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The goal for The Health & Fitness Coach Ltd is ultimately to leave no woman left behind: Fitness icon Rita Trotter said while speaking with The Silicon Review


“I am an unapologetic vocal champion of using our common sense and un-complicating the act of eating.”

Rita Trotter, founder of The Health & Fitness Coach Ltd, is a personal development, health, and performance expert. She is a level-4 personal trainer, nutrition coach, behaviour change specialist, long-haul covid-19 rehabilitator, hormone and stress specialist, pre and post-natal specialist, health for business coach, published author of three globally selling books, and the creator and facilitator of The Self-Health System™ and Chan6e 6-Step Coaching System™. She has worked in the health and fitness industry for many years, holding certifications across a gamut of trainings, and has been accredited in many areas and nominated for awards in both mental and physical health. She has won Global 100’s Most Empowering Women’s Health and Fitness Coach in 2022 and 2023.

The Health & Fitness Coach Ltd is a wellness company, providing evidence-based bespoke exercise, nutrition, and well-being coaching for businesswomen.

The company was founded in 2016.

The Silicon Review reached out to Ms. Trotter, and here’s what she had to say.

Interview Highlights

Q. What circumstances or events led to the creation of The Health & Fitness Coach Ltd? Please brief us about the history so far.

I had always been slim and never had to worry about my body, weight, or shape. When I got pregnant in 2015 I started putting on weight and ended up 70lbs heavier after my son was born. I was really low in my self-esteem and felt awful in my body and energy. I tried dozens of “fad diets” none of which seemed to work! I started educating myself and learning the mechanics of the body and how the mind and soul connection also had an impact. I originally trained as a personal trainer and worked face-to-face. I got good results, but clients never seemed to have permanent results…they would always put the weight back on later down the line. I then started to look into other areas and got certified as a nutrition coach, behaviour change specialist, hormone coach, and mindset coach. I combined these skills to create a holistic way of coaching that ensured lifetime results for people and moved my business online back in early 2021. Now not only were clients losing weight during the program, but they were healing their minds and habits and maintaining the results long-term. This is how The Health & Fitness Coach Ltd was set up.

I am an unapologetic vocal champion of using our common sense and un-complicating the act of eating. The idea is to empower women to follow a healthy lifestyle as a way of life and not just when they are on a diet. I have met, heard, and experienced how the so-called diets crash and burn way too many times. Do not get into something if you cannot follow through. My approach is to find women’s body-fit happy place, not to desensitise their senses or kill them with a set of bone-breaking exercises. Once women learn that weight loss is very much possible without feeling overwhelmed and enjoying food freedom, there's no turning back.

Q. As a health and fitness coach for businesswomen, what are your key focus areas?

Most businesswomen struggle with time. They are so overwhelmed by their job, company, kids, partner, bills, events, social engagements, housework, and life admin that they feel that they don’t have time to spend on themselves. This de-prioritization leads to low energy, fatigue, self-loathing, and burnout. Most women are constantly trying to “give” so they retain little energy for themselves. The truth is that most women do so many different things to take control of their health, and 99% of them are ineffective, consuming all of their energy, and yielding negligible or no benefits. We focus on specificity. How can we use 10 mins a day to create the most effective result for you, rather than two hours a day to create a cookie-cutter result that is not designed for your lifestyle!

With our Chan6e™ system, we reprogram the mind and how it creates habits so that we can put habits on autopilot. This system rewires the pathways in the brain so that the outcome at the end of the habit is different. By doing this we create a “new normal” and a “new identity” for each client. It then becomes impossible for them to revert back to old ways and old habits because it is no longer a part of their neurological system or a part of who they now are. The choices become natural and the habits become automatic.

