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The Innovators of Email Opt-Out Tracking: UnsubCentral

thesiliconreview-tony-anna-ceo-unsubcentral-18UnsubCentral is the industry-leading suppression list management solution. The UnsubCentral web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform gives advertisers a Compliance Command Center that enables complete automation, monitoring, and on-demand, secure distribution of their suppression files and consumer opt-out requests. UnsubCentral also serves as a centralized opt-out System of Record, so that all opt-out requests are captured and tracked, regardless of campaign or channel origin.

“At UnsubCentral, our mission is simple: to help you do email marketing better—with clarity and confidence,” says Tony D’Anna, CEO of UnsubCentral

UnsubCentral was the first company to offer email opt-out tracking solutions for advertisers, agencies and affiliate networks. And it is still miles ahead of the other guys when it comes to ease of use/accessibility.

Words from the Chief

Our Energy

Email opt-out tracking is serious business. But we don’t like to be grim about it. You shouldn’t be, either. In our view, email marketing presents enormous, exciting opportunities every day. Your team should be free to focus on compelling content, gorgeous design, improved personalization… Let us focus on keeping you and your partners compliant.

Our Expertise

Our experts live and breathe performance marketing, SaaS products, data security, CPA network integration, etc. They began their careers at places like Google, Microsoft, Dell, HP,and other smart companies. Most important, they oversee departments of full-time, tenured employees. Because unlike our competitors, we think it’s important to maintain a strong, in-house team.

Our Ecosystem

Happily, UnsubCentral is not an only child. We have a sister company, PostUp, known for its award-winning email, mobile and social marketing platform. PostUp helps brands communicate better with customers. Right now, some of your favorite global companies are using the PostUp platform to create, manage and automate complex customer lifecycle messaging. Together, we (UnsubCentral and PostUp) provide all the tools you need for a thriving email ecosystem.

Don’t Just Manage Email Opt-Out; Take Control of Your Email Compliance

It’s time to get serious about honoring customers’ opt-out requests. The best brands manage email opt-outs quickly and efficiently (well ahead of the 10-day CAN-SPAM requirement) by creating a centralized environment for all internal and external (affiliate) suppression data.

UnsubCentral serves as the ideal, opt-out System of Record. You control who has access and how, by creating unique access links for each email partner. You can trust that service support is always available. Most importantly, you can rest assured all your opt-out requests are captured and tracked—regardless of campaign or channel origin.

Email List Scrubbing

Email list scrubbing made simple.

  • Your email partners upload their mailing list. If they don’t want to upload it, they can access the desktop scrubbing app to scrub email lists.
  • Your partner’s email list is scrubbed against a hashed list that you provide. Without revealing any plain-text information or exchanging data, UnsubCentral removes opt-out addresses and duplicate customer addresses.
  • UnsubCentral generates a clean list. You get a notification when the list scrubbing is complete.

Monitor Your Email Partners

Powerful CAN-SPAM Compliance Reporting, Made Simple

  • Monitor email partners to see how often they download suppression lists.
  • See how many unsubscribes specific partners are generating.
  • Receive alerts when partners fail to download your list within a set timeframe.
  • Pull unique activity reports, outlining campaign statistics and CAN-SPAM compliance metrics.
  • Set up new email partners in seconds.

Improve Your Email ROI with Email Co-Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing delivers consistently higher ROI than any other channel, and its returns only grow when you partner with trusted brands. So why wouldn’t you develop email co-marketing campaigns?

It seems complicated, right? But, the truth is, hundreds of smart, successful advertisers achieve big wins via email co-marketing… and not because they’re spending endless hours de-duping email lists or confirming compliance practices.

UnsubCentral does the legwork for you. It offers B2B list scrubbing—specifically for email co-marketing campaigns—so both brands preserve the integrity of their email data. It ensures your partners are de-duplicating against current customers, unsubscribes, or other suppression lists. In short, it makes sharing your message with another brand’s email base safe, secure, and seamless.

Now, you don’t have to sacrifice compliance or convenience when a great email co-marketing opportunity presents itself. You don’t even have to purchase list-scrubbing technology beyond a one-time scrub. So start scoping your lineup of potential email partners. Meanwhile, ask about its industry-leading list scrubbing technology or its white-glove list scrubbing services, specifically for email co-marketing.

Meet the Leader

Tony D’Anna, CEO: Tony has led the PostUp and UnsubCentral businesses since 2008. Tony holds 20 years of management experience in the software, technology and direct marketing arena with some of the world’s top global companies and technology innovators. Prior to PostUp, Tony served as Vice President of the Unicast division at Enliven Marketing Technologies. Following Enliven’s merger with DG FastChannel, he remained with the company and managed the re-launch efforts for its SaaS-based – rich media ad solution into the Agency Channel. Earlier in his career, Tony held senior management roles at Dell and Sony Electronics. Notably, Tony oversaw Dell’s retail sales organization of more 150 locations nationally. He also was a key player as Director of Sales and Operations in the launch of Sony’s first Direct Sales and Marketing business: Sony Style.