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10 Best IT Services Companies 2019

The Leading End-to-End ICT Solutions Company: telkomsigma


Established in 1987, PT Sigma CiptaCaraka (telkomsigma) is a leading integrated End-to-End ICT Solutions company for more than 29 years in Indonesia, currently employing more than 1200 personnel including internationally certified IT professionals. With its experiences and competencies, the company has been at the forefront of innovative IT solutions, development, and operations, delivering IT benefits both at home and abroad.

telkomsigma is the pioneer in the data center managed services in Indonesia. It started its data center and managed services outsourcing, with over 15 years of international standard experience and trust in the data center industry. The company has 3 world class standard data centers in Indonesia; Serpong (BSD) Tangerang, Sentul–West Java and Surabaya–East Java. It has dedicated data center facilities for providing premium colocation, cloud solutions, and managed services solutions.

telkomsigma offers comprehensive information technology services comprising of consulting services, managing IT services, software development services, and integrated data center operations in the banking (conventional and sharia-based), financial, telecommunications, manufacturing, distribution,and other sectors. Its solutions portfolio comprises of excellence: Managed Services (International certified Data Center, Cloud Computing, E-Transaction, Telco Managed Services, and Edutainment Media and Communication Services), Financial & Banking Software Development Services, Consulting and System Integrator.

Currently,telkomsigma Solutions & Services have been implemented by more than 350 clients from various industries in Indonesia. In early 2008, telkomsigma was acquired by a subsidiary of the largest information and telecommunications services provider in Indonesia, TELKOM.

Services and Solutions

Data Center Services

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: Natural disasters, terrorists, social risks such as riots, and hackers are threats to one’s business operations. To counter this threat, it’s important to have risk analysis and management activity to undertake focused, an organization-specificplan such as locating the server into a secure area and performing security testing including vulnerability assessment of the server and network infrastructure. In other words, to mitigate the risks it is important for a business to have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).

Enterprise Solutions:The company is delivering cost-effective solutions, so clients can focus on their core business. Its solutions compriseof Colocation, Data Recovery Services, Working Room, Communication Link etc.

ITILv3 Implementation:telkomsigma with over 120 dedicated managed services professionals applies best practices in ensuring its client's data for their vital business continuity. Its best practices are in line with ITIL v3 and have been internationally certified.


Managed Services-Cloud Computing

In the hyper-competitive business environment and fast pace business change to adapt to the environment, a business needs information technology to create and sustain competitive advantage. Through cloud computing, business not only will possess information technology but cost-efficient IT solutions with fast IT delivery to support their business. 

telkomsigma is the first cloud computing provider in Indonesia and ASEAN to receive CSA Security, Trust and Assurance Registry (STAR) Certification. Assessed by BSI (British Standards Institution), telkomsigma operates an Information Security Management System which complies with the requirements of CSA STAR Certification 2013 and achieved Certification for the provision of IT operation management services to support IaaS cloud computing operation.

Financial & Banking Solutions

telkomsigma provide solutions to answer one’s needs to stay up to date with changing regulations, deliver customers’ demands for modern financial and banking services while also improving the business process with an integrated and automated system.

IT Consulting Services & System Integration

telkomsigma has realized the interest of companies to utilize IT in their business process, therefore it has collaborated with leading world-class technology partners to provide IT Consulting and System Integration in Enterprise Business Solution (EBS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions, which generating an improving workflow and increasing efficiency to business process of its clients.

Data Center Solutions

Disaster Recovery Services: In disaster-prone areas like Indonesia, business is often challenged with unanticipated situations, such as earthquakes or great floods. For companies that need high data security, they will need a reliable and trustworthy IT infrastructure and data recovery system to anticipate the unexpected. DRS helpits customers manage their non-core functions under the outsourcing scheme.

DRS support the operational viability of a company’s IT system with a range of services, including provision and operation of data center backup infrastructure, communication networks, and implementation of testing/periodic simulation. With its DRS solution, it helpsclients address some of the IT issues as well as cost concern for additional maintenance effort and enabling them to focus on the core business.

Server/Machine Room:The company provides server rooms that are separated from the working room. Its server rooms are located inside a high-security area with limited access. Its facilities also include24-hour security guards on patrol, server rooms can only be accessed via proximity and biometric security system. Each room is also equipped with CCTV which monitors and records the area all the time.

The server room is designed with a Water Leak Detection System to protect equipment from any liquids. The server room is equipped with a raised floor up to 60cm, Automatic Fire Suppression System (Novec), VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus), temperature and moisture control system with N+1configuration. The room will be maintained with 19 – 25 degree Celsius and 40% – 60% humidity. Power supplies for all the IT Equipment are supported by redundant UPS (with N+1 or 2N configuration) and redundant electricity generator (with N+1 configuration). UPS backup battery is up to 30 minutes.

To protect from electrical noise, the power cable is placed under the raised floor while data cable is placed overhead. Fiber optic cable tray is separated from copper cable tray. On shared data center users, the server placements were planned in such a way as to gain maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. However, for companies that prioritized privacy, it also provides dedicated rooms.