Q. Can you introduce us to your services? What are their key features?

We provide Small Group Coaching (for the health collective VIP mastermind group) and 1:1 Coaching (via premium partnership). Women who want to lose weight and build long-term sustainability in their health and bodies can choose any of our flagship coaching programmes. We take into account a lot of factors when working with women in these two programs: hormone balance, biochemical balance, sleep health, daily routines, habits, behaviours, emotional wounds, thought processes, self-image, self-confidence, work, kids, lifestyle management, metabolic rate, body fat storage, body type, mental strength, nutrition, exercise, daily movement. Both introductory programs are three months long, however, we offer The Life Collective – Body Mastery, as a second-tier program. This is six months long and can be done by anyone who has completed The Health Collective or Premium Partnership Programs.

All plans start with a phase of diagnosis. We need to understand where each woman’s starting point is, to prescribe the best course of action for them. This means that we talk back through the last few decades, since childhood on how their body, emotional state, and self-image have changed so that we can get a full lifetime picture of what has led to the position that they are in. We then focus on the first one or two changes that will make the biggest difference for them, rather than changing 100 things all at once and becoming overwhelmed and overcomplicated.

Once the first one or two changes are ingrained and have given fast proven results, we look at the next one or two changes. Everything we do is a step-by-step process focusing on big results, for the least input. Once we have started this process we then move into a foundation phase where we lay huge amounts of groundwork in all of the above-mentioned areas to tailor each pillar to the individual. Once these foundations are laid, we then move into acceleration. The groundwork is there. The results are coming, the confidence is high and now we capitalise on that to accelerate forwards and increase the changes. By doing this concurrently, our Chan6e approach creates significant results within three to six months and helps in rewiring the brain to sustain the results over the long term.

Q. Can you provide us with one or two success stories describing the challenges your clients faced and how The Health & Fitness Coach helped them overcome those challenges?

Probably my clients say it best. Take Karen. She is a Senior Vice President of an International Construction Company. This is what she has to say about how we helped her:

“I love working with Rita. She has a very structured approach to learning, a mixture of education and self-analysis. On the education piece, given the number of times, I have been through "diet programmes" I thought I knew it all and my issue was acting on the knowledge. What I was surprised at was how much I learned about food, exercise, and my body’s interaction with both. On the self-analysis side, I must admit to being a bit cynical about this. Even though I had done lots of coaching at work, I have never done this sort of learning about my biggest personal challenge (making time for my health and fitness!). How wrong I was on the impact this had! I changed my mindset so much during the coaching. Rita said to me this would be the last programme I ever needed, and so far this is proven right. I will be using Rita’s services again once I fully embed the learning into my "DNA" and to take me on the next phase of my health journey. I never had to give up any of my favourite foods and I was able to fit exercise into 10 – 20 minute bursts at home, in the office, or wherever I needed it to. I never felt I was being strict or had to work hard. I felt that I could just live without the guilt and shame of eating and moving in a way that I enjoyed!”

Q. What's the one thing you want The Health & Fitness Coach to be known for?

I want us to be known for love. The love of self, the love of body, the love of each other, and the love of women’s unique beauty.

Tell us, what’s next for The Health & Fitness Coach.

We are currently expanding our team of associate coaches to reach more women and grow our group program. We now train other women to do what we do and work with us to create greater ripples globally in female health and empowerment. We are also undertaking further training to be able to best serve women with more in-depth health struggles such as chronic diseases, physical disabilities, and ailments.

I am currently working on my flagship book, CHAN6E™, which will include both my biography and the 6-step system. Women all over the world will have easy access to the book to learn how to accomplish what I do.

Furthermore, we are giving seminars in Paris, New York, and Arizona this year, to educate more women on their bodies, energy, and vitality. I am continually learning and developing myself as a person, as well as my team and we are constantly brainstorming ways to improve our business including a new subscription membership, Simple and Sustainable Fat Loss, which we will be launching this year. The goal for the company is ultimately to leave no woman left behind. My purpose is to serve and ensure that every woman lives the extraordinary life she deserves. I will not stop growing the company until this has been achieved!

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“My purpose is to serve and ensure that every woman lives the extraordinary life she deserves. I will not stop growing the company until this has been achieved!”