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The Growth Strategy Consulting Firm - SriSattva Group


Established in 2009, SriSattva Group has been making a difference to the Small and Medium Businesses across the globe through its expertise in Growth Strategy of businesses with a key focus on increasing revenues, reducing costs and increasing cash flows.

Over a decade, it has assisted hundreds of companies in their expansion and growth path in India, the US, Singapore, Australia, Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa. SriSattva Group strives towards placing itself as a one-stop destination for all business expansion and growth needs of an organization including finance, marketing, and legal aspects.

The Company has upgraded itself to version 2.0 with the adoption of AI and ML for providing growth strategy consulting to SMEs and Startups. This has revolutionized the strategic planning of the companies who are now assisted by their strategist 24/7.

SriSattva’s global network and research database have been carefully built over several years where it has let entrepreneurs capitalize through its Smart India Initiative. SriSattva Group’s diverse thinking ability helps it to view the situation with an entrepreneurial mindset and discover solutions as a stakeholder. The company breaks the barriers of conservative financial consultancy and works with innovative solutions fixated on continuous and long-term growth.

CA. Aparna Rammohan manages the overall operations and consulting of SriSattva Group and Advocate K Ram Mohan, heads the Legal, Risk and Compliance division of the group.

A Q&A Session with CA. Aparna Rammohan, Managing Director, SriSattva Group

Q. What challenges did you face in your initial years? What can your peers learn from it?

Talking about challenges, the primary challenge is building the right team. As a growth strategist, we need the entire team to work in unison and share a similar outlook towards clients’ success. The second challenge we face is to get our clients to focus on their growth. Until we show them the first success, most of them keep shying away from their own growth. They need to believe that they are here for a larger goal as much as we work towards helping them achieve it.

Q. What makes you different from others?

As financial consultants and growth strategist, we provide 40+ services in the divisions of corporate finance, taxation and growth strategy. Often businesses focus on fundraising rather than fund generation. But, I differ in my approach, I believe scaling up is the only way to survive and as Darwin said “Survival of the Fittest”. I steer businesses towards the age-old and proven concept of regeneration of profit towards growth. That is the basis of the Smart India Initiative – Helping Bootstrapped businesses scale up or companies revive from deadlock situations and arranging for external funds along with strategic partnerships towards growth. We not only focus on creating awareness on how to do, but we also practice what we preach, by going one step further and connecting businesses to prospective clients, vendors, professionals and investors, handholding them towards growth with our expertise and experience. GST and other taxation expertise are important to guide businesses to grow in a compliant environment. Smart India Initiative focuses on enabling business from Idea to International Stage.

Growth is supported by many areas and divisions with a business, each of which requires its own expertise to manage the scaling up. While Entrepreneur brings in a set of expertise often in the core operations, we add value in overall business growth including finance and strategy. I started SriSattva to provide growth strategy consulting to entrepreneurs and my gamut of services found its own growth path. Instead of limiting it to management consulting, we embraced process implementation across the business division and made sure compliance and taxation are so well planned for, that the entrepreneurs focus to stay on operations. We start with early-stage Company, plan growth strategy of bootstrapped ventures which ultimately leads to successful funding or self-sufficient revenue cycle and we handhold post-investment fund utilization which is essential for propelling growth. Export and Client Acquisition Strategy is another area of our expertise designed to assist ventures in penetrating the market and expand the business. When we sign up with a business, we aim at improving the revenue, optimizing profits and improving the enterprise value. Our clients can expect an all-round growth and scale themselves to the next level.

Q. What are your key strengths?

Our strengths are our global presence, global network, satisfied clients, ability to provide customized solutions and of course delivery of solutions through technology. We help our clients scale their business plan through a meticulously developed, executed and monitored strategy over a certain period. However, we do try to deliver a positive output to our clients from the very first step of our growth strategy. That you can call quick solutions but not quick-fix solutions since we are partners of our clients on their growth path and not just advisors.

Q. Is your company a ‘leader’ or a ‘follower’? Do you formulate your core values?

Rather than classifying ourselves as leaders or followers, it gives us pride to say that we create leaders. We focus on revamping dying or falling Companies and put them back on the growth path. We help stagnant and new businesses identify their core strengths toward growth. We follow the industry best practices and lead in innovative growth strategies.

Our core values are to ensure providing value through quality strategy and delivering success to our clients. Each of our assignment is customized and tailor-made for our clients.

Leading the Firm

Aparna RamMohan, Managing Director

Aparna has serviced 850+ Companies as a part of a professional career across various countries and Industries. She has founded the Smart India Initiative to create awareness and inspire small and medium businesses to scale-up and to bridge a Global Network of professionals. An expert in Strategic Growth Consulting which includes structured funding, restructuring businesses, valuation strategy, risk management, start-up structuring, revenue growth strategy and taxation (direct and indirect).

Aparna is also a Charter Member and Governing Council Committee Member of TIE Chennai (Member by Invitation), Institutional Member of Madras Management Association (Member by Invitation), and Member of CXO Club Chennai (Member by Invitation).

“Our point of differentiation has been to view the situation as an entrepreneur and look for solutions as its stakeholder, not an external advisor. We aim to provide value to our clients through our quality-focused services towards their success.”