Working Room:With more than 15 years of experience in managing the data center, telkomsigma fully understands the client’s needs and the requirement for the room and facilities. For customers’ IT operation people and end users,telkomsigma provides working rooms which are connected to the servers. Customers can choose dedicated or shared working rooms to suit their needs.

Dedicated working rooms, provided for a minimum of 5 persons, is specifically designed to the customers’ requirements and can be used at any time. To accommodate customers who need the working room occasionally, such as for BCP room, telkomsigma provides a shared working room. The room is shared with other customers and can be used for 4 working days a year or twice a year.
The working rooms are equipped with:

  • Building Air Conditioning during work days
  • Portable Fire Extinguisher
  • CCTV Camera and Access control using proximity card
  • Office furniture, such as desks, chairs, printer, fax machine
  • PSTN line Telephone
  • Cable connection to the server area
  • Desktop PC, including OS, Ms.Office, Antivirus (optional)

Communication Link: telkomsigma Data Center is open to all telco service providers. Both national and international telco providers are currently available in its data centers, i.e. Telkom, Lintasarta, ICON+, XL, CSM, Indosat, Indonet, Biznet, NAP Info, Primacom, First Media, Singtel, Orange, and KDDI.

Message from CEO

With 29 years in the ICT industry, telkomsigma remains committed to delivering integrated ICT Solutions to help our customers in the Finance, Banking, Distribution, Telecommunication, and other various industries to achieve their business objectives. In past, various transformations have occurred but with our solid management team, we continue to stay ahead of the market in providing our clients with quality ICT solutions and maintain consistent growth.

For telkomsigma, 2016 was a year of great goals and great achievements. After 28 years in the ICT industry, telkomsigma has achieved revenue of more than 1 Trillion IDR. I am proud of our talented and dedicated employees, partners, shareholder, and stakeholders who trust telkomsigma in delivering the highest quality End-to-End ICT solutions in Indonesia.

This year is also marked by the expansion of our data center facilities. We aim to maintain our position as the leader and the largest provider of data center services in Indonesia. As a core solution, expansion of our data center facilities support telkomsigma’s up and coming solutions such as Cloud Computing Services named TelkomCloud and also to maintain in delivering quality IT Managed Services, IT Operation Management, end-to-end Financial Banking Solutions,and Consulting & System Integration.

As a subsidiary of TELKOM Indonesia, with the competencies in the ICT Industry and supported by our experience and existing infrastructure, telkomsigma will become the main contributor in advancing TELKOM Group’s business portfolio (TIMES – Telecommunications, Information, Media & Entertainment, Services), especially “I & S” (Information & Services).

With TELKOM Group’s “working spirit” of SOLID, SPEED, and SMART, we hope to build our values and maintain our position as the leading End-to-End ICT Company in Indonesia. From dedication to human development and implementation of international standards and processes, telkomsigma is committed to our valuable clients in providing the highest quality solutions.

-IskrionoWindiarjanto, President Director telkomsigma

Awards and Achievements       

Following are some of the awards and recognition that the company has won:

  • Corporate Image Awards “The Best in Building and Managing Corporate Image Category: Data Center” (2017 and 2016)
  • “Partner Network Award” for Cloud / Service Provider of The Year 2014 from VMware
  • Oracle Applications Partner of the Year (2012) for BPO
  • ACER Top Achiever “Platinum Level” (2011)
  • Oracle Applications Partner of the Year (2008, 2010, 2011)
  • Euronet Partnership Business Awards
  • APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Alliance) “The winner of e-health” (2008)
  • Vision Solution Customers Awards “Leaders have vision” (2008)
  • Recognizing of achieving Microsoft competency in delivering network infrastructure
  • Most Active Awards Bina Data Mandiri “Self Service Banking Solutions” (2004)
  • Museum Rekor Indonesia (Indonesian Records Museum) “The first initiator of ATM for BPD (Bank Pembangunan Daerah) capable of online transfer” (2003)
  • IBM Business Partners Awards 2nd Q 2002, 3rd Q 2002, 4th Q 2002, 3rd Q 2003
  • APICTA (Asia Pacific ICT Alliance) Indonesia “Best of the Best” (2002)
  • ADOC (APEC Digital Opportunity Center) for “The best e practices project: Sigma Syariah Financial System”

Meet the Dynamic Leader

Iskriono Windiarjanto, President Director:IskrionoWindiarjanto served as President Director of Telkomsigma since May 2018. He has dedicated himself as a part of Telkom Indonesia for more than 25 years with his experience and expertise in managing the field of the ICT industry and dealing with Telco and SI. He has earned his Master of Information Technology Degree from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia.  Iskriono has acquired more than 20 certifications training and assessment courses in IT. He also has been awarded as Prima Reward Employee from Telkom Indonesia in 2013.

“We provide system integration solutions that are proven, developed by the best in the industry.”