working closely with the management team, Subhash has helped in sustaining a corporate growth rate that consistently tops 30-40 percent annually.

Subhash has been named Entrepreneur of the Year by EY. He is an active current member of the Clinton Global Initiative and is a strong proponent of and contributor to GEP’s robust program of corporate social responsibility initiatives, undertaken in communities around Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Subhash has a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Polytechnic University, an MBA with highest honors from the University of Chicago, and an M.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Rhode Island.