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November Special Edition 2022

The Hamideh Firm, P.C. – Zealously, aggressively, and ethically pursuing justice for the clients


Entertainment law interlinks with various legal fields and covers a variety of areas in the entertainment industry, including film, broadcasting, music, theatre and publishing. Whilst, over the years, the media and entertainment industry has experienced rapid growth and constant evolution, it is also faced with numerous legislative challenges and complexities, requiring a higher demand of legal professionals specializing in or familiar with entertainment law. One of the major roles of entertainment lawyers is to protect the intellectual rights of their clients. This requires them to be proficient in-laws concerning copyright, trademark, and other likes. They may require filing suit, injunctions, defect suits filed against their client.

The Hamideh Firm, P.C. is a boutique law firm specializing in plaintiff representation. They have achieved over $40,000,000 in results by trial or settlement. They thrive on David v. Goliath cases and zealously litigate through trial, and appeal, if necessary. Their practice concentrates on high-value entertainment, employment, catastrophic personal injury/wrongful death, business litigation, and intellectual property cases. The firm offers personalized, dedicated, passionate, and relentless representation against powerful corporate forces that abuse their power.

Image Rights and Entertainment Litigation: The Hamideh Firm, P.C. is uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality legal representation to entertainment clients. They have wide-ranging and real-world experience in resolving their clients' disputes. They represent clients in the investigation, litigation, and trial in the areas of rights of publicity and privacy, copyright, trademark, idea submission, libel, defamation, First Amendment, and profit and revenue participations disputes. The firm represents celebrities, high-profile models, professional athletes, musicians, and others with value in their right of publicity - name, likeness, voice, and signature. They take great pride in providing unparalleled protection for the clients.

The Hamideh Firm, P.C. aggressively protects models’, actors', and athletes' valuable image rights, or "right of publicity." They have a deep understanding of the unique value images provide to national and multi-national brands. They also understand the sacrifice and effort individuals, i.e., models, actors, athletes, and celebrities put into investing in their valuable rights of likeness. They have handled over 60 right of publicity cases, including victories at trial in both state and federal courts. Recently, the firm received a jury verdict of $9,600,000 in a case involving unlawful use of name and likeness. The firm also received a jury verdict and judgment in the amount of $1,700,000 on behalf of a model against a company for unlawfully exceeding the term of a license to commercially exploit that person's image. They have settled numerous right of publicity cases totaling over $30,000,000.

Entertainment Litigation: The attorneys are especially proud of their entertainment litigation practice. They passionately and zealously litigate entertainment matters on behalf of their clients with a keen sense of the high value the clients have attained through the exploitation of their talent. The firm diligently litigates a wide range of matters including rights of publicity and rights of privacy, defamation, trademark, copyright, idea submission, financing, distribution, profit participation, and the interpretation of recording, distribution, and talent contracts.  They have handled a number of cutting edge disputes arising from the exploitation of content in all forms of media.

Celebrity and Talent Representation: The firm has a special relationship with those working in the entertainment industry. They have spent many years on both sides of the camera which allows us to provide a unique value to their clients. The firm serves as general counsel to a diverse group of artists and entertainers, including high-profile celebrities and high-potential beginners. They fully understand the goals and priorities of the entertainment clients and offer a personal and professional approach to pursuing the best possible results. This enables their attorneys to advise clients on all business and legal matters in both transactions and litigation. They are fully aware of the high value the clients have developed in their careers and are steadfast and aggressive in protecting that value in all transactions and litigation matters. They advise in the areas of feature films, television series, television movies and miniseries, Internet and interactive multimedia productions, commercials, endorsements, photo campaigns, publishing, and theater.

Copyright Infringement: The U.S. Copyright Act is authorized by the U.S. Constitution and protects original works of authorship on a fixed and tangible medium. Most businesses have copyrights as part of their intellectual property portfolios.  Examples may include advertising and branding materials, photographs, audio-visual works (commercials and movies), writings, computer programs, computer generated graphics, logos, musical works, and product designs, to name a few. These valuable copyrights require maximum protection in order to prevent unauthorized and illegal benefit by competitors. The firm has experience in significant copyright litigation including matters involving blatant copying, piracy, works made for hire, licensing issues, joint authorship, substantial similarity, fair use, parody, fiduciary duty, and accounting issues.  It is imperative that businesses properly manage copyrights prior to the creation of any works of authorship. This will help ensure that, in the event of litigation, their clients receive the maximum beneficial outcome. If not managed properly, businesses may risk severely limiting a potential copyright infringement claim against a competitor.

Bassil A. Hamideh | Partner

Bassil Hamideh is a trial lawyer representing individuals in entertainment, intellectual property, labor and employment, and catastrophic injury matters. He has obtained significant verdicts at trial in state and federal courts and arbitration in cases involving high-stakes entertainment and business litigation including rights of publicity, rights of privacy, copyright infringement, partnership disputes, breaches of contract and fiduciary duty, fraud, labor and employment, and unfair competition.  He is prosecuting multiple significant right of publicity, business, and employment cases, as well as multiple class action lawsuits representing thousands of class members. He has a passionate and relentless dedication to achieving justice for his clients.

"The Hamideh Firm, P.C. is uniquely positioned to provide the highest quality legal representation to entertainment clients. We have wide-ranging and real-world experience in resolving our clients' disputes."