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10 Fastest Growing Cyber Security Companies 2018

The Leader in Security as a Service: Cygilant Provides Enterprise-Class Security Supported By 24*7 Global SOC Teams


Mid-sized and large organizations are struggling to keep up with ever-changing cybersecurity landscape due to lean IT staff size, limited IT security budgets and an increasing number of federal, state and industry compliance mandates. While a Global 1000 company may have financial resources to survive a cybersecurity breach, Ponemon research demonstrates a high likelihood of catastrophic outcome for a mid-sized organization. Combating these threats requires:

  • Best of breed security technologies to detect vulnerabilities, anomalies, and suspicious activity
  • Security best practices with auditable processes to fix weak links before they are exploited
  • A dedicated team of security professionals working 24x7x365 and human intelligence to detect, investigate, prioritize and respond to security incidents and vulnerabilities in order to mitigate risk

Cygilant is a SOC2 certified service provider that combines MSSP and Incident Detection and Response (IDR) capabilities managed by global SOCs staffed with trained security engineers, all under one company. The company leverage cutting-edge big data technologies including machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, backed by security experts to detect incidents, hunt for vulnerabilities and respond with timely remediation guidance to fix security incidents and vulnerabilities. Cygilant becomes the eyes and ears for cybersecurity and compliance posture. Its goal is to continually reduce the attack surface so that one doesn't become a news story or put the organization at risk due to loss of valuable customer and patient data, IP and trade secrets.

The Best-Of-Breed Security Services

Information security is becoming a competitive advantage in many industries, with companies that can be trusted with financial data and personal information becoming better able to attract and retain customers and partners. Security as a service allows resource-constrained organizations to keep a level playing field with larger enterprises. Instead of a large upfront fixed cost for software such as SIEM, personnel hiring, and professional integration services, security as a service spreads those costs over the subscription period. This model can provide more flexibility when budgeting IT expenditures. The scarcity of trained security professionals makes hiring trained staff in-house difficult. With security as a service, one can receive around-the-clock security coverage for less than the cost of staffing one shift in-house.

Cygilant’s SOCVue is a security-as-a-service solution that combines cutting-edge, big data machine learning technology suite with best-in-class Global Security Operations Centers (GSOC) and security best practices for effective 24x7 cybersecurity programs. SOCVue enriches data from a variety of security and compliance products such as SIEM, log management, vulnerability assessment/management, patch management, and configuration audit with threat intelligence data. Cygilant GSOC analysts use this data to efficiently detect, analyze and respond to security incidents around the clock to minimize the risk of security breaches, data theft, PII and PHI violations, IP loss and compliance violations. Its Global SOC Security Analysts provide timely notification and remediation guidance, helping one proactively fix potential weak links and continuously improve the security and compliance posture.

Case Studies

Arizona Canning Company Chooses Cygilant for Its Affordable, Effective IT Security Services

Challenge: Arizona Canning Company (ACC) needed to find an effective way to fill in all the missing security gaps in its existing IT program to protect its large data systems from external and internal cyber threats.

Solution: The company chose hybrid security as-a-service pioneer Cygilant for its world-class SOCVue® Security Monitoring and SOCVue Vulnerability Management services that provide 24/7/365 continuous security monitoring of ACC’s entire IT infrastructure and vulnerability scans of its critical IT systems.

Results: By confidently monitoring of all its critical IT assets, Arizona Canning Company now has greater visibility into its entire network. The company can also perform vulnerability scans on an as-needed basis to immediately identify, assess, and remediate any vulnerability found in its network to ensure that compliance mandates are strictly maintained.

Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group Chooses Cygilant for Its Unmatched Security Monitoring and Vulnerability Management Services

Challenge: Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group, Corp (Gold Star) needed world-class IT security services to monitor its extensive network and have the ability to perform regular scans for vulnerabilities in order to build an enterprise-class security program as well as confidently meet industry standards and regulatory laws.

Solution: Gold Star chose Cygilant’s SOCVue® Security Monitoring and SOCVue Vulnerability Management services that provide 24/7/365 continuous security monitoring of its entire IT infrastructure and unlimited vulnerability scans of critical IT systems for known vulnerabilities.

Results: Gold Star now has real-time security monitoring of all of its IT assets, resulting in superior network visibility. The company is also able to identify, assess, and remediate vulnerabilities as quickly as possible.

Meet the Leader

Vijay Basani, Co-Founder, President, and Chief Executive Officer: Vijay is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of building successful businesses delivering enterprise-class solutions. Before starting Cygilant, he founded AppIQ, an application storage resource management provider acquired by Hewlett Packard in October 2005, and WebManage Technologies, a policy-driven content delivery solution provider acquired by Network Appliance in August 2000.

Vijay is the co-owner of five patents for the architecture and design of the WebManage Content Delivery system, Adaptive Policy Engine, and SLA Management. He earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree in electronics and instrumentation as well as an MBA and post-MBA degrees from Baruch College in New York. He completed the Owner/President Management program at Harvard Business School and is an HBS Alumni.

“We believe that every organization, regardless of size, deserves an enterprise-class cybersecurity program. We are passionate about delivering affordable, best-of-breed hybrid security-as-a-service solutions to continuously protect our customers.”