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Led by its Founder & Chief Technical Officer Mike Anderson, Tealium is the leader in real-time customer data orchestration solutions and enterprise tag management


Companies aspire to better engage with their customers, trying to get beyond purely transactional relationships to building value through brand engagement. This leads to greater levels of brand loyalty as evidenced by higher levels of repeat purchase and reduction in price sensitivity. Improving the quality of customer experiences, often through greater personalization, is one way to achieve this. Effective personalization needs to be driven by well thought out customer communication strategies and tactics informed by detailed and timely information. At most companies, there are a plethora of marketing tools and technology, each generating voluminous data about transactions, customers and their behavior.  Harnessing this data to extract meaningful information and being able to act on it in a timely way, however, remains a major challenge. Sorting through the data, differentiating between what is relevant in each situation, i.e. separating signal from the noise, is essential to effective and meaningful personalization at the appropriate point of interaction. At Tealium, customer data is in its DNA.  The company has been at the forefront of delivering trusted customer data orchestration solutions to enterprises for over a decade. The journey started when Tealium’s founders were working as members of the team that invented the web tracking pixel. Knowing the challenges of managing customer data through tags, Tealium was started in 2008 with the promise to provide a better way for companies to collect, unify and leverage their customer data. Tealium’s products have pioneered new categories for Tag Management Systems and Customer Data Platforms.

Since that time Tealium’s obsession with helping companies leverage data to innovate and fuel customer experiences has only grown. Tealium’s Customer Data Hub now encompasses tag management, an API hub, a customer data platform, and data management solutions that enable organizations to leverage real-time data for creating insight and building personalized digital experiences across every organizational team, technology, and customer touchpoint. To service customers and provide unmatched data governance and performance capabilities, a global footprint is required both operationally and technologically. Tealium has a global presence with strategically located offices, personnel, and technology infrastructure, allowing it to offer customers capabilities for managing data based on geographic considerations. More than 850 companies trust Tealium to orchestrate their customer data including Domino’s, Gap Inc., IBM, Molekule, Epson America, Cambia Health, Orange, TUI, Rakuten, Sportsbet, Network 10, and more.

Mobile Data and its Importance

Mobile data is unique and complex, yet to leverage it most effectively organizations need to integrate this data with all other customer data or risk creating inconsistent and potentially irrelevant customer experiences due to incomplete insights. With content consumption moving mainly to mobile from desktop computers (and more and more data coming from connected devices and IoT), it’s more important than ever for organizations to unify their data strategy to include a vast array of new types of data. Don’t fall into the trap of accidentally creating yet another silo of data by managing mobile as if it’s merely another channel though. Bring these new data types into a comprehensive, unified data supply chain that can function as a foundation for providing a consistent, relevant customer experience across all venues for customer engagement. Mobile apps and websites built to accommodate mobile phones can use drastically different technologies and development techniques (for example, Google AMP HTML), calling for radically different ways to collect, manage and deliver the data, whether that data is needed for analysis or to power customer experience.

Data Standardization

A little up front work goes a long way towards using your data in every way you can imagine. Organize customer data into a universal ‘data layer’ that acts as a common data dictionary for the enterprise with uniform taxonomy, hierarchy, classification and structure. Use event specifications to assign required data elements for incoming event data. Monitor live data flows, with insight into whether or not it meets the specification or needs attention.

Data Activation

Tealium sends action directives (e.g. add or remove from display campaign, send email, update data in a table), via API connectors, to 3rd party marketing technology services. Get multiple capabilities to access and extract both event data and profile data from Tealium to data repositories and tools used for analysis and visualization of data. Formats include feeds, streams and hosted cloud databases. Run models on stored data and use predictive scores for omnichannel targeting and actions. Also leverage your organization’s own machine learning outputs in targeting and customer experience operations.

Meet the leader behind the success of Tealium

Mike Anderson is the  Founder & Chief Technical Officer of Tealium. Mike Anderson founded Tealium in 2008 and has served as the chief architect behind the company’s market-leading tag management and unified marketing platforms. He previously worked at WebSideStory (Adobe Systems), where he served as a senior engineer on the core architecture team. As the builder and leader of the company’s professional services team, he oversaw analytics tag implementations for Disney, Best Buy, Target, Cisco, Citi, FedEx, and more. Mike studied electrical engineering at the University of California, San Diego, and computer science at California State University San Marcos.


Ali Behnam is the Founder of Tealium. Ali founded Tealium in March 2008, helping design and launch the company’s enterprise tag management platform, Tealium iQ. Prior to Tealium, he worked at WebSideStory (now Adobe Systems), overseeing all product management and product marketing for the company’s enterprise-class products. Ali later transitioned to the company’s professional services team, where he led online business optimization consulting for major brands. Ali holds an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at the University of California, Los Angeles. He studied structural engineering at the University of California, San Diego.

“Tealium has a global presence with strategically located offices, personnel, and technology infrastructure, allowing us to offer our customers capabilities for managing data based on geographic considerations